2014 post archive

  1. Ten friggen years of Rubenerd
  2. CPU architectures on nixCraft
  3. Today I learned about mdadm
  4. Sourcing bash and Bourne shell scripts
  5. 256 greys with transparency
  6. Converting down PNGs to 256 greys
  7. #SydneySiege
  8. My first ever geographically relevant spam
  9. A tree without decoration
  10. Romeo The Puppy, 1999–2014
  11. The bane of GNU Info
  12. Expired and deleted domains
  13. Shigure Asa, and the world’s greatest vector
  14. Ultra super secure invalid passphrases
  15. Xen virt-install with cdrom boot images
  16. Devuan forking Debian over systemd
  17. Disable QEMU SDL in Packer
  18. View Packer errors
  19. No-nonsense MemTest86 bootable USB keys
  20. Accidental Tech Podcast on Git
  21. Epic Ryouko background is epic
  22. Improving visual appearance with spam
  23. An ECDSA randomart vulture
  24. Cloud storage arrays
  25. An RSA randomart camel
  26. Indian food from World Square
  27. He knows basically everything spam
  28. Soul Origin pasta coffee!
  29. Top Juice banana watermelon passionfruit
  30. Dark hot chocolate, San Churros
  31. Teriyaki chicken udon from Marukame in Chatswood!
  32. An RSA randomart boot
  33. Microsoft open sources .NET?
  34. The FireHOL flame haze
  35. Haganai, With 50% More Fail!
  36. Australian climate policy up somewhere
  37. No more Nokia Sync
  38. Not much time left for Github Pages DNS change
  39. An unexpected FreeBSD 10.1 RC4
  40. Circular (travelling) headphones
  41. Hey, your tag links are blue again
  42. Errors with scp
  43. Time to shake the toner
  44. Checking running servers with netstat
  45. Yes, you can use qcow2 images with Xen
  46. #wgetNoSatisfaction
  47. Find PostgreSQL data dir from PostgreSQL
  48. PostgreSQL invalid listen_addresses
  49. PostgreSQL invalid IP mask
  50. Authors of your own misfortune
  51. Decorations
  52. Keyloggers
  53. Those DNS network ports
  54. BetterSnapTool window tiling for OS X
  55. Gough Whitlam 1916–2014
  56. Ubuntu mirrors
  57. Oktoberfest
  58. Bowie and Jagger Dancing in the Street
  59. Jekyll GitHub gists
  60. The 27 inch Retina iMac
  61. Podcast quotes for 2014
  62. CSS3’s new box-sizing property
  63. Brand New Music, with Ben Sidran
  64. Sophos Security Gateway on Xen
  65. Long weekend site designs
  66. Words in your face are ruder than smoke
  67. Recording screens with ffmpeg
  68. The Typo2 iPhone keyboard
  69. Quick and dirty Debian wheezy samba share
  70. Just building qemu-img on Debian wheezy
  71. UTS Building 11 lifts
  72. Infinite scrolling
  73. Missing FreeBSD map file
  74. Xen embargo
  75. Hey, bash doesn’t exist
  76. Incomplete bash code injection fix
  77. Bash code injection vulnerability
  78. MySQL comments
  79. Sugary job offers
  80. SATA on QEMU
  81. Change WordPress URL in database
  82. Happy Birthday Mummy
  83. Using xz with newsyslog
  84. Creepy sanctioned University Experience Surveys
  85. Converting vmdk version 3 images
  86. FreeBSD 10 performance
  87. The Bic Orange Finepoint most certainly is
  88. Scotland 2014
  89. Disable moused on a FreeBSD Xen guest
  90. Choosing a keyboard for gaming and typing
  91. Changing the owner of a symlink
  92. Monday Postgres derp
  93. The Back Nine, with Ben Sidran
  94. Initialising regrettable decisions with systemd
  95. Australian Coalition repeals mining tax
  96. Burning Man
  97. Wheel group for FreeBSD visudo
  98. Interpreting ipmitool ser list memory errors
  99. You won’t believe why this guy hates cosplay
  100. Hey mate, you got WiFi at this cafe?
  101. A hundred little drafts
  102. Latest TPG ISP adventures
  103. The cost of fast TV and web browsing
  104. Debian Wheezy backports
  105. Featured images
  106. Default servers in nginx
  107. When script kiddies don’t get absolute URLs
  108. This may need an RTA call
