2022 post archive

  1. Too hard? Take more steps
  2. Guess who paid off their student debt!
  3. Features every microwave should have
  4. Calling git a blockchain to rebrand bad tech
  5. A list of games I’ve enjoyed
  6. A year of using a FreeBSD laptop without a GUI
  7. Machismo fascination with conflict
  8. Moving forward, with @kiriappeee, @geofftech
  9. svnlite(1) removed from FreeBSD base
  10. A local planter now has a lovely plant
  11. An obstinate port-forwarding router
  12. New-ish theme for 2022
  13. Baristas are councillors
  14. Thinking aloud about web engagement
  15. People who end comments with an ellipsis…
  16. Links for week 31, 2022
  17. Feedback from @Tubsta, @Crosse3, Paul Traylor
  18. Superficial Linux distribution reviews
  19. When CDNs and DDoS vendors go offline
  20. The limits of personal social capital
  21. Yahoo Mail looks… good!
  23. Swensens durian mochi
  24. Suburban wheelie bins and repeated effort
  25. Goodbye, @tsukumosana 🪐
  26. Migraine advice and treatments
  27. Numbers that don’t have eight in them
  28. Thanking Yee Cheng Chin for MacVim
  29. Trent Zimmerman writes why the Coalition lost
  30. Feedback on English bands
  31. Time involved in healthy eating, by @FoldableHuman
  32. Russia withdraws from the ISS
  33. GPU prices a bit closer to normalcy
  34. Which 3 English bands would you save?
  35. Q&A about my NW-A55 Walkman
  36. Resource use of FreeBSD desktop environments
  37. Ukraine/Russia peace talks “didn’t make sense”
  38. Tech you like that’s gone
  39. CNBC on why Starbucks failed in Australia
  40. Number pads
  41. Ten years with @kirisviel
  42. Jeff Geerling’s all-flash NAS
  43. (Initial) Vitamin D
  44. Social media and tourists
  45. rjc shows Minecraft running on OpenBSD too
  46. Autochrome Lumière Mauretania
  47. Cory Wong and Victor Wooten, Direct Flyte
  48. A dream without a phone
  49. A decade since Ano Natsu de Matteru
  50. NetBSD can also run a Minecraft server
  51. B-words that are a letter off another
  52. Philanthropy only attacks the symptoms
  53. Making interactive sqlite3 more useful
  54. The reason Linux something something
  55. Denial by Potentiality
  56. Sri Lanka in 2022
  57. The Uber files
  58. How we run Minecraft
  59. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
  60. Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
  61. Why I tend to avoid reading social news comments
  62. The Brussels Effect
  63. Uses for tangled earbud cables
  64. A decade without blog comments
  65. Headaches are (almost) invisible
  66. Hamaji Neo reviews Gateron Yellow switches
  67. Australian housing and mental health
  68. July doesn’t feel like the seventh month
  69. My first dev job, and using double pound
  70. Music Monday: Muji BGM
  71. The Internet’s short memory for retrocomputing
  72. Australian AG Dreyfus on data privacy law
  73. My new Sony NW-A55 Walkman! Also a review
  74. Booting Fedora into XWayland when Xorg breaks
  75. The Willie Wagtail
  76. Interest rates in 2022
  77. The 4–3–2–1–0 Backup Rule
  78. Clarke and Dawe, Australia’s energy market
  79. Basic fix between pf tables and macros on FreeBSD
  80. Finally ascending BB in Fate/Grand Order
  81. The tech nostalgia bathtub curve
  82. The difference between good and bad people
  83. Adventures with mould and dehumidifiers
  84. Edward Luce on the impact (or not) of law
  85. Ukraine and Moldova granted EU candidate status
  86. Happy Birthday, Clara!
  87. Singapore, Ukraine, and some Mahathir irredentism
  88. Stephen Marche discusses AI
  89. Web design 101: field order matters
  90. Happy 80th, Paul McCartney!
  91. Claire Saffitz makes creamed spinach pie
  92. Cathode Ray Dude on retro hardware collecting
  93. Cryptocurrency waste, in all senses of the word
  94. Winter coffee shops compared to home
  95. People vote for leaders in parliaments
  96. Rebecca, Michael recommend the Gateron Black Ink V2 keyswitches
  97. Comparing vaccine hesitancy to tobacco
  98. Quest for a thocky split keyboard like my Topre
  99. Cryptocurrency crash reducing CO₂ emissions
  100. The No. abbreviation for number
  101. My own drive reliability stats
  102. The Queen’s Birthday, and the Whitlam dismissal
  103. The Rémilly–Saarbrücken railway
  104. Our sites are now on FreeBSD 13.1-R
  105. “Get anything you want. No, not that!”
