2021 post archive

  1. Education cuts are a national security threat
  2. Installing stable Perl with Perlbrew
  3. Using sudoedit to sudo… edit
  4. The other Pop Up Parade Quintuplets
  5. Accounting for empathy in automated systems
  6. Electron software follow-up
  7. Flyers, and blogs from the golden age
  8. Using someone’s childhood to conclude anything
  9. Premature optimisation when choosing stuff
  10. Don’t invest in cryptocurrencies
  11. Playing female characters in games
  12. End of year thoughts on consolidating stuff
  13. Reading people’s blog archives
  14. Wait, where did I see that thing?!
  15. Krita version 5
  16. Articulated buses are the devil’s conveyance
  17. Oroville Dam Spillway reconstruction
  18. Beginning Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
  19. Formatting SD cards in the Nintendo Switch
  20. If nobody wants to use smartphones, what then?
  21. Christopher Eccleston on machoism
  22. The Nintendo Switch Lite is my new 2DS
  23. The Sinatra Christmas Album
  24. Accounts calling out the duped
  25. Weather outside you wouldn’t endure inside
  26. Hololive English’s second holiday stream
  27. Cosmopolitanism in a cup
  28. A 2021 retrospective
  29. Billy Joel and Cyndi Lauper’s Code of Silence
  30. Hales Horticulture Ltd.
  31. City Beautiful on the need for corner stores
  32. Lance Ulanoff on social media addiction
  33. Genetics behind black coffee drinkers
  34. Kate is a fantastic text editor!
  35. Wave Dreamtech Ayanami Rei fig
  36. James’ Coffee Blog Advent of Bloggers
  37. They foyer of One Canada Square
  38. Trying @geofftech's challenge in Sydney!
  39. The Raspberry Pi 400 as a couch game machine
  40. NIAN’s Nero from Fate
  41. To do this one thing, scroll down that far!
  42. Log4Shell
  43. RSS feeds with pictures of the day
  44. Crypto-“currency” snakeoil
  45. I knew a guy, he called it shut put
  46. The Raspberry Pi A+, and Pi-Hole
  47. Proposed Coventry linear park
  48. Faux chatbot notification tabjacking
  49. More than techno: a history of electronic music
  50. My little sister got married
  51. Benefit for all, via @PicardTips
  52. The word “best”
  53. Keanu Reeves on NFTs
  54. Benelux has a logo
  55. The cloud is just someone else’s pager
  56. When did it become: “delivered to your inbox”?
  57. The Heinzelmännchen unsaving your changes
  58. Robert F. Kennedy quoting George Bernard Shaw
  59. Trying The Old Reader
  60. Sitting in that comfy chair
  61. Annus horribilis
  62. To the coolest uncle ever, Dave Ross ♡
  63. The iPad mini 6
  64. The @Om Malik on writing
  65. Gauguin, The Market Guardens of Vaugirard
  66. Answering @buzzyrobin about burnout
  67. Chancellor of Earth: Advertising
  68. Spam calls
  69. PBS Frontline documentary on the 737-MAX
  70. We should rename Australian things
  71. Not just the algorithm, it’s Zuck’s company too
  72. My favourite StackOverflow answers
  73. Rest in peace, Bert Newton
  74. The Economist’s insight into Big Tech during Covid
  75. It’s not (always?) the algorithm
  76. My Kyoko Kirigiri grail fig
  77. Australia doesn’t do cappuccinos
  78. Independent video sponsorships
  79. My FreeBSD laptop... without a GUI!?
  80. Taking small victories
  81. Joke images on social media as a signal
  82. Organising posts by date
  83. New metal cladding on buildings
  84. Limitations of Go date format logic
  85. My popular opinions
  86. The B1M discusses Hudson Yards
  87. George Benson, Dance
  88. Brandon Quakkelaar on the beauty of RSS
  89. Car-centric culture in recycling
  90. Listpost for week 42, 2021
  91. Spycrowsoft on reusing stuff
  92. Bear identification
  93. Dell 27-inch 4K panels as Retina displays
  94. Stephen Diehl on NFTs
  95. GitHub’s preview cards aren’t that useful
  96. Wordpress.com’s password advice
  97. Being sick of stuff
  98. My science teacher on lateral thinking
  99. Dark mode theme now live