  109. John C. Dvorak on not fixing the obvious
  110. UTS Building 11 feedback
  111. The lost opportunity of UTS Building 11
  112. Robin Williams
  113. You’re subscribed to our new mailing list!
  114. Two years with a MacBook Air
  115. SCSI
  116. Here Comes The Playlist
  117. Data retain THIS, Mr Attorney General
  118. The Ohloh Black Duck Open Hub
  119. Saturday nights with a PSU
  120. Basic nginx headers
  121. Media reporting on Dropbox security, privacy
  122. Getting started with Xen
  123. Use curl to download image sequences
  124. But women can’t be...
  125. When force umount doesn’t even work
  126. A small list of terrible web clichés
  127. FreeBSD 10 PVHVM serial console
  128. Terminal capability "cm" required
  129. PCI passthrough without VT-d support
  130. Goodbye, Aperture
  131. Force SSH password authentication
  132. pkgng repository size
  133. Running ServerBear
  134. A minimal network enabled Slackware install
  135. Hypne cyprès
  136. Galculator
  137. Rubenerd for the next ten years
  138. vnd.3M.Post-it-Notes?
  139. Happy birthday @hanezawakirika!
  140. NTP sanity check
  141. xen-create-image and Perl logs
  142. Thinking of @CaseyLiss when learning C#
  143. Remember SOAP?
  144. Sneakernet cloud uploads
  145. Jekyll dates
  146. S/MIME in Mac Outlook
  147. Windows 8 Mail and S/MIME
  148. VyOS, a Vyatta fork
  149. Installing PHP APC on Debian
  150. intl PECL extension not available
  151. Replacing MySQL with PostgreSQL in php-fpm
  152. Listing installed Debian packages
  153. OmniFocus 2 and seeking an alternative
  154. Bill Shorten’s Australian budget reply
  155. Ladar Levison, and tapping is easy right?
  156. The snake oil of application document recovery
  157. Why Lavabit shut down
  158. This is bad for the Internet
  159. Tasty PerlMonks ASCII art
  160. Getting rid of Cisco spam
  161. Deregulating Australian university fees
  162. Onadera shoots down the manflu
  163. Where NetNewsWire 4.0 stores app data
  164. A nation of coffee-drinkers
  165. Diesel cars
  166. Altered brew tap structure breaking brew-cask
  167. Just ordered an @atpfm shirt
  168. A Firefox 29 bugshot
  169. This is my 77,777th tweet
  170. Is that an IPA in your trash?
  171. Sailor Moon Crystal characters, via @JamieJakov
  172. The pedestrian blind spot
  173. Expensive regressions for Sydney Trains
  174. The Topre RealForce looks absolutely perfect
  175. WASD keyboard design fun
  176. The house at the top of the world
  177. I ship this cool EMS service
  178. Disruption from Sydney, and keyboards
  179. One hiccup using Tumblr as a blog platform
  180. Accessing raw unmountable Mac volumes
  181. The Roland TR-808
  182. The OpenSSL heart bleeds
  183. UTS Feedback Survey 2014
  184. CoolerMaster QuickFire, via @screenbeard
  185. Easter dinner again
  186. I’m a Cent Cent CentOS guy
  187. Tumblr as a blogging platform
  188. My preferred Safari extensions
  189. Defensive programming and system design
  190. Disconnect for ALL the browsers
  191. An Ultimo pilgrimage to MSY
  192. Ruben and Malcolm’s technology mix
  193. Ruben talks shoes
  194. HBO Go Game of Thrones etc
  195. Beautiful Bravia commercial from 2005
  196. Kill la Nisekoi
  197. All the better for Wikipedia to see you with
  198. Jekyll 1.5.1 likes my timezones again
  199. Digg is back, and spamming us
  200. The @caseyliss and pedantic critiques
  201. The new @1writerapp with dark theme
  202. Jekyll date fixes and not respecting GUIDs
  203. Goodbye @JamieJakov
  204. 1Writer is like a Fantastical iOS editor
  205. A birthday Tea Cosy
  206. Computer displays for anime figure scenes?
  207. This birthday post is shamelessly backdated
  208. 1970s computer science tomes from UTS
  209. Our first glimpse of Sailor Moon Crystal
  210. Secure input blocking TextExpander
  211. #KyaryPamyuPamyu in Sydney!