  106. Portable digital audio players still exist
  107. If you can automate it in your life, try
  108. Zelenskyy: Keep sharing about Ukraine
  109. Things I don’t like aren’t the worst thing (usually)
  110. The CERBERUS 2080
  111. Techmoan on people who listen to cassettes
  112. Music Monday: McCartney III
  113. Social media trains us to think in black/white
  114. It’s a small container, or a bucket
  115. Using meaningful email subject lines for alerts
  116. The @vermaden, @BasementTrix on FreeBSD not being a native PC OS
  117. Broadcom buying VMware
  118. The wondrous LG A9 CordZero vacuum cleaner
  119. Linux is native to the PC, FreeBSD isn’t?
  120. US DOJ won’t charge for security research
  121. We Serve. Coffee
  122. Hobbies becoming work, and getting space
  123. Why bought sites get taken offline
  124. Kyle Lanchman on iOS navigation, and music
  125. Penny Wong’s first speech as foreign minister
  126. The two identities of the Australian ATO
  127. The @Om summarises music software
  128. Prematurely labelling RSS feeds as inactive
  129. Confusing toll-free numbers for 2FA codes
  130. Brad Alexander on hostname schemes, sci-fi
  131. The first iPhone, and portable music in 2022
  132. Britannica came up before Wikipedia
  133. Angélique Kidjo, Azan Nan Kpe
  134. Karen Mathison Schmidt’s Country Garden
  135. Australian prime minister Morrison is out
  136. Impulse-purchased junk near checkouts
  137. Cryptocurrency doesn’t solve fraud
  138. Feedback on Vim plugin installs
  139. Elude and allude, from Tommy
  140. Goodies from @GamersNexus arrived!
  141. Time splits between various OSs, via Mark C.
  142. Mentally resetting during the day
  143. Git ignores .gitignore with .gitignore in .gitignore
  144. FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE available
  145. Pete and Dud’s Frog and Peach
  146. Figuring out things before the Internet
  147. A quick look at console file managers
  148. A modern web payment login process
  149. The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe: Please play it!
  150. Expertise is expensive, conspiracies aren’t
  151. Voting in the Australian elections by post
  152. My journey back to Fedora Workstation
  153. How Ukraine’s banks continued to operate
  154. The hot (running) AMD Radeon 6950 XT
  155. Firefox turns 100
  156. Rhyming grilled cheese sandwiches
  157. TNL’s Nine Pillars of Digital Justice
  158. Twitter, Netflix, and infinite growth
  159. The European Rail Traffic Management System
  160. Doing things before you need to
  161. EasyJet seats
  162. Music Monday: Stellar Stellar by Suisei
  163. Fun with AIOs: The Arctic Liquid Freezer II 280
  164. Trying vim-plug
  165. My Hahndorf Inn Hotel mug
  166. Music Monday: JJ Lin, Practice Love
  167. Waycross derailment in the US
  168. GamersNexus launches a Ukraine charity shirt
  169. Dealing with depression (fun!)
  170. A Sydney (Harbour!) wave and a smile
  171. Vintage social network sentences
  172. Remote railfanning, and a live GP38-3 in Florida
  173. A market failure with sunk costs
  174. Feedback on fake requests and back doors
  175. OpenSSH 9.0 released
  176. A list of my first computers
  177. “Did you bully the weird kids?”
