2023 post archive

  1. Building a new Apple II?
  2. Russian oligarch’s Australian sanction complaint
  3. My computer as a house
  4. Daylight savings in Sydney (AEDT)
  5. The Dutch gave us “gherkins” and “pickles”
  6. How BlackBerry failed to respond to the iPhone
  7. Max Miller makes butter
  8. Every forum reply on a commercial vendor site
  9. Mobile SEGA “Forever” games delisted
  10. A non-exhaustive list of HPs
  11. Trying the GNOME desktop for a few weeks
  12. Why is web search getting worse?
  13. Congrats to Grady for Practical Construction!
  14. If in doubt, be polite
  15. Marc Durst, Jet Set Swing
  16. Irreducible complexity
  17. Goodbye to some Sydney coffee shops
  18. Not stopping the escalator
  19. Commodore, the Apple II, and how things could have been different
  20. Premature web form validation
  21. Starflight III Minstrels
  22. Lawsuit against OpenAI, and generative AI theft
  23. Taking care of house plants
  24. No more X11 on Fedora 40
  25. “Hate it? Sell it to me”
  26. The art of Blue Archive
  27. Data privacy in Musk’s data centre move
  28. A hot spring weekend ☀️
  29. My “Aldi” Commodore 64 case
  30. R U OK day 2023
  31. New services aren’t only Twitter replacements
  32. Fake 486 cache chips
  33. Which BSD did you start on?
  34. The Sun SPARCStation 5’s 13W3 connector
  35. Macroblogging
  36. What colour is the Commodore 64?
  37. A generative AI provider almost gets it
  38. Saying hello to Qantas again
  39. Hardware Unboxed’s podcast, and benchmark misconceptions
  40. Exclamation marks
  41. Another Am386 30-pin SIMM replacement
  42. Banning electric scooters
  43. Combatting RSS overload
  44. The Pacific Motorway, and building for trucks
  45. @Omegatron on the POPCAKE
  46. A morning at the Royal Botanic Gardens
  47. Expanding science beyond English
  48. Visiting the Rialto Towers again
  49. The version of vi shipped with the BSDs
  50. Back at the data centre in Melbourne
  51. The POPCAKE airport lounge pancake maker
  52. Overheard coffee shop chatter, late August 2023
  53. A basic ASRock board for my FreeBSD tower
  54. Voicing quotation marks
  55. Pluralism makes us stronger
  56. Those free supermarket deals aren’t
  57. The “Bring Me a Rock” phenomenon
  58. Missing my 876-page milestone
  59. Bob Geldof, The Soft Soil
  60. Configuring Adaptec SCSI CD-ROMs on DOS
  61. The pushback against productivity hacks
  62. Using what you have is better than not!
  63. YAXI Ear Pads for the Porta Pro
  64. An comp-sci anime fig citation?
  65. Archiving from The Internet Archive
  66. Finding myself in a video rendering studio
  67. Accepting New Zealand as an Australian state
  68. Steam cleaning chewing gum
  69. Reconciled down to the cent again
  70. Ugly American truck follow up
  71. Electronic bookends
  72. Getting back into GUI development
  73. Don’t wash your Commodore 64C too hot
  74. Drive encryption is no panacea
  75. Spelling misatkes (cough)
  76. E-readers, and feedback from Daniel O’Connell
  77. Ugly American trucks
  78. Some August housekeeping
