When I first got my MacBook Air, naturally the first things I took care of were desktop backgrounds. I mean, these things won’t resolve themselves. Which is to say, they will, but I wanted something more fitting for a machine that would be used for coding, writing posts such as these, and watching anime.

I opted for this image of Nagato Yuki with Hatsune Miku for the main desktop, and on a whim an image of Yuki in her trademark blue mizugi as my Terminal.

Unbeknownst to me, my lovely girlfriend Clara tirelessly tracked down a mini-fig of Yuki wearing that exact outfit, and gave it to me as a present yesterday! In an ocean of packing boxes, tape, paper and other nonsense from our move still littering our house, her attire seemed oddly fitting XD.

Photo is by KawaiiKiri on Flickr, who lives up to her handle ^_^.