2013 post archive

  1. PenguinCoffee: Dungeon leaves
  2. PenguinCoffee: Miyamoto Ruri
  3. PenguinCoffee: Fences in game CG
  4. PenguinCoffee: Partners for life
  5. PenguinCoffee: Tiger stripes!
  6. PenguinCoffee: Sae from Amagami
  7. PenguinCoffee: TERA AmiAmi fig
  8. PenguinCoffee: A less-menacing Satsuki
  9. PenguinCoffee: Miku’s takoyaki
  10. PenguinCoffee: Beach Queen Saber
  11. PenguinCoffee: Ahem
  12. PenguinCoffee: Railgun at Lawson
  13. PenguinCoffee: Northern Lights
  14. PenguinCoffee: Can’t contract, pulling sleigh
  15. PenguinCoffee: Dream C Club’s Railgun art
  16. Fake No Agenda: Chewing tobacco
  17. PenguinCoffee: Vividyellow
  18. PenguinCoffee: Cute KyoAni crossover
  19. PenguinCoffee: Magical Kyoukai no Kanata
  20. Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney
  21. Testing old site theme with NetRenderer
  22. Just saying you’re nice doesn’t make it so
  23. Globalisation in an O’Briens Irish Sandwich Bar
  24. TechRepublic Tab Closed Didn’t Read
  25. I’d rather be happy than “right”
  26. PenguinCoffee: Just for that!
  27. All this new tech is making us antisocial
  28. PenguinCoffee: Santa Miku
  29. I used to be that guy; the new Mac Pro
  30. PenguinCoffee: Miku in the sky with diamonds
  31. PenguinCoffee: Unintentional pantsu
  32. PenguinCoffee: Favourite picture of the season
  33. PenguinCoffee: Kyon carrying Yuki
  34. PenguinCoffee: Moko Xmas
  35. Accidental holiday pantsu
  36. Twin Pines Mall
  37. Komeiji Satori
  38. Batman, Turkey street
  39. When Michael Bublé took over the world
  40. Holidays 2013
  41. Gatchaman Boo!
  42. Appalachian Throughway
  43. Abandoned Philadelphia Turnpike
  44. OS X Mavericks 10.9.1
  45. Rubenerd Patron ♔ Sir Novak
  46. Happy 9th Birthday, Rubenerd Weblog!
  47. The end of Fairy Tail
  48. When our frigid whitegood was neither
  49. Linux RdRand
  50. Last chance for Yuletide Steins;Gate
  51. Accounting for the unexpected
  52. SaaS cloud encrypting customer data
  53. How nvALT changed my life
  54. FreeBSD and hardware random number generators
  55. The best cooking smells
  56. Microsoft Commons
  57. 2013 Good Smile Racing Hatsune Miku
  58. Some ZFS SSD feedback from @zoomosis
  59. 11/12/13 (2013.12.11)