  79. Security and feature updates should be discrete
  80. Alexander Woolcott
  81. LMG, and navigating responsibility with larger audiences
  82. My daily carry in 2023
  83. Paul Simon parodying Bob Dylan
  84. The ASUS Media Bus
  85. Memories of Lotus Organizer
  86. Creativity under legacy constraints
  87. Three legs
  88. Distracted drivers at a meta level
  89. Adrian Black takes apart a 1980s scope
  90. The longest word you can type on the first row
  91. Shareholder-in-charge
  92. Mashu’s Pure Hearted Shield
  93. Eighth of the eighth, 2023
  94. A sixth installment of coffee shop chatter
  95. Music Monday: End of the Line
  96. Ohms being expressed with R instead of Ω
  97. Goodbye, Bram Moolenaar ♡
  98. The weirdest HP Pavilion I’ve ever picked up
  99. We noticed a new login to your …!
  100. Coach Gowron on growth
  101. Supporting (very!) legacy systems
  102. Cory Doctorow on privacy
  103. ATX bracket for the Cooler Master NR200P
  104. Ride sharing and autonomous vehicles cause traffic
  105. My Commodore 16 keyboard is fixed!
  106. Reconciling down to the cent
  107. URL changes and password managers
  108. I got Merlin in FGO!
  109. Whats the worst advice you’ve received?
  110. Your tech event doesn’t have to be exciting
  111. Cracking down on SUVs
  112. Camera specs don’t tell the whole story
  113. Sources in my saving video post
  114. Your generative AI wouldn’t steal a fleet of cars
  115. Twitter renaming to X
  116. We can do more than one concurrent thing
  117. Some new planter plants
  118. Using the “right” social networks
  119. What if the Brits French’d their royal family?
  120. FPS and resolutions we’re used to
  121. Wear patterns in coffee shops
  122. Between ISA and PCI, PCs had EISA and VLB
  123. If you come to a fork in the road
  124. GaryH Tech discusses Linux desktops
  125. Meaning of the word “fid”
  126. If you care about it, archive it: take two
  127. Pavolia Reine discusses her 3D debut
  128. Web form has a free text field? Say thanks!
  129. Daniel Jalkut projecting good
  130. Fight or flight mode in your computer chair
  131. Troubleshooting my Am386SX’s RAM issues
  132. Pavolia Reine’s 3D debut!
  133. Childhood car (in)dependence
  134. Fun Facts #101–110
  135. My home IPv6 network plans
  136. 500 days of war in Ukraine
  137. Yorkshire Tea Malty Biscuit Brew
  138. BNC connectors cut in half
  139. Proving you don’t need an office
  140. An even tinier NAS
  141. An interesting time for (text?) social media again
  142. Music Monday, and Antranig tries LXC
  143. The Law of Mobility
  144. Merlin Mann and my Commodore 16 taught me a small step is a catalyst
  145. The story of a flawed office tap
  146. I’m rubenerd.bsky.social
  147. A strange Commodore 16 reset line
  148. Still NAT’ing with IPv6
  149. Ben Pobjie on the Spirit of Cricket
  150. Coffee chatter about urbanism
  151. The Foenix F256k retrocomputer
  152. The post-conference lull
  153. SMASH! 2023
  154. Meeting Pavolia Reine at SMASH!
  155. “What do you want me to do?”
