2019 post archive

  1. Discouragement in IT
  2. SortedFood Mystery Box with liquorice
  3. Stack Exchange changing licences
  4. Deciding on a bank based on their mobile apps
  5. Fixing Hugo pagination in 0.58
  6. Cape Town Civic Centre
  7. Please don’t use fixed-position navigation bars
  8. Housing as an asset class
  9. The Sony StorStation Ditto tape drive
  10. C2C Genius as “jitters”
  11. iTelephone 2019 wish list
  12. The xkcd password leak
  13. Everyday Canteen
  14. Australia’s uninterrupted economic growth…
  15. Rambling on biology and tech
  16. iOS always forgets what audio I was playing
  17. Windows games on FreeBSD via Homura
  18. Woolloomooloo coffee in the morning
  19. Fate/Grand Order Nero Fest and Summer 2019
  20. Carrie Lam and Boris Johnson
  21. Helpful internet people
  22. Back at a Dôme
  23. Cleaning compromised servers
  24. Bidding salamat tinggal to the Q on Harris
  25. Japanese tourism
  26. GCC being removed from FreeBSD 13 base
  27. Colin Bass: Return to Earth
  28. Anime I hate, love, find overrated, etc
  29. Some more jot numbers
  30. Doug DeMuro on multiple dead-ends
  31. More sun, less grass
  32. Shock jocks and free speech
  33. Music Monday: Opportunities
  34. Fun with a phpMyAdmin honeypot
  35. Goodbye again to the Linux Journal
  36. The SS Grampian
  37. ThinkPad feedback from @sjdorst
  38. Steve Hofstetter on Robin Williams
  39. Anime motorbikes and scooters
  40. The ThinkPad X40, an all-time favourite
  41. Huntington State Park
  42. Common myths about private browsing
  43. Music Monday at Milsons Point
  44. Lesson 11 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  45. Decluttering: Mofo Soap
  46. Your Sunday morning economics snippets
  47. Reading list for early August 2019
  48. Can’t change Slack private channels to public
  49. Siri response grading
  50. 2019 Good Smile Racing Miku
  51. Concerns for Nikon
  52. Goodbye, Caffetini
  53. Choosing a NAS
  54. Maid skateboarders by すずしろ
  55. Even with the best of intentions...
  56. Music Monday: Hare Hare Yukai~
  57. The new Funan Centre
  58. Where do you find the time to blog?
  59. When someone close nearly got phone scammed
  60. Running NoScript in 2019
  61. Feedback from @infinitary
  62. Simple VyOS port forwarding
  63. Music Monday: Window Washer’s Dream
  64. 10x Engineers: The brilliant jerks
  65. Comparing SimCity 3000 railways and subways
  66. The issue isn’t privacy, it’s privacy?
  67. Dual-boot NT and NetBSD on the Libretto 70CT
  68. False dichotomy of human rights or privacy
  69. Evangelion battle alpacacs
  70. TWG Tea
  71. Boris Johnson, and malicious joy
  72. A brief history of KornShell time
  73. Music Monday: Youssou N’Dour, 7 Seconds
  74. Love for Kyoto Animation
  75. John Roderick on Portland
  76. When’s the best time to use a plane lavatory?
  77. Using Subversion with GitHub
  78. My 2019 essential tool list
  79. Australian solar to Singapore via undersea cable
  80. Rhett and Link on equine identification
  81. That time he whinged about a headache
  82. Design anti-patterns: Misleading buttons
  83. Automatic Korn Shell aliases
  84. Unlimited plans are almost always flops
  85. San Francisco Muni: Two Car, Shovel
  86. Australian IT firms not consulted about #aabill
  87. Covering laptop cameras, revistied
  88. Some random things I learned today
  89. ThinkPads and MacBooks
  90. New Sailor Mercury Figuarts Mini
  91. Mr Smooth
  92. Ayako Kawasumi at Anime Expo
  93. URLs, URIs, URNs
  94. Dan Benjamin on computers as tools
  95. ZFS isn’t just for NAS boxes
  96. Ken Akamatsu on the Raspberry Pi 4 model B
  97. Ansible name parameters in cron
  98. President Widodo raises plastic at G20
  99. Why do most PC laptops have awful screens?
  100. Sashin’s House at the Top of the World
  101. Streetcars in the US
  102. Spellging mistaes for this week
  103. Disambiguating licence plates
  104. Ansible authorized_key and user variables
  105. HPE buying Cray
  106. When people say Straight Pride
  107. Versions of ksh93 in macOS, FreeBSD
  108. Speaking of plastic
  109. Don’t forget the -y with FreeBSD Ansible
  110. When CDNs say you have malware
  111. Yurucamp Nendoroids
  112. Benjamin Wittes on the Mueller Report
  113. Thanking Dropbox for the final stick
  114. Reading atlases, and Stepanakert in Artsakh
  115. Plastic straw ban follow up
  116. Manchester Baby, and Elizebath CityCenter [sic]
  117. KVM trolley suggestions for data centre operators
  118. El Goonish Shive
  119. Just live without your phone for a week? Yeah, no
