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While my previous questionnaire post was a little tongue in cheek, I was being truthful when I said the biggest challenge I've found to blogging is draft accumulation. All too often I write up something but don't get to the point of publishing. It's a cirrus serious concern.

This raises the issue of publishing later. Wait, this is important enough for a subheading.

Publishing later

That's better. For posts talking about technical solutions to problems; or more generalised pontifications on the origins of life, the multiverse and most things; their value or validity isn't hampered by late publishing. For others discussing previously current events, they are.

So what's the solution? While I still have time in 2013, I'm going to trawl through my archives of draft posts from this year, and start posting them regardless of their timeliness. Who knows, maybe there will still be something good in there.

If you're a blogger, I encourage you to go through your drafts and do the same. You found the topics interesting or useful enough to start writing, go ahead and share them! ^_^. If you find nobody was interested however, I absolve myself of any legal, ethical or financial responsibility.

Who knows, this could turn into a yearly thing. Well, ideally it shouldn't, given that I shouldn't have so many draft posts to begin with. It also strikes me as more than a little humerous that I spent my time writing about draft posts, rather than publishing draft posts. Perhaps I should have let this post sit for a month first, thereby rendering it an unpublished draft post.

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