  156. Reine’s off colab with Watson!
  157. A number from A Million Random Digits
  158. RFC: expansion options for the Commodore 128
  159. Driverless cars
  160. The Five Whys in IT, and finding Rachelbythebay
  161. A new Asuna fig by Emontoys
  162. CityNerd on city values
  163. When have you checked your ears?
  164. When does retrocomputing begin?
  165. The radio station with less talk
  166. Typing on my new Gateron North Pole 2.0 keyboard
  167. Energy retailer of last resort?
  168. Styling OPML and RSS with XSLT to XHTML
  169. Scoot was one of the worst airlines I’ve flown
  170. An amazing feature from my telco
  171. My Pentium 1’s phantom hard disk
  172. Music Monday and Dreams
  173. Julia Evans posts about blogging myths
  174. Sites redirecting you to localised nothing
  175. Ouroboros LLMs and their impending entropy problem
  176. The trap of booming self-storage
  177. Coffee smells and lockdowns
  178. Six months into my smartphone awareness exercise
  179. Happy 30th birthday to FreeBSD!
  180. Raising voices on video calls
  181. Connecting a CD-ROM to a Sound Blaster 32 IDE header in DOS
  182. Reddit, LLMs, APIs, TLAs
  183. A near-mint 1999 IBM Aptiva desktop
  184. The King’s birthday in Australia
  185. Innovation in civil engineering
  186. Winning a meet-and-greet with Pavolia Reine
  187. My Am386 now has a Tseng ET4000AX card!
  188. Fixing DDR4-1867 on a Supermicro server
  189. FreeBSD brightness controls on Panasonic laptops
  190. Goodbye Astrud Gilberto ♡
  191. Ceres Fauna’s HoloGra Debut
  192. Disable GUI on modern Debian
  193. Avoiding coffee namespace collisions
  194. Spam about emotional intelligence
  195. Getting frustrated at inanimate IT objects
  196. Music Monday: Paul McCartney, Take it Away
  197. Hales on PCIe over USB (or lack thereof)
  198. Coffee culture in Australia and Europe
  199. A “read more” link in GoHugo
  200. Science and art: Bens Worx casts a dichroic cube
  201. Getting stuck in the middle of a stroad
  202. That’s a huge number of folders
  203. Using M2 Wi-Fi card slots for other things
  204. Dutch milk bread and spreads
  205. Using config files for SSH
  206. Using WordPress for a self-hosted blog
  207. CityNerd on the necessity of urbanist comedy
  208. Spreadsheets as a knowledge base and mental map
  209. Experimenting wearing glasses part time
  210. My second YouTube video in 14 years: Dr. Coffee
  211. Simulator game? Why not do the real thing!?
  212. Remembering how the Nintendo Wii was cracked
  213. What detractors get wrong about induced demand
  214. No more @Rubenerd_Blog Twitter posts
  215. A cool Adaptec AHA-1542CP ISA SCSI card
  216. A new old-stock floppy drive
  217. Evolving use patterns of the NYC subway
  218. The enforceability of boilerplate
  219. Rushing to the sunk cost station
  220. Moving to ansible_facts['distribution']
  221. Ohai, feels weird being back
  222. Nice plant at St Leonards station in Sydney
  223. Goodbye Jim Kloss ♡ 1956–2023
  224. Dave Winer: an armada of Twitters
  225. Michał on the joys of closing tabs
  226. Twitter Circles feature leaked data, as expected
  227. Buying parts online and iRL
  228. HSR versus highway media coverage
  229. AI companies spamming abuse email addresses
  230. I’m smart, I’ll remember!
  231. An enigma of a VGA cable
  232. Retrocomputing info is easy to find, until it isn’t
  233. PSA: gz isn’t a generic compressed file extension
  234. Three years on from Brexit
  235. Researching if Commodore’s PCs were profitable
  236. Mistyping a Vim plugin on my FreeBSD laptop
