2019 post archive

  1. Late night Tokyo egg sando
  2. Donating billionaires
  3. Inline substitution with NetBSD sed
  4. The Christchurch massacre
  5. pngcrush with reduce
  6. Tethering is still voodoo
  7. The 737 MAX
  8. Medhi’s Mother of All Fullest Bridge Rectifiers!
  9. Spam disclaimers
  10. The Sorted Gents
  11. Excitement over Windows 7’s demise
  12. Peak California... on Medium
  13. Another new newsletter abusing email lists
  14. Making a macOS Mojave USB key
  15. Fate/Grand Order Valentine Rerun
  16. No FreeBSD on the Libretto any more
  17. Storage versus RAM configurability
  18. My colleague’s MT3 profile board
  19. Dropbox isn’t case-sensitive
  20. NetBSD devpubd as a FreeBSD devd equivalent
  21. Roderick on the Line: Turtles
  22. Music Monday: Uptown Funk
  23. Good planning
  24. Little things with Outlook, Apple Mail
  25. Technical reasons may often be insufficient
  26. 1993 Computer Chronicles on Spectre
  27. Opening a Kensington Orbit Trackball
  28. Facebook’s lobbying against global privacy laws
  29. Learning about shell indirect expansion
  30. Flat design on websites
  31. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a coast
  32. ElectroBOOM! on eddy currents
  33. Josh Nunn on week numbers
  34. FreeBSD sh getting set -o pipefail
  35. Back to school specials!!1!one!
  36. Lateral thinking: sponges
  37. George Pell found guilty
  38. Austin and Doug on the Yugo
  39. Testing HTTPS/TLS sites
  40. Ergolux corner standing desk
  41. macOS not downgrading Wi-Fi security
  42. Moving out of the way of commuters
  43. FeedReader: Generally safe
  44. Simpson Strong Tie Set Xp Msds
  45. And now Sydney is frigidly cold?
  46. Anxiety plus ignorance, it is!
  47. Apple’s rumoured 16-inch MacBook Pro
  48. Pop Up Parade anime figs
  49. Homebrew no longer accepts options
  50. When client-side validation attacks
  51. Our moving NBN adventure
  52. FreeBSD shared object libssl.so.8 not found
  53. Baby Shark on Wikipedia
  54. The unfortunately-named bought Eero
  55. 144dpi images in ImageMagick
  56. Delivering blog post text in RSS
  57. Remembering Le Cornu in Adelaide
  58. Exporting data from closing web services
  59. Decentraleyes
  60. Airbus ending the A380
  61. Pinterest’s CEO and his service
  62. The golden-headed cisticola
  63. Box doesn’t do Markdown
  64. Digital Dark Age, even within sites
  65. Scott Morrison loses a vote
  66. I came across Latest Posts with $5,900,000
  67. Tony Benn on refugees
  68. Openrsync: A BSD-licenced rsync
  69. Do parliaments need a separate executive?
  70. Posting regularity
  71. Lazy Sunday, anime figs, missing email
  72. Stack Overflow survey 2019
  73. Firefox disabling auto-playing video
  74. Fixed podcast descriptions in iTunes
  75. qemu HAXM on NetBSD
  76. Goodbye, AT&T data centres
  77. Churning to Superloop
  78. Happy Birthday @JamieJakov and Rin!
  79. Source RSS namespace has moved
  80. A list of lightweight laptops from 2018
  81. fd, the find alternative
  82. Churn in anti-virus vendors
  83. Ranking of laptop keyboards
  84. Dublin Core in HTML5
  85. State of Apple in 2018
  86. Ending mandatory religious classes
  87. Going loud in the morning
  88. Midsomer Murders: Vixen’s Run
  89. Pointless Rubenerd stats: The
  90. Moving with figs
  91. After the jump
  92. Day after Australia Day picnic
  93. Not ranking well for certain keyword phrases
  94. It’s been a month since the 25th of December
  95. Moving to Chatswood
  96. Companies leaving over Brexit
  97. American Express jellyfish
  98. It has numbers in them
  99. Peter Cook and Microsoft Bob on The Bard
  100. Forum signatures
  101. Mark Bittman: No-knead bread
  102. Finding the current week number
  103. Kanaya Resort in Hakone
  104. A decade ago: appearing on blogged.com
  105. Self-redundancy
  106. What blogging is
  107. My final answer on mock meat
  108. The folly of haircut instructions
  109. A Yoko Littner fig... in 2019‽
  110. A certain new chat application logo
  111. Create a mirror of an FTP site with wget
  112. IBM agrees to buy Red Hat
  113. Katelyn Ohashi’s 10 point routine
  114. The Australian people
  115. Setting FLAC compression in FFmpeg
  116. How likely are you to recommend this survey?
  117. Scientology’s Australian recruit struggle
  118. Firefox application bundle sizes
  119. Sakura on ufotable’s Twitter
  120. A lyric like that
  121. Predictable issues with video doorbells
  122. The European Space Agency store
  123. Buying the Chrysler Building
  124. On entrepreneurship
  125. He’s just not that great a negotiator
  126. Just test the damned pills
  127. Financial hardship in invoicing
  128. Summoning Musashi in Fate/Grand Order
  129. Bell Canada wanting permission to track customers
  130. Cheaper, and more affordable
  131. Vulfpeck on whale feet
  132. Information war
  133. Some café quotes from this morning
  134. Vortex Race 3 keyboard
  135. SortedFood sandwiches
  136. Sydney trains late, crowded
  137. Max’s apartment from Double Decker
  138. Selectively disabling gohugo RSS feeds
  139. TigerVNC on macOS Mojave
  140. Life advice
  141. The Ghost blog editor
  142. Road Work on snark
  143. Can’t killall on Debian 9 Stretch
  144. The Opal Tower conflict of interest
  145. Stack Exchange first response: why?
  146. Ball & stick but bill wurtz is missing
  147. Windows versus BSD and GPL
  148. Why OLED phone screens suck for some of us
  149. Our 2019 New Years