  60. J.J. Cale
  61. Fake No Agenda: SKKMigas corruption case
  62. Fake No Agenda: Space Operations conference
  63. Fedora gem can’t find header files
  64. ZFS on FreeBSD supporting TRIM
  65. FreeBSD 9.2 with vesa in Parallels Desktop 9
  66. Linux doesn’t have to lose for BSD to win
  67. Yearly draft cleanout
  68. A graphical Mac application package manager
  69. Confessions of a Blogger who dislikes these posts
  70. Nelson Mandela ♡
  71. ATA hard drive GIF
  72. I’m back
  73. Classic Toshiba driver archive
  74. bsdtar and xz on one line
  75. Plushie sushi and yuletide trees from @hanezawakirika
  76. Fake No Agenda: Palin’s nucular intelligence
  77. It’s beginning to look a lot like holidays
  78. Aviation stuff you learn from Wikipedia
  79. Fake No Agenda: Dog-flu shots
  80. Fake No Agenda: Hondurus votes for a new president
  81. Fake No Agenda: Recovering from John's 2013 crash?
  82. Fake No Agenda: What Gates, Buffet won’t tell you
  83. Fake No Agenda: Boeing warns of 787 engine icing risk
  84. Fake No Agenda: It’s the lack of QLD flouride, duh
  85. Fake No Agenda: ITM
  86. When you find yourself at Cafe Neo
  87. A Microsoft Office TIFF vulnerability
  88. Cooking with Nyan
  89. Windows 2000 only supports up to Feb 2010 DirectX 9.0c
  90. Access Virtualisation in the Kusnetzky Model
  91. The Hornsby Tornado
  92. I’m a grilled sandwich, from @mayonakaotaku
  93. 787 reliability
  94. Dealing with schoolies
  95. KeyRemap4MacBook
  96. Words that must die #0
  97. KeyRemap4MacBook
  98. David Cameron’s permanent austerity
  99. The colour you see here
  100. Hello, world
  101. Outlook Web Access and NoScript
  102. Goodbye, Kevin Rudd
  103. Mavericks would be great, if it liked my keyboard
  104. The Gimp on SourceForge shenanigans
  105. The ever–evolving TLS ciphersuite
  106. Throwing corn in the coffee
  107. Halloween Rubi as Sailor Mercury
  108. SPARK
  109. The almightly Perl reference
  110. PenguinCoffee: Our favourite Strike Witch
  111. Ditto
  112. rsync remote command not found
  113. #NSWFires 2013
  114. CSS float away
  115. Coppelion first impressions
  116. US Congress nearly cost me an exam
  117. So we heard you like being in ads
  118. Unsubscribe email filter
  119. Goodbye GitHub Pages
  120. When the site had a meltdown
  121. When rsync compression maketh sense
  122. Goodbye UTS Tower Building trees
  123. Dependencies and @hotdogsladies
  124. I’m your Anime@UTS Webmaster for another year
  125. Happy Birthday Lord Potato @Sebasu_tan
  126. Sport and art in Australia
  127. More Wahroonga photos
  128. Wahroonga Photowalk with Clara
  129. The Merlin Mann on curiosity
  130. Quora is the new Expertsexchange (cc @jlist)
  131. Get Pocky
  132. The IKEA Upptäcka backpack
  133. UTS Student Experience Survey 2013
  134. Sound in Windows NT 4.0 VMware Fusion guests
  135. A tour of the Equinix SY3 data centre in Sydney
  136. Sanae the Kamina
  137. Birthday keeki for mummy
  138. One step ISO creation from folders in OS X
  139. Muckup day
  140. The Sydney Morning Hearld
  141. Chitanda drawing from @hanezawakirika
  142. Prime Minister Tony Abbott
  143. Caffeine may contribute to healthy liver
  144. Stop OpenOffice Writer truncating your dates
  145. Remembering the goals of IT security
  146. Because, that’s why
  147. Happy Birthday Miku!
  148. Malcolm Fraser on drones
  149. A date with my invalid RDF feed
  150. The new Eclipse icon
  151. WataMote
  152. Déjà Gatchaman Crowds Vu
  153. Back to normal at UTS
  154. Bitsplitting Podcast review
  155. Welcome to Notational Velocity!
  156. A shorter Java println
  157. Learning JazzHub with John Schilt
  158. The day I got my foot back
  159. Testing
  160. Playing with iSCSI, ESXi with @ShengYeo
  161. Insufficient CentOS memory
  162. Ongoing UTS power issues
  163. When your uni is still somewhat flooded
  164. What Motorola is to Google
  165. When your university lecture submerges
  166. My first year working for SMASH!
  167. Rubenerd Idle: Knife-Wielding Yuki
  168. Lessons from Jekyll and Github pages
  169. Testing the site in IE 10
  170. An ESXi IaaS evening with @shengyeo
  171. Photocopiers making randomly alterations
  172. An evening with printers
  173. My own WordPress to Jekyll adventure
  174. Technopreneur
  175. Obama’s 2009 whistleblower promise
  176. Our first year together
  177. PenguinCoffee: Sailor Moon fanart by hasaki
  178. Hello, World!
  179. PenguinCoffee: Hyouka fanart by Cocomeiwako
  180. PenguinCoffee: When Clara does Old Spice
  181. PenguinCoffee: Japan and Taiwan
  182. PenguinCoffee: Fate fanart by Chloe
  183. PenguinCoffee: Fate fanart by ma@萬
  184. PenguinCoffee: Fate/Zero fanart by pertussis
  185. PenguinCoffee: Ties
  186. PenguinCoffee: 2013 Racing Miku art
  187. PenguinCoffee: Project Diva
  188. PenguinCoffee: Miku fanart by 音我きょろ
  189. PenguinCoffee: Dangan Ronpa fanart by Mirunai
  190. PenguinCoffee: Happy Anniversary
  191. PenguinCoffee: Miku pixelart, kinda!
  192. PenguinCoffee: Miku fanart by MYAI
  193. PenguinCoffee: Saber swimsuit fanart by nako454
  194. PenguinCoffee: Pretty Game CG (NSFW?)
  195. PenguinCoffee: Nodoka swimsuit fanart by きーろ
  196. Why I’m sticking with RSS
  197. PenguinCoffee: Scenery art by ArseniXC
  198. Pixelart version of Rubi
  199. W3C RDFa validation works, thanks @sideshowbarker