  212. The CODE keyboard
  213. Electronic inclusionism
  214. HTML5 renders XHTML mimetypes invalid?
  215. A PL/SQL induced surreal trip
  216. Homebrew Eclipse Java EE Tomcat 6
  217. My birthday will be a real wingdinger
  218. My second workstation: Unicomp keyboards
  219. IMAP email followup
  220. Finally moving to Fastmail, or another provider?
  221. Fluffy White Day Yuki marshmallows
  222. Suspiciously timed massive Archival Discs
  223. Teana Lanster and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
  224. LTO Ultrium tape drives
  225. Cards with Onodera
  226. rsync 3.1.0 and OS X extended attributes
  227. Ghost of The Ascott, Singapore
  228. The @JamieJakov on my daily posts
  229. Fortuitous circumstances
  230. Celebrating post 4000 around a campfire
  231. My one Windows 9 feature request
  232. Amazon wish list addresses
  233. Happiness
  234. SoylentNews is people
  235. Darjeeling teas and anime figures
  236. Tiamo’s 32–bit efi and Mavericks 10.9.2
  237. Water stars
  238. Prominent North American Enterprise Linux Vendor
  239. Practical, private Dropbox use cases
  240. A quadratic Beatles moment
  241. Batch append text in TextMate
  242. Social expectations in a grocery bag
  243. Anime@UTS welcome picnic
  244. HTML5 @georgiecel @zoomosis timestamps
  245. Singapore camera phone pictures from 2007
  246. HTML5 deprecates dates
  247. Disappearance of Nagato Yuki–Chan #5
  248. Followup to Mozilla Firefox advertiles
  249. Schadey coffee
  250. My first late night Winter Olympic kebab
  251. Valentines 2014
  252. Simple Mavericks WordPress test environment
  253. The @dai1313 on Optiplex nostalgia
  254. Silent swap meets and IT nostalgia
  255. Mozilla Firefox advertiles
  256. Got a little carried away raking
  257. There’s something about Aperture
  258. EscrowSecurityAlert and LaterAgent
  259. When MariaDB has a brilliant About page
  260. Mavericks on my first gen Mac Pro
  261. When MariaDB gets all tsundere
  262. Satya Nadella and Stephen Elop
  263. Photos, or the experience
  264. Vadim Brodski
  265. Rails to the future, almost
  266. Why I publish a PGP public key
  267. Sawasawa 02/02
  268. Madoka Magica: Rebellion
  269. A late night cup of hot water
  270. My own (albeit small) internet extortion adventure
  271. Flu-like words, late at night, to my Terminal
  272. The mystery of internal drive enclosure connectors
  273. #PostADay2014
  274. Sydney doesn’t need trams, it needs a metro
  275. Serendipitous #anime art
  276. A basic FreeBSD NAS with netatalk3
  277. Mmm, chewy phone cables
  278. Learning about fatigue
  279. Downloading from multiple sources with aria2
  280. The sound of PPPoE silence
  281. Bootstrapping legal identity, or Who Are You?
  282. Hidden messages in HTML email
  283. Romeo the puppy
  284. Kindles, iPods, teal shirts
  285. Follow Ruben troubleshooting an mpv install
  286. The Razer antithesis to the new Mac Pro?
  287. Speaking of broken JPEGs
  288. The shared experience of Life of Brian
  289. Total [Non–] Recall
  290. Validating HTML 3.2 pages, like it’s 1997
  291. The wonderous new fcpbundle
  292. Using (or not) Markdown
  293. #Anime Kantai Collect All The Things
  294. Client–side blogging
  295. Wikipedia on DuckDuckGo and Google
  296. When you use the same mouse as him
  297. Jekyll timezones
  298. Accidental JPEG Wiphalas
  299. AText as a basic TextExpander alternative
  300. A public service message on Helvetica Neue Ultra Light
  301. Something @Gruber dot Markdown
  302. Essential Australian Museum minerals
  303. #Anime Cuticle Tantei Inaba
  304. Amazon Cloud Drive
  305. An egg shaped boulder
  306. Taipei, Taiwan
  307. Five posts
  308. Mac Pro compromises might not be for me
  309. Scaling images for responsive designs
  310. Webkit font smoothing
  311. Cute Railgun
  312. Kõrvemaa Nature Park, Estonia
  313. Wet’n’Wild Australian infrastructure
  314. Latvia and adopting the Euro
  315. The Belkin Thunderbolt Dock
  316. Belated Sydney Central Terminal decs
  317. The LEGO Acropolis
  318. The Nation: Tab closed, didn’t read
  319. I see what they did there
  320. ClaimID
  321. 2013 Wordle
  322. Happy 2014