  120. Gregory Porter, Take Me to the Alley
  121. Jaycar external RAID box with FreeBSD and ZFS
  122. The Mid-range utility Mac
  123. Not if they win the lotto!
  124. Roman numeral IIII on clocks
  125. Capitalise first letter in Perl
  126. Anti-trust suits, then and now
  127. Rhett and Link on baking gastronomy
  128. Apple’s new campus not attached?
  129. A purpose-built FreeBSD home bhyve box
  130. Plumbing drafts: Now
  131. Tweeting about FreeBSD, NetBSD
  132. Hugo generator deprecation warnings
  133. Percussive maintenance
  134. Re:Zero’s Rem on a collared shirt
  135. Cropping a single row of pixels with ImageMagick
  136. Pitfalls of Windows 2012 R2 USB boot keys
  137. Cadillac Fleetwood Mac
  138. Next macOS to use zsh by default
  139. Relief for the 2019 Mac Pro
  140. Mid Valley Johor Bahru
  141. He’s back, with housekeeping
  142. Tigerlily
  143. Hard drive capacities: a 2008 retrospective
  144. 2019 MacBook Pros
  145. When did you learn version control?
  146. Luminary and the future of indie podcasting
  147. Australia lost, again
  148. Bob Hawke
  149. Michael W. Lucas: Control your platform
  150. Goodbye tanakasuka, my last RAIDZ-1 ZFS pool
  151. SE.RA.PH: Defeat 10 servants from the East
  152. Microsoft Linux or IBM Linux
  153. OrionVM launches Melbourne PoP
  154. Richard Di Natale on Australia’s #aabill
  155. Photographing cosplayers, with attribution
  156. Snippets from my personal wiki
  157. Type fast and break prose
  158. Rename IPSec peers in VyOS
  159. When people answer questions with “why?”
  160. bzip2 and KornShell fun
  161. Miku Expo 2019 Taiwan and Hong Kong
  162. Kao laundry powder scoop analysis
  163. SCSI to CompactFlash for vintage PCs
  164. Changing to the middle seat
  165. Elizabeth Warren breaking up big IT
  166. Alamy Kiwi stock photos
  167. BSD questions from @romanzolotarev
  168. Hetalia and Free! boys
  169. Add new Postgres schema to search path
  170. Commodore SFD-1001, and the Teac FD-505
  171. Intermittent fasting, and metabolism
  172. User 'polkitd' disappeared during update
  173. The Cayenne Convection Oven
  174. Perl 5.28.2 in ports and perlbrew
  175. Wadarco’s art in Chaldea Ace Volume 2
  176. Fully-recyclable Adidas shoes
  177. DuckDuckGo features keep surprising me
  178. Disabling SELinux on CentOS, RHEL
  179. Hunting for a Dropbox replacement
  180. Who’s Chef Boyardee?
  181. FreeBSD devd files need a .conf extension
  182. Don’t confuse gohugo by adding symlinks
  183. The Aquantia AQC107 10GbE controller
  184. Curly bracket substitution in sed, nvi, Vim
  185. Brexit silver lining
  186. Serverless
  187. Music Monday: French coffee
  188. Event Horizon Telescope sees a black hole
  189. Attitudes to mental health
  190. Another (site) bites the dust
  191. Subversion in OrionVM FreeBSD templates
  192. We almost got Arena manga swimsuits
  193. PF in FreeBSD and NetBSD
  194. A second chance for FGO Bride Umu
  195. Estonian government-in-exile
  196. AAPT on moving off copper
  197. Sceptical of synergies
  198. How web businesses surprised me
  199. Buying philosophy for computer hardware
  200. DW Documentary on North Korea
  201. Australian IT in the budget reply speech
  202. Using a 4K LG UltraFine display with FreeBSD?
  203. Our first aviation go-around
  204. The @georgiecel on what to read
  205. New Japanese Reiwa era announced
  206. Back at the best blog park bench
  207. Back at Namba Parks
  208. Coffee at the Urusei Yatsura pop-up café
  209. Ichigaya station on the Tokyo Metro
  210. Late night Tokyo egg sando
  211. Donating billionaires
  212. Inline substitution with NetBSD sed
  213. The Christchurch massacre
  214. pngcrush with reduce
  215. Tethering is still voodoo
  216. The 737 MAX
  217. Medhi’s Mother of All Fullest Bridge Rectifiers!
  218. Spam disclaimers
  219. The Sorted Gents
  220. Excitement over Windows 7’s demise
  221. Peak California... on Medium
  222. Another new newsletter abusing email lists
  223. Making a macOS Mojave USB key
  224. Fate/Grand Order Valentine Rerun
  225. No FreeBSD on the Libretto any more
  226. Storage versus RAM configurability
  227. My colleague’s MT3 profile board
  228. Dropbox isn’t case-sensitive
  229. NetBSD devpubd as a FreeBSD devd equivalent
  230. Roderick on the Line: Turtles
  231. Music Monday: Uptown Funk
  232. Good planning
  233. Little things with Outlook, Apple Mail
  234. Technical reasons may often be insufficient
  235. 1993 Computer Chronicles on Spectre
  236. Opening a Kensington Orbit Trackball