  237. Firefox can now match on diacritics
  238. Pronouncing “composite” video
  239. Keeping computer stuff open or closed
  240. My favourite people in the world
  241. Visiting Ōtsu in Shiga Prefecture
  242. Timestamps are all over the place
  243. Anna Gromada on Poland and Eastern Europe
  244. Things you shouldn’t make out of glass
  245. Alter releases Love Live! figs
  246. Changing sites for new stakeholders (aka: not us)
  247. Exploring an incredible Kyoto Hard Off store
  248. Electric cars aren’t a silver bullet
  249. Urban sprawl guarenteed the success of online retail
  250. Back in Sydney again, hi!
  251. “Those” tourists in Japan
  252. Osaka stores remember decade-old Kyoani ♡
  253. Tower Records in Japan!
  254. A sneaky Singapore trip
  255. USB 1.1 Alien Tape Megasaur Spurtles
  256. A disk-on-module with my Am386
  257. Greg Lehey on interoperability
  258. Loading your website experience
  259. Brahms on inspiration
  260. An apartment tower of lithium
  261. A 30-pin RAM upgrade for my Am386
  262. NATO’s Stoltenberg on Ukraine joining the alliance
  263. Aftermarket Commodore power supplies
  264. Rikka has her phone… on my phone
  265. I like how Gemini handles links
  266. The brave new world of procedurally-generated stores
  267. An Intel i387SL coprocessor for my AMD Am386SX
  268. Loose versus lose
  269. Behind every rock, there’s another one
  270. Becoming a Moonafic of @Moonahoshinova
  271. Citibank Australia were pleased to close our account
  272. Another Smalluswallpaperusphobic image
  273. The ESS AudioDrive ES1868F for sound and IDE
  274. Equinix retiring copper
  275. Daniel Jalkut on AI and authenticity
  276. Apple’s integrity-free APFS turns six
  277. Teams are just as important as their code
  278. Mika Pikazo’s Fire Emblem Engage designs
  279. Peter Cook and Chris Morris in “Why Bother?”
  280. Pareidolia and pattern matching
  281. Even chatbots are better than web search
  282. My 386SX’s working Acer MIO-400 IO card
  283. Atelier Ryza 3 sountrack and theme available
  284. I fixed my 1991 386SX-16/20CN motherboard!
  285. Ryan Barrett on HTTP content negotiation
  286. A steamy dream about a PL/pgSQL blog engine
  287. I didn’t know Einstein was real
  288. My new ISA/PCI PC diagnostic card
  289. I want to redo or stop using categories
  290. My professor on unhelpful advice
  291. I think I saw myself as a time-travel tourist
  292. A blank text editor
  293. Atelier Ryza anime announced
  294. Foam glass aggregate is a thing!
  295. Hololive: Our Bright Parade!
  296. AI developers: be nice, and credit your artists
  297. Why are they called du Pont connectors?
  298. Libraries were full of tech inflexion points
  299. Feedback about the “friend zone” post
  300. Things that aren’t orchestration toolchains
  301. Pop Up Parade Calliope Mori
  302. Parts reviewers, clickbait, and absolute price
  303. This is my first post backed up to Codeberg
  304. macOS’s experiment in rounded-square icons
  305. iTnews reports on Sydney Train fun last week
  306. FreeBSD and NetBSD laptop feedback: the Framework
  307. Retrocomputing is as much optimism as an escape
  308. Researching a new FreeBSD or NetBSD laptop
  309. Peter Mulvey’s YouTube Channel
  310. Exciting new look, same great taste!
  311. Main lesson from uni: know thy spec!
  312. Converting imz floppy disk images
  313. Cleaning up metadata, and building with Dublin Core
  314. Sana on forgiveness and feeling better
  315. Rediscovering books and libraries
  316. “The optics are better at the front”