  100. The M1X MacBook Pros
  101. Hales on Javascript-loaded assets
  102. The simplex ambidextrous?
  103. Privacy and trust as a luxury good
  104. Tech firms adjudicating on what’s appropriate
  105. One step closer to my new FreeBSD tower
  106. Top Shelf: The Olive Branch White Hommus
  107. OpenBSD 7.0
  108. James Taylor, Carolina in My Mind
  109. Disparate thoughts about VPNs
  110. Using NoScript in 2021
  111. First coffee shop in four months
  112. macOS relocating my /private/etc/shells
  113. Week numbers in LibreOffic Calc
  114. The @ourokronii on laughter
  115. James Gallagher’s IndieWeb Search
  116. Dreaming of soap and door nomenclature
  117. The 747-300
  118. Clara’s and my Minecraft server anniversary
  119. Internetting good, via @heyjovo and @jkloss4
  120. Saved search issues on Thunderbird for Mac
  121. Sascha Segan on manga and ebook readers
  122. Introverts and accommodation
  123. The Chancellor of Earth: Leaf blowers
  124. Peter Mulvey’s Green and Grey
  125. Martin Fowler on the impact of software
  126. Brevity is often important
  127. Archiving 24 years of personal email
  128. Thoughts, week #40 2021
  129. Revisiting Kobos for reading manga
  130. Japan’s new PM Fumio Kishida
  131. Rem is the anime waifu queen, according to stores
  132. Burnout and healin’
  133. Taking a break
  134. Greyscale screens for anxiety
  135. Frank Gehry on going places
  136. My first shipped DOA drive
  137. Robbie Williams: Bodies
  138. Always-on chat apps, and not just saying “hey”
  139. Bob Seger going to Katmandu [sic]!
  140. A suburban Buenos Aires train
  141. Amit Kapila on PostgreSQL 14 Logical Replication
  142. The scripting spiral
  143. When the computers failed pizza people
  144. Music feedback from Michael Harley
  145. Vaccinated aren’t as likely to spread Covid
  146. The @Zoomosis on ZFS, tape, and external drives
  147. Mix “tapes” in 2021
  148. Repairability of laptops
  149. Nora Tindall on the modern web
  150. Feedback from my week 38 links post
  151. Simon Whistler’s cat
  152. Driving to West Berlin during the DDR days
  153. Links for week 36, 2021
  154. A 1 TB DIMM, with a clock speed of 2!
  155. The @ceresfauna built a Minecraft kitchen
  156. Considering the context of IT systems
  157. Apps are a poor replacement for hardware
  158. Tim King gives us permission to not give a fuck
  159. The best we can do with passphrases now
  160. The future of the Jekyll static-site generator
  161. Our Covid travel bubble
  162. Favourite game meme feedback
  163. Favourite game meme
  164. Anti-vaxxers
  165. Music Monday: Violet, Ninomae Ina’nis
  166. One year of Hololive-EN! #mythiversary
  167. Your own platform is king
  168. Feedback on Braun shaver cables
  169. Last night’s sunset
  170. Comparing FreeBSD GELI and OpenZFS encrypted pools with keys
  171. Omake refresh, and the state of blogrolls
  172. Rebrand Philadelphia’s transit system to The Metro
  173. Humans don’t have ECC memory
  174. Kronii, Bae, and Mumei discuss flower
  175. The paralysis of decisions
  176. Discovering Vim Awesome
  177. Feedback on my “not sure if UNIX won” post
  178. The state of second-hand GPUs in 2021
  179. What Apple mouses and Braun shavers share
  180. When contacting IT support
  181. Legal Eagle reviews Batman
  182. Yeah but, like, you weren’t there man!
  183. Something incoherent for the week’s end
  184. Redundant passphrase requirements are
  185. The @tsukumosana and @hakosbaelz's culinary adventures
  186. Being an open source contributor to have thoughts
  187. It’s the first day of spring
  188. Unix Text Processing
  189. Conflating security with privacy
  190. What’s your Starbucks name?
  191. A video call with a failed mute button
  192. Hakos Baelz’s debut stream #ratpack
  193. Researching GPU options for my sleeper PC
  194. Nasal breathing, and other observations
  195. Monotony grows wings on time
