2019 post archive

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  11. Buying the Chrysler Building
  12. On entrepreneurship
  13. He’s just not that great a negotiator
  14. Just test the damned pills
  15. Summoning Musashi in Fate/Grand Order
  16. Bell Canada wanting permission to track customers
  17. Cheaper, and more affordable
  18. Vulfpeck on whale feet
  19. Information war
  20. Some café quotes from this morning
  21. Vortex Race 3 keyboard
  22. SortedFood sandwiches
  23. Sydney trains late, crowded
  24. Max’s apartment from Double Decker
  25. Selectively disabling gohugo RSS feeds
  26. TigerVNC on macOS Mojave
  27. Life advice
  28. The Ghost blog editor
  29. Road Work on snark
  30. Can’t killall on Debian 9 Stretch
  31. The Opal Tower conflict of interest
  32. Stack Exchange first response: why?
  33. Ball & stick but bill wurtz is missing
  34. Windows versus BSD and GPL
  35. Why OLED phone screens suck for some of us
  36. Our 2019 New Years