  317. A four-day work week
  318. Filter jugs should be rectangular
  319. A 1990 encyclopædia on phones and packet switching
  320. New design for old chocolate
  321. Feedback on paper sizes
  322. Legal versus ethical
  323. Organising DOS software and drivers in an ISO
  324. Alison Pennington on Australian housing afforadbility
  325. Thank you and goodbye, Wayne Shorter ♡
  326. I… like the US Letter paper size
  327. Breaking a Commodore 16 key, and retrocomputer storage
  328. Bypassing Windows 11 Internet account install
  329. AliExpress anime and electronics comments
  330. Newsletter spam… out of nowhere!
  331. Daniel Aleksandersen on split keyboard accessibility
  332. Journalists failing in their AI chatbot reporting
  333. Paul and Linda McCartney, Smile Away
  334. A rattling truck of the mind
  335. Restoring my 1983 “Aldi” Commodore VC-20
  336. Your issue isn’t real, because I don’t have it!
  337. GamersNexus on support training and scripts
  338. The economic and social effect of sealed devices
  339. rsync(1) on FreeBSD with a modern Walkman
  340. ChatGPT shovelware was inevitable
  341. Atelier Games on special on Steam
  342. The OSs Nico Cartron Uses
  343. The Covid fog has (mostly) lifted
  344. Caught Covid
  345. The BSD sockstat(1) command
  346. Time magazine discusses successful tech failures
  347. Ascribing blame in complicated systems
  348. A legacy PC drive update: little works!
  349. Feedback: preventing streaks when retrobrighting
  350. Nnenna Okore on art, and our place in the universe
  351. Terramaster NAS’s eye-opening CVE
  352. W-whoops, buying a Commodore VC-20
  353. Happy 25th birthday, XML!
  354. Words not starting with specific letters
  355. Derek Sivers on OpenBSD
  356. A phantom text buffer
  357. Sneaky advertisement asterisks
  358. Fixing “app source not there” in Homebrew
  359. Security firm finds exposed customer data in backups
  360. You might not need a copyright statement
  361. It’s worth running a FreeBSD or NetBSD desktop
  362. Comparing VIC-20 and C64 cart sizes
  363. Booking a hotel in 2023
  364. The Independent Singapore’s “friend zone” article
  365. Software discrepancies delayed the Airbus A380
  366. Buying the original Microsoft Train Simulator!
  367. How do you mentally map things?
  368. Hiding MediaWiki meta generator version
  369. The overjustification effect
  370. Ten things to become successful?
  371. Adrian Black explains his TRS-80 diagnostic
  372. A convincing(ish) phone scammer
  373. Escaping heat, and the luxury of Ceebs Money
  374. Setting tech expectations
  375. Cellophane coffee shop chatter
  376. Michał Sapka’s Music Monday
  377. Towns that sound like toothpaste
  378. Ben Sidran’s Wikipedia article now has a photo
  379. My status update on playing games on Linux
  380. Rudy Reyes on being a hero
  381. Music player feedback and suggestions
  382. Greg’s experience with a smart phone
  383. The OSs I use most often
  384. Pieces of 8: Alternative uses for a new hair brush
  385. What IMS stands for
  386. Zoe Williams on cryptocurrency and markets
  387. The Galton Bridge
  388. Obsolete tech: the Battery Daddy
  389. Recanting my post on defensive blogging
  390. Pet Shop Boys, Liberation
  391. Moving off iTunes after two decades
  392. The elusive textInput form in RSS feeds
  393. The writer of ahiru.pl also uses desktop email
  394. Contrasting thoughts around Twitter API access
  395. Page who in the what now?
  396. Printers and wasted tech potential
  397. Desktop email, and from Alpine to Thunderbird
  398. Things I’d love to build this year
  399. King CallMeKevin is a military genius
  400. Upgrading to macOS Ventura was a mistake
  401. The “I lost my phone” scam
  402. Thoughts on an entirely new Commodore 64
  403. FreeBSD pipes and redirection, via @klarainc
  404. I fixed my beautiful little Commodore Plus/4!
  405. Comments on FeedLand roadmap
  406. Exploiting taxi queue systems for profit
  407. Ben Sidran, Moose the Mooche
  408. The mysterious textInput RSS field
  409. Dave asks about the WordPress block editor
  410. Reisalin Stout fig from Atelier Ryza 3
  411. In defence of Myriad Colours Phantom World
  412. The @cartron on blogging regularity
  413. Joe Biden’s online privacy op-ed
  414. AI, music, and valuing art
  415. A new sign in was detected
  416. What’s that FreeBSD/NetBSD/Mac/etc drive?
  417. The ThinkPhone
  418. Unlimited paid time off
  419. Aerospace engineers are the new rocket scientists
  420. The solution to centralisation
  421. Using PCI slots for SSD brackets
  422. A rainbow Beatles shirt
  423. What happened to data sims for tablets?
  424. Dismissing criticism with workarounds
  425. This driver must get around
  426. Time spent looking at my phone
  427. Your own little standard library
  428. Single greatest piece of spam I’ve ever received
  429. The beauty of CGI and simple design, by Hales
  430. I feel for the NetBSD community
  431. Talking with, not talking to
  432. Using scp(1) to transfer multiple files
  433. Computers don’t do what you “want”
  434. Social norms at coffee shops
  435. Changelog for omake.opml
  436. Editing DOS files in Vim
  437. Banning video apps
  438. My final Commodore 128 Retr0bright post
  439. Pandemic podcast listening habits
  440. 2022 blog h-highlights!