  178. The selfcare.tech bot is a new favourite
  179. Buy LG fridges, not Westinghouse
  180. Computers and the passing of time
  181. Fake law enforcement with encryption backdoors
  182. Actions that separate the world
  183. Some more coffee shop chatter
  184. FDR on the early bird
  185. Why are you always frowning?
  186. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure
  187. Day 404 of 2022
  188. Alexander Schneider has a blog!
  189. The African emerald cuckoo
  190. isapc with 16-bit colour in QEMU
  191. Pet Shop Boys, Shopping
  192. Singapore–Malaysia Causeway reopens
  193. Track skipping from ripped CDs
  194. RFC: What to offer after CentOS 7?
  195. Evaluating tech, via @encthenet
  196. Beautiful photos from the US @Interior
  197. Arigato, K.G.Kobayashi
  198. Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti
  199. The vaccines cause autism lie
  200. The most satisfying connectors
  201. Social media filters need image recognition
  202. My favourite Train Simulator routes on special
  203. The BNSF has a store
  204. Birthday Ryzen Minecraft shaders!
  205. Pop Up Parade’s Rei Ayanami
  206. Down to my last Aeropress filter
  207. There are still mechanical turks everywhere
  208. Rebuilding the Antonov Antonov An-225 Mryia
  209. paprok gets CDE running on NetBSD
  210. My Apothecary Coffee mug
  211. Street-running trains
  212. John Jakes, March Into Darkness
  213. Long forms select for those who can write
  214. Version of Perl I use, via @pinkopanterata
  215. David Hazeltine, Look What I Found
  216. “But you can just disable it!”
  217. The NATO expansionism narrative
  218. 8,000 post feedback, and regular writing
  219. I17n in character sets and home media
  220. The @ourokronii power washes into our hearts
  221. Pouring one out for David Boggs
  222. 8,000 blog posts!?
