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Junk Mail

As a greenie, while electronic junk mail frustrates me, it's nothing compared to the frustration I feel when we get snail mail junk here, especially considering we have one of those "No Junk Mail" stickers. I'm starting to think I may have to be more specific. It's such a waste of resources considering very few people want them and often just throw such crap away away.

This latest piece of [expletive] junk mail disuses itself as a legitimate piece of business correspondence with a proper envelope and fake franked stamp. Upon opening though, its just a huge slab of loose leaf advertisements peddling everything from phone contracts to hit men (I presume). Despite not asking for it (opting in) and having a notice on my mailbox stating I did not want it (opting out) they gave it to me anyway.

Neal O'Carroll's No Junk Mail sign

I already have contracts with Telstra and Optus alas, but as for the rest I will not be purchasing goods from the following folk for supporting such a dodgy enterprise. I'm not linking to their sites so I don't inadvertently give them Google Juice, and I'm showing them in a cloud to make it look less icky. Thank you.

Bradford Exchange
Can I exchange your junk mail for mail I want?
Debt Mediators Australia
How much money did you blow paying for this advertising?
Do you make electric shredders?
European Lottery Guild
I like to spend my money to get something in return
Fitness First
No, irritate people with your junk mail first
Are the blinds on your glasses shut guys?
No need, I’ve identified you as a junk mailer
Why not spend the money paying claims instead of junk mailers?
Labels By Mail
After receiving junk by mail, is that how it works?
False avertising junk mail, a Mitsubishi car can’t fit in an envelope
Maths Worldwide
I don’t trust their maths if they thought paying spammers made financial sense
Sorry guys, junk starts with a "J" not a "G"
Vet Products Direct
They want me to feed my pets shredded junk mail?
I love Vista, and I certainly love printed junk mail

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