  196. Ouro Kronii’s debut stream #krotime
  197. The monkey grabbed his neck and said “Now listen, jack!”
  198. Docks charging more than just kettles
  199. People returning to offices
  200. The buzzard tried to throw the money off of his back
  201. Tsukumo Sana’s debut stream #sanallite
  202. The monkey thought that everything was on the square
  203. Nanashi Mumei’s debut stream #watchMEI
  204. A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air
  205. Nuts to that last weekend!
  206. Ceres Fauna’s debut stream #faunline
  207. Nix desktop ricing
  208. Another new anime streaming service
  209. Adelaide Metroticket words of inspiration
  210. It started as a post about game machine language
  211. Pavolia Reine’s new outfit reveal
  212. That’s a few typos
  213. The @SimonWhistler renames Business Blaze
  214. Tech and online meetings
  215. The 1Password Electron debate is good news for the industry
  216. Afghanistan in 2021
  217. The Cloud Media Remote for the PS4
  218. Simon and Garfunkel, Feelin’ Groovy
  219. Boss Coffee’s comfy promotion
  220. Decluttering Fandom.com with uBlock Origin
  221. Covid lockdown decluttering
  222. IRyS’s first collaboration with HoloEN
  223. Thinking about a reversible sleeper PC
  224. A rough week for Apple users
  225. Things you’d like, if not for the fans
  226. The LG Gram: does it have PC Screen Syndrome?
  227. The @elkeee schooling me on obliviousness
  228. A silver lining with Australian vaccinations
  229. What I miss during These Times™
  230. Missing things in our home
  231. Who in the world is Pitney Bowes?
  232. Hololive’s bossa nova jazz mix
  233. NCSC’s passphrase advice
  234. Troubleshooting netatalk3 in a FreeBSD jail
  235. Mobile phones, and always being available
  236. Soundtrax: No music download for you
  237. My sleeper PC... curse!
  238. The Men’s 50 Kilometre Race Walk
  239. Our carpet rainbow
  240. Micah R Ledbetter’s ErgoDox feedback
  241. Aiyo in the Oxford English Dictionary
  242. Why do you timezone, Ruben?
  243. Expanding our FreeBSD home file server
  244. Australia’s Internet fun this morning
  245. Clarelynn Rose, Copperfield
  246. Another short collection of life lessons
  247. Feedback for week 30, 2021
  248. Sunisa Lee’s All-Around Gymnastics win
  249. KTMB USB keys, and what do we call them?
  250. Read at school, avoid in adulthood
  251. CISA’s exploited vulnerabilities report for 2021
  252. Train journey bucket list, via @JKloss4
  253. This site is mobile friendly
  254. Mental health at the Olympics
  255. Australia’s new Covid reality
  256. A FreeBSD Puppet refresher by Romain Tartière
  257. Fourier transforming X-ray diffraction patterns before computers
  258. Ashe on motivational interviewing
  259. Harukana Receive, and Olympic sports
  260. Michael Franks, Heart Like an Open Book
  261. The need for personal iRL concurrency
  262. Using freebsd-update to upgrade jails
  263. Motherboard standoffs for weird case sizes
  264. Morning routines; tech and otherwise
  265. Robbie Williams, Good Doctor
  266. Comparing PC all-in-ones to the iMac
  267. Energy, or lack thereof, out of nowhere
  268. Defensive blogging
  269. Finally buying a Compaq spaceship
  270. Feedback about the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
  271. What if we’re supposed to feel it?
  272. The Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard 2019
  273. The @JKloss4 on rails
  274. Australian swimmer quits, and I’m not surprised
  275. Katsushika Hokusai travel portrait fig
  276. Whatever happened to Office 4.0?
  277. Making your booleans consistent, y/y?
  278. Acer’s antimicrobial laptop
  279. Teaching financial literacy
  281. Hitting random on geographic articles
  282. Getting our first Covid jab
  283. Using youtube-dl on FreeBSD
  284. What sort of learner are you?
  285. Audacity fork Tenacity
  286. Melissa Davey on migraines
  287. … the size of Rhode Island!