  237. Facebook’s lobbying against global privacy laws
  238. Learning about shell indirect expansion
  239. Flat design on websites
  240. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a coast
  241. ElectroBOOM! on eddy currents
  242. Josh Nunn on week numbers
  243. FreeBSD sh getting set -o pipefail
  244. Back to school specials!!1!one!
  245. Lateral thinking: sponges
  246. George Pell found guilty
  247. Austin and Doug on the Yugo
  248. Testing HTTPS/TLS sites
  249. Ergolux corner standing desk
  250. macOS not downgrading Wi-Fi security
  251. Moving out of the way of commuters
  252. FeedReader: Generally safe
  253. Simpson Strong Tie Set Xp Msds
  254. And now Sydney is frigidly cold?
  255. Anxiety plus ignorance, it is!
  256. Apple’s rumoured 16-inch MacBook Pro
  257. Pop Up Parade anime figs
  258. Homebrew no longer accepts options
  259. When client-side validation attacks
  260. Our moving NBN adventure
  261. FreeBSD shared object libssl.so.8 not found
  262. Baby Shark on Wikipedia
  263. The unfortunately-named bought Eero
  264. 144dpi images in ImageMagick
  265. Delivering blog post text in RSS
  266. Remembering Le Cornu in Adelaide
  267. Exporting data from closing web services
  268. Decentraleyes
  269. Airbus ending the A380
  270. Pinterest’s CEO and his service
  271. The golden-headed cisticola
  272. Box doesn’t do Markdown
  273. Digital Dark Age, even within sites
  274. Scott Morrison loses a vote
  275. I came across Latest Posts with $5,900,000
  276. Tony Benn on refugees
  277. Openrsync: A BSD-licenced rsync
  278. Do parliaments need a separate executive?
  279. Posting regularity
  280. Lazy Sunday, anime figs, missing email
  281. Stack Overflow survey 2019
  282. Firefox disabling auto-playing video
  283. Fixed podcast descriptions in iTunes
  284. qemu HAXM on NetBSD
  285. Goodbye, AT&T data centres
  286. Churning to Superloop
  287. Happy Birthday @JamieJakov and Rin!
  288. Source RSS namespace has moved
  289. A list of lightweight laptops from 2018
  290. fd, the find alternative
  291. Churn in anti-virus vendors
  292. Ranking of laptop keyboards
  293. Dublin Core in HTML5
  294. State of Apple in 2018
  295. Ending mandatory religious classes
  296. Going loud in the morning
  297. Midsomer Murders: Vixen’s Run
  298. Pointless Rubenerd stats: The
  299. Moving with figs
  300. After the jump
  301. Day after Australia Day picnic
  302. Not ranking well for certain keyword phrases
  303. It’s been a month since the 25th of December
  304. Moving to Chatswood
  305. Companies leaving over Brexit
  306. American Express jellyfish
  307. It has numbers in them
  308. Peter Cook and Microsoft Bob on The Bard
  309. Forum signatures
  310. Mark Bittman: No-knead bread
  311. Finding the current week number
  312. Kanaya Resort in Hakone
  313. A decade ago: appearing on blogged.com
  314. Self-redundancy
  315. What blogging is
  316. My final answer on mock meat
  317. The folly of haircut instructions
  318. A Yoko Littner fig... in 2019‽
  319. A certain new chat application logo
  320. Create a mirror of an FTP site with wget
  321. IBM agrees to buy Red Hat
  322. Katelyn Ohashi’s 10 point routine
  323. The Australian people
  324. Setting FLAC compression in FFmpeg
  325. How likely are you to recommend this survey?
  326. Scientology’s Australian recruit struggle
  327. Firefox application bundle sizes
  328. Sakura on ufotable’s Twitter
  329. A lyric like that
  330. Predictable issues with video doorbells
  331. The European Space Agency store
  332. Buying the Chrysler Building
  333. On entrepreneurship
  334. He’s just not that great a negotiator
  335. Just test the damned pills
  336. Financial hardship in invoicing
  337. Summoning Musashi in Fate/Grand Order
  338. Bell Canada wanting permission to track customers
  339. Cheaper, and more affordable
  340. Vulfpeck on whale feet
  341. Information war
  342. Some café quotes from this morning
  343. Vortex Race 3 keyboard
  344. SortedFood sandwiches
  345. Sydney trains late, crowded
  346. Max’s apartment from Double Decker
  347. Selectively disabling gohugo RSS feeds
  348. TigerVNC on macOS Mojave
  349. Life advice
  350. The Ghost blog editor
  351. Road Work on snark
  352. Can’t killall on Debian 9 Stretch
  353. The Opal Tower conflict of interest
  354. Stack Exchange first response: why?
  355. Ball & stick but bill wurtz is missing
  356. Windows versus BSD and GPL
  357. Why OLED phone screens suck for some of us
  358. Our 2019 New Years
  359. Fake GE Money spam