2023 post archive

  1. The OSs I use most often
  2. Pieces of 8: Alternative uses for a new hair brush
  3. What IMS stands for
  4. Zoe Williams on cryptocurrency and markets
  5. The Galton Bridge
  6. Obsolete tech: the Battery Daddy
  7. Recanting my post on defensive blogging
  8. Pet Shop Boys, Liberation
  9. Moving off iTunes after two decades
  10. W-whoops, buying a Commodore VC-20
  11. The elusive textInput form in RSS feeds
  12. The writer of ahiru.pl also uses desktop email
  13. Contrasting thoughts around Twitter API access
  14. Page who in the what now?
  15. Printers and wasted tech potential
  16. Desktop email, and from Alpine to Thunderbird
  17. Things I’d love to build this year
  18. King CallMeKevin is a military genius
  19. Upgrading to macOS Ventura was a mistake
  20. The “I lost my phone” scam
  21. Thoughts on an entirely new Commodore 64
  22. FreeBSD pipes and redirection, via @klarainc
  23. I fixed my beautiful little Commodore Plus/4!
  24. Comments on FeedLand roadmap
  25. Exploiting taxi queue systems for profit
  26. Ben Sidran, Moose the Mooche
  27. The mysterious textInput RSS field
  28. Dave asks about the WordPress block editor
  29. Reisalin Stout fig from Atelier Ryza 3
  30. In defence of Myriad Colours Phantom World
  31. The @cartron on blogging regularity
  32. Joe Biden’s online privacy op-ed
  33. AI, music, and valuing art
  34. A new sign in was detected
  35. What’s that FreeBSD/NetBSD/Mac/etc drive?
  36. The ThinkPhone
  37. Unlimited paid time off
  38. Aerospace engineers are the new rocket scientists
  39. The solution to centralisation
  40. Using PCI slots for SSD brackets
  41. A rainbow Beatles shirt
  42. What happened to data sims for tablets?
  43. Dismissing criticism with workarounds
  44. This driver must get around
  45. Time spent looking at my phone
  46. Your own little standard library
  47. Single greatest piece of spam I’ve ever received
  48. The beauty of CGI and simple design, by Hales
  49. I feel for the NetBSD community
  50. Talking with, not talking to
  51. Using scp(1) to transfer multiple files
  52. Computers don’t do what you “want”
  53. Social norms at coffee shops
  54. Changelog for omake.opml
  55. Editing DOS files in Vim
  56. Banning video apps
  57. My final Commodore 128 Retr0bright post
  58. Pandemic podcast listening habits
  59. 2022 blog h-highlights!