  288. Even Nintendo is shipping OLEDs now
  289. Feedback on repurposed eBay packaging
  290. Henry David Thoreau
  291. Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Remix Miku
  292. Dodgy listings using repurposed packaging
  293. The home storage crisis, via Doc Searls
  294. Erroneous systemd Ghost errors in FreeBSD
  295. Verbal ticks that never change
  296. Official Gurren Lagann art book announced
  297. Jokes as alternative input for Cunningham’s Law
  298. A report on exercise and sleep
  299. RSS feedback from Simon Ruderich
  300. You can search line numbers in Firefox!?
  301. Al Jarreau: Fallin’
  302. Being simple
  303. Revisiting webcam covers
  304. Feedback on duplicate RSS dates
  305. British Rail’s Pacer trains
  306. Full circle: TV ads on streaming platforms
  307. Searching for a CD storage system
  308. Today I learned what ISCO-08 was
  309. Simon Whistler on road trips
  310. Revisiting my emacs and Vim/nvi post
  311. Rubenerd’s Law of Food
  312. Finding which coffee types decrease CLD risk
  313. Exploring HTML cite attributes
  314. Cory Wong limited-edition vinyl!
  315. Duplicate RSS 2.0 date elements
  316. A Commodore 128 shipping update
  317. Best career advice you received at uni
  318. Some of my posts appearing on NetBSD Planet
  319. Some of these kitchen gadgets we do need
  320. James’s (aka capjamesg’s) coffee blog
  321. Retrospective on John Oliver’s Bitcoin episode
  322. Laptop, tablet, smartphone, or phone?
  323. Umar Getazazov helps me fix things
  324. Happy International Webloggers Day 2021
  325. Inline links to videos with play buttons
  326. Firefox 89’s Proton UI
  327. Mori Calliope’s new loading screen is dope!
  328. The @davewiner does a bank experiment
  329. pkgin’s manpage
  330. Updating to Minecraft 1.17 in FreeBSD
  331. What Americans don’t understand about Australia
  332. Feedback about FreeBSD, Linux VM gatekeeping
  333. Reddit’s /r/blogging, and my own advice
  334. Rhett and Link on boolean algebra
  335. Block jquery.nicescroll.js to make sites responsive
  336. Motivation myths
  337. Geri Halliwell on material science
  338. The most dangerous things in tech
  339. Stepping into an alternative dimensional floor
  340. Tom Gauld’s science headline generator
  341. Explaining geometry with pizza
  342. Tech people starting their sentences with “So, ...”
  343. Audioboom found and archived
  344. NetBSD 9.2’s new default package DB location
  345. State and mess in our computers
  346. Great bird site quotes this week
  347. FreeBSD 13 on the Panasonic Let’s Note CF-RZ6
  348. Comparing and contrasting
  349. What you can’t install with NetBSD’s pkgsrc
  350. Singapore and Japan dialogue on Covid
  351. Esther Golton, All The Room I Need
  352. Credit card cachet in an era of phone payments
  353. Replacing XML::XPath with XML::LibXML in Perl
  354. The ignominy of relegation
  355. LCD Android phones to sync with FreeBSD
  356. When Ubuntu is off topic for Ask Ubuntu
  357. Be kind to retail staff
  358. JJ Kale
  359. Super blood moon, 2021
  360. Twitter account for this site is back
  361. Alicia Wanless on tackling disinformation
  362. The @andrewhuang on streaming “success”
  363. Add to my to do list: bait and switch
  364. More cores are good
  365. Hololive English: Take Me Home, Country Roads
  366. Using NetBSD’s pkgsrc everywhere I can
  367. Clearing nginx’s cache
  368. Speed-reading app advertisements
  369. There probably won’t be a post-COVID reset
  370. Interpreting the OPML type attribute
  371. Comestibles containing holes
  372. Trying Perl signatures
  373. Testing from Big Sur
  374. Troubleshooing Palm Desktop on Windows 2000
  375. David Gerard’s IT job description
  376. The M1 Mac: “seems fine”
  377. John Oliver on hair
  378. David Gray, White Ladder LP
  379. Applying Georgina’s framework to anxiety
  380. A simple bar of soap
  381. I’m not sure that UNIX won
  382. What’s a manufear?
  383. When your customers want your service down