  223. Challenges with mini-ITX builds in 2022
  224. Another mention on @BSDNow!
  225. The RTX 3070, and chasing the shiny
  226. Kevlin Henney’s procedural programming talk
  227. FedEx MD-11 flap issue at Sydney Airport
  228. Groucho Marx’s literary review
  229. View of Earth from the ISS in 2015
  230. Choosing audio codecs, via Wouter Groeneveld
  231. Teaching history
  232. The surprising backlash against RSS
  233. Bob Malach, Michel Petrucciani: For All Time’s Sake
  234. My essential Firefox fixes (and add-ons) in 2022
  235. Committing dotfiles and other essentials
  236. Retina, HiDPI scaling in KDE Plasma
  237. Comparitech are spammers
  238. Beeping fire alarms taught me about irritations
  239. My lazy approach to FreeBSD dual-booting
  240. Feedback on 4K KVMs
  241. Learning about fan controllers
  242. A @SimonWhistler reaction face
  243. The new iPhone SE is still good
  244. Say You Love Me, Fleetwood Mac
  245. Sydney rain adventures
  246. Bought a GPU or mattress? Here are ads for more!
  247. Are DisplayPort or HDMI KVMs any good?
  248. The double-barred finch
  249. “De-Nazifying” Ukraine
  250. Cancelling my Presario Sleeper PC project
  251. No bad products, only bad prices?
  252. Personal technology insight and cynicism
  253. Bandcamp bought
  254. Walter E. Williams, “All It Takes is Guts”
  255. Trying (and liking!) KDE Neon
  256. Debating whether to have blog post types
  257. Helping Ukranians via Etsy
  258. Happy birthday @dekopatchi 🎂
  259. Facts over feelings
  260. The iPhone 8 (and SE) are still better iPhones
  261. My podcast used as a metadata example!?
  262. “Sexy cosplay” spam
  263. Why my game PC runs FreeBSD and Kubuntu
  264. What Ukraine and Putin have accomplished 🇺🇦
  265. Chatswood’s round trees
  266. Sad to see @1Password’s blockchain shenanigans
  267. Aral Balkan on bean counters
  268. Review: @PCCaseGear in Australia is awesome
  269. Ukraine UN Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya
  270. Client-side name and location validation
  271. Free university course videos
  272. JayzTwoCents on guilt about hobbies
  273. Chilling effects on defensive social media posts
  274. 2022–02–22
  275. Daniel Pennac on learning for fun
  276. Identity, Ukraine, and thinking aloud
  277. Go Jazz Nakano Miku BlueSCSI, in a box!
  278. The great Chatswood blackout of 2022
  279. LibreOffice 7.3.x Skia stability issues on macOS
  280. Geographic domain spam
  281. Hammer problems in coffee shops
  282. Graphics card feedback
  283. Defensive social media posts
  284. Tweaking my blog theme fonts for *nix users
  285. CallMeKevin’s ancient bear proverb
  286. Phantom phone vibrations
  287. Slow Debian 11 installs with IDE to SATA adaptors
  288. Buying a new graphics card
  289. Highest praise one can give software
  290. A numbered list of encountered tech
  291. Comparing lzop and plzip compression
  292. Villa del Parque station in Buenos Aires
  293. You should check out Marian Bouček’s blog
  294. Starting a blog, and unoriginal ideas
  295. The “fundamental problem” with NFTs
  296. UI design is as much about expectations
  297. Fire preparedness, and the SCDF emergency handbook
  298. A 12 TB SATA Ultrastar hard drive saves the day
  299. Flight or invisibility, with Clara!
  300. Why IPv6 isn’t more widespread
  301. Australian energy company data collection
  302. Black★Rock Shooter: Inexhaustible and Dawn Fall
  303. Eight things I don’t regret buying
  304. Git not being a version control system
  305. KDE Plasma 5.24 released
  306. Clara’s and my first Woodland Mansion
  307. Raspberry Pi OS is now 64-bit
  308. The Dassault Mercure could have succeeded today
  309. Revitalising neighbourhoods
  310. Change git repo to use SSH not HTTPS
  311. Expelled from Paradise seven year anniversary
  312. Alan Baxter on writing
  313. My retrocomputer projects, Q1 2022
  314. BioGraphics discusses Augustus
  315. Pop Up Parade Fate/Grand Carnival figs
  316. Edgar Allan Poe on ciphers
  317. Using innocuous prompts as hooks
  318. 2022-02-02
  319. Firefox dark mode issues
  320. The iPad Mini 6’s weird aspect ratio
  321. I’m triple-vaxxed for Covid!
  322. Losslessly optimising images
  323. Real Engineering on natural gas and renewables
  324. Music Monday: Jack Johnson, No Good with Faces
  325. Having a uniform
  326. Clara and I at the Tokyo Tower
  327. Windows 3.1: CD audio MCI driver not installed
  328. The PinePhone keyboard case
  329. What a FreeBSD/KDE user misses on macOS
  330. Retrocomputing can be more than games
  331. Doc Searls versus printers
  332. Jeff Geerling on burnout
  333. Leigh Dodds on in-language
  334. Some useful tips
  335. Always check for the wrong item too
  336. US train feedback, and distributed power
  337. 26th of January
  338. Battery-powered trains
  339. Playing with CD-RWs on FreeBSD
  340. Finding a cute 386 or 486 desktop
  341. Paying with cash, old school
  342. Are video games addictive? I don’t know
  343. Wouter Groeneveld digresses
  344. Our January 2022 apartment cleanout
  345. Why are people falling for NFTs?
  346. Microfibre cloths
  347. My “new” IBM WorkPad 20X Palm PDA!
  348. Account spam from @PayPal?
  349. Show 421: The flying progress episode
  350. HippopoPenguin’s Rin as Ishtar
  351. A home NAS of the future
  352. Farewell to my Kindle Paperwhite
  353. Jeb Brooks on the California Zephyr
  354. This post only has the word “bagel”
  355. What year is The Future now?
  356. You must have only done it for the money
  357. Programming language names
  358. The current state of Linux gaming
  359. Michael Franks, Songbirds
  360. Already seeing pandemic-related knock-on effects
  361. Steps towards more recycling in Singapore
  362. Lewis Mumford on urban cars
  363. Vivaldi’s Jon von Tetzchner on crypto-“currency”
  364. Self-doubt
  365. Beige-o-Vision introducing the PiDP-11
  366. Lists are great!
  367. Feedback pending post number #9001
  368. Learning of BlueSCSI
  369. Migraines Australia’s new fact sheets
  370. My favourite Australian decaf beans
  371. Number of posts last year
  372. Press and politicians abusing medical terms
  373. Boulevard of Enthusiasts, Naberezhnye Chelny
  374. Uniforms of the future
  375. Comestible aromas, via @Georgiecel
  376. Dev, system design, and screwdrivers
  377. Trying out the Windows Package Manager
  378. Tire evidence by Peter McDonald
  379. iPhone desktop sync has Walken’d away
  380. URL trends from 2013
  381. Homes and furniture
  382. SgLinks the next URL shortener to go
  383. The Ricoh GR IIIx
  384. Fine art accounts on The Bird Site
  385. Goodbye to Plastikitty
  386. Lew Wasserman
  387. Redundancy in IT isn’t
  388. The Maja 2 split keyboard
  389. Shopping MallDova
  390. Happy New Year 2022