  384. Your most annoying things about TV
  385. Coffee shop chats
  386. Other factors behind unhelpful comparison sites
  387. The spotted wood owl
  388. Megaprojects video on submarine cables
  389. GHOST / 星街すいせい by Suisei
  390. Umbrage at trying FreeBSD and Linux in VMs
  391. When image positioning attacks
  392. Two types of comparison sites
  393. ACIC’s expanded surveillance submission
  394. Answering @klarainc: Where I started with ZFS
  395. Mathematician’s answer, via Screenbeard
  396. My state of macOS virtualisation, with FreeBSD and NetBSD digressions
  397. If you have two loaves of bread, buy a CD-ROM
  398. My new (replacement!) Palm IIIx
  399. Reading audiobooks
  400. A term for accurate, yet pointless responses
  401. Linus Tech Tips: Nothing EVER works!
  402. Pyramid schemes
  403. I’m now a part of @pavoliareine's Royaltea!
  404. Disabling memberships in Ghost 4 blogs
  405. Minecraft, and mental health
  406. Palm LifeDrive in a Windows 2000 QEMU VM
  407. The ten important things about blah
  408. Named arguments in Swift
  409. Increasing irrelevancy of award ceremonies
  410. Practical Engineering on cavitation
  411. Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose
  412. I have a Linktree
  413. Managing encryption in the enterprise
  414. I’m now in @ninomaeinanis’s tentacult
  415. My Palm LiveDrive!
  416. A personal atlas
  417. Thoughts on Dockernetes orchestration
  418. Moccona Hazelnut instant coffee
  419. Rhyming socks
  420. We’ll party like post alone!
  421. Whimsy and the new coloured iMacs
  422. It’s not the name they call you
  423. Palm PDA nostalgia on its way!
  424. 03:00 thoughts
  425. A 580 pixel blog width
  426. Being so confident
  427. Buy Esther Golton’s music as a bundle!
  428. e-life @ Suntec
  429. Effectiveness of the Free Software Foundation
  430. Opting out of Google’s FLoC
  431. FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE sources via Git
  432. A mysterious LibreOffice Calc £
  433. DOS-friendly bootable ISOs with mkisofs
  434. FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE available!
  435. Perceptions of remote work
  436. A 740-page Tennant Schrobmachine
  437. The XTree Fan Page
  438. MediaWiki toasts the sunflower logo
  439. Feedback about a slow CF card
  440. Antranig on blogging regularly
  441. How do you use your computer?
  442. An updated clearance sign
  443. Newer CF card slower in my Pentium tower
  444. Holidays versus journeys
  445. Repairing, not replacing old parts
  446. The tech in fintech
  447. The @watsonameliaEN and @pavoliareine
  448. The rise of online readability scrapers
  449. The Texas power failure
  450. What was the first thing you were flamed for?
  451. The FIRE approach for clearer thinking
  452. We don’t always need to extract maximum value
  453. Survey on the perceptions of migraines
  454. Apologising to wpa_supplicant and FreeBSD Wi-Fi
  455. Hong Kong MTR station colours
  456. Rediscovering one of our family computers
  457. A mini, portable display for Commodore gear?
  458. Now obsolete MacBooks still have better screens
  459. i386 on FreeBSD 13 will be Tier 2
  460. How I blog regularly
  461. A monoculture question from 2005
  462. Arena swimming blog discusses breathing, anxiety
  463. Letting people find themselves
  464. Feedback from Thomas Jensen
  465. No more JavaScript frameworks
  466. Motives aren’t sufficient on social media
  467. Wedge the Ever Given anywhere
  468. An evergreen post about news reactions
  469. Holo Bass and Amelia Watson, Pop on Rocks
  470. Best attribute for 8-bit enthusiasts: patience
  471. Our bathroom hippo
  472. Email signatures that wake you up
  473. My experience with an Australian bank broker
  474. Redirect your @FSF donations elsewhere
  475. grep returns (standard input) on FreeBSD
  476. Don’t write “how it looks like”
  477. Testing SD cards with QEMU and MS-DOS 6
  478. Dover and Dover again
  479. “Vinyl saved us, but CDs are the best”
  480. But I’ll just replace them, rent free!
  481. Random Wikipedia Article: Niigata, Japan
  482. Saying goodbye to my Commodore 64
  483. Painting by Emily Carr
  484. Chromium monoculture marches on
  485. Thinking about movies
  486. The VIA VT82C586B PCI, PC97 controller
  487. No, RSA is not broken
  488. tulloch4801’s video on the 3801 relaunch
  489. A Commodore 128 and TED monitor stand
  490. You can (not) bracket
  491. Women’s mental exhaustion in IT
  492. Rubenerd.com linked to on Lobste.rs
  493. My Commodore 1571 drive arrived!
  494. Quote from @Aral on debugging
  495. Minecraft won’t launch on macOS
  496. Commutes before and after the pandemic
  497. Seeing the 3801 steam locomotive
  498. Bathroom design affordances
  499. Jokes at the expense of retail staff
  500. Fortress Australia and New Zealand
  501. Why did initials on MOS chips disappear?
  502. Hackers are malicious
  503. Reliability of cassette tapes and disks
  504. Minibarring people who use your system
  505. Music Monday: acoustic piano
  506. Anxiety tips: stop playing personal FUD
  507. Moving on from Apple
  508. Hales on unexpected LiveJournals
  509. Troubleshooting my Commodore 128’s 80-column mode, part one
  510. My jail post was read on BSDNow!
  511. Missing MacBook Pro features returning
  512. Rubenerd.com has a LiveJournal?
  513. Gura and Cali on TED Talks
  514. Headphones as a social signal
  515. Crime shows, and the money motive
  516. NHK: The Sanriku coast train
  517. Retr0brighting my Commodore 128 keyboard
  518. Slanty road barrier things
  519. Troubleshooting a Commodore 1541 disk drive
  520. I won’t watch it if it’s inaccessible
  521. Truth in advertising hits Twitter
  522. WWR: Singer Songwriter Heaven
  523. Necessity versus rarity in online auctions
  524. The Internet interprets censorship as damage?
  525. Email unsubscribe fail: Trustwave
  526. Follow me on Mastodon
  527. Gadget-like computers, or computer-like gadgets?
  528. Stores for Commodore 128 components
  529. Can’t set Firefox new tabs to use local files
  530. Commodore 128’s 80 column mode in VICE
  531. Comprehensive Breville BKE395 kettle review
  532. Fixing my unbootable Commodore 128
  533. Pop Up Parade’s Quintessential Quintuplets
  534. The SS Golden Eagle
  535. Almost wrote about my Commodore 128
  536. Replacing Facebook news with RSS feeds
  537. Cord cutters, and the age of streaming
  538. MTG words of wisdom
  539. Crown can’t operate in NSW
  540. Ain’t no scheduled posts
  541. Introverts and Covid
  542. Douglas Brebner on integration and complexity
  543. FreeBSD 13.0-BETA2 graphics on the Panasonic CF-RZ6
  544. Chick Corea ♡
  545. fstab in FreeBSD jails
  546. Hobby judgement as an adult
  547. Music Monday: Haachama’s Big Red Heart
  548. That grumpyness spiral
  549. A point to consider before retr0brigting
  550. That complexity inflection point
  551. There’s more to the story
  552. Alice Di Micele on ageing
  553. Marie Kondo would say this kicks arse!
  554. Reinventing visual metaphors for no benefit
  555. Jim Kloss on art
  556. Being victim of another data breach
  557. Trickle-down economics
  558. Room in New York
  559. You want Chanel? You buy me Gucci!
  560. Ideas waiting for their time
  561. Going to Shadu
  562. To go work on personal projects
  563. Apology for spam #9001
  564. Triple J’s Hottest 100 for 2020
  565. Yale University Press Blog
  566. The circular Delaware border
  567. Not just the price limiting EV adoption
  568. Talk to me… goose?
  569. Today’s errors
  570. New year resolutions, goals, and what’s important
  571. Our belated leave
  572. That one specific spammer who can’t pad
  573. That distinctive ALCO engine rattle
  574. Microblog, week 3 of 2021
  575. You can just pay more taxes/wages/etc!
  576. Many of my software icons are green
  577. A 1980s PBS documentary about early diesels
  578. Follow-up about FreeBSD jail advantages
  579. Difference between 19200 and 19200R ECC RAM
  580. Random article: The Circus Building
  581. “You wrote about X, can you link to me?”
  582. Abandoned blogs as time capsules
  583. A royal pain in the toe
  584. John Roderick and Bean Dad
  585. We might have a Hololive FreeBSD problem
  586. Rejoining, or losing Scotland
  587. The SS Martin Mullen
  588. The joy of music collections
  589. Dynabook screens
  590. The best laptop bag I've ever owned
  591. Jim Kloss on headaches
  592. Microblog, week 2 of 2021
  593. Whole Wheat Radio whipped the llama’s arse
  594. Taking a Twitter break
  595. Drowning in popups, part two
  596. Graphics cards getting even pricier
  597. Why I’m not talking more about Covid
  598. Merging power buttons on appliances
  599. Concatenating images with ImageMagick
  600. 2.5 and 5GbE adaptors
  601. Network backdoors and layers
  602. Prussian blue
  603. Hololive EN New Years, 2021
  604. Wordle for 2020