  200. PenguinCoffee: Azunyan fanart by あ
  201. Some #Free_anime genderswap art
  202. US lands drone on aircraft carrier at sea
  203. When your Fargo links change colour, like a big pizza pie…
  204. Dropbox save error
  205. When your ankle is still a beach ball
  206. Streaming fake coffee shop noise
  207. When VMware split my profile
  208. Officials trade blame over Canada train disaster
  209. Have a list of classy 80s songs I like
  210. Microsoft enhances Windows 8.1 with ads
  211. Oh my, that #Free_anime series
  212. Free Australian healthcare and inverted ankle fun
  213. PenguinCoffee: Yuki
  214. PenguinCoffee: Starfleet ship comparison
  215. A rather terrible Fargo image test
  216. Damn, so I like Fargo
  217. PenguinCoffee: Genderbend Free! fanart
  218. PenguinCoffee: I think it’s Saber fanart
  219. XHTML1.1, RDFa, HTML5, ARIA
  220. Some initial observations about Fargo
  221. Testing Fargo, the online outliner. Let’s see how this works :)
  222. Homebrew now has Haswell CPU tests
  223. IDG Connect retro logo is retro
  224. W3C HTML5 validator no longer accepting RDFa?
  225. Followup supposition soup
  226. So long Mr Conroy, thanks for all the fish
  227. SalesForce Oracle supposition soup
  228. Kevin Rudd is Prime Minister, again
  229. The real barrier to SaaS adoption
  230. HKSAR Government statement on Edward Snowden
  231. Happy birthday @hanezawakirika
  232. Sony CDP-101
  233. Cisco Discovery Protocol, eventually
  234. C++ function for a Perl guy
  235. I broke ground on Sunday, with my ankle!
  236. High frequency trading
  237. Twitter won’t load on #TPG in the evenings
  238. Our mascot is ready for winter!
  239. Cray Mac Pro
  240. Mascot
  241. Perl print on closed filehandle
  242. Why we should care about a retired Twitter API
  243. My Princess of the Crystal fig finally arrived
  244. A long overdue au revoir to aterm!
  245. My Mac Pro space station
  246. The @brentsimmons on Mercurial versus Git
  247. Replacing RSS author with Dublin Core’s dc:creator
  248. Science with @ChrisMatyszczyk
  249. Philosocisco
  250. Goodbye Camino
  251. If you see this tweeted, you’re luckier than me!
  252. When wiki truncation attacks
  253. Baking of bread rolls in the Czech Republic
  254. Jekyll dates, timestamps require timezones
  255. Commission on the Theft of Functional Electronics
  256. PenguinCoffee: Madoka Magica fanart by Futaba
  257. SAO figs more epic than the anime itself?
  258. The only networking guy around here
  259. Go home, site value estimators
  260. On the open nature of Cisco’s EIGRP
  261. One does not simply network meme
  262. Dealing with UTF8 in Perl
  263. I don’t always make lame networking memes
  264. Congratulations @hanezawakirika and @uberlutzer!
  265. Install jekyll-import with –pre for now
  266. This isn’t about the Cisco 2800 router series
  267. #Anime Evangelion Art Exhibition Tour in Sydney
  268. Happy Birthday @domossu!
  269. PenguinCoffee: Horrifying Kyuubey Tamako Market
  270. PenguinCoffee: Piyona’s Pocky-tan
  271. Eric Schmidt says we’re just afraid of change
  272. PenguinCoffee: Another fanart image by Piyona
  273. My latest retro multimedia CD-ROM haul
  274. PenguinCoffee: Danboard with Donyatsu
  275. PenguinCoffee: Rinne no Lagrange key visual
  276. PenguinCoffee: Kusugawa Sasara background
  277. PenguinCoffee: Railgun fanart by 黒瀬
  278. PenguinCoffee: Yuki wallpaper
  279. PenguinCoffee: Pokémon guide from early 2000s
  280. PenguinCoffee: Sonoda Umi
  281. PenguinCoffee: Around The Seaside
  282. PenguinCoffee: Fairy Tail background
  283. Is full-disk encryption worth it? Pokémon
  284. What’s wrong with technical answer sites
  285. LNP doesn’t want the university student vote either
  286. Lady @Adasifs and Her birthday
  287. PenguinCoffee: Soft toy Miku
  288. PenguinCoffee: Cat coffee art
  289. PenguinCoffee: Owl coffee art
  290. PenguinCoffee: Mikoto mizugi key visual
  291. Labor doesn’t want the university student vote
  292. Sharp slipping pSee shipments
  293. Second season of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  294. PenguinCoffee: Bottle Miku
  295. PenguinCoffee: Kyuubei curry
  296. I’ll take that under advisement, DPRK
  297. Margaret Thatcher
  298. Dell, going private
  299. Veraciously voracious!
  300. I think my new iPad mini is Canadian
  301. Sorry Scoble, @Om was right on privacy
  302. I don’t care, I’m an introvert. Thank you @hanezawakirika!
  303. I’m now a subnetwork
  304. PenguinCoffee: Hatsune Miku birthday fig
  305. PenguinCoffee: Alter’s Princess of the Crystal
  306. PenguinCoffee: More cute Tamako Market art
  307. Cisco Packet Tracer doesn’t work on Windows NT
  308. The problem with being spiritual but not religious
  309. Google Keep?
  310. GNS3: The Graphical Network Simulator
  311. PenguinCoffee: Starbucks dates
  312. PenguinCoffee: Cat coffee noms
  313. PenguinCoffee: Steaming coffee
  314. Albania and the European Union
  315. PenguinCoffee: Literal penguin coffee!
  316. The @Giz_au apoligises for calling me stupid, kinda
  317. PenguinCoffee: Yoko SEGA waitress fig
  318. PenguinCoffee: Nia SEGA waitress fig
  319. PenguinCoffee: Cute Tamako Market art
  320. PenguinCoffee: A fabulous pose
  321. PenguinCoffee: Yuki heart
  322. PenguinCoffee: Holypumpkin’s Princess of the Crystal
  323. #Anime Girls und Fahrrad
  324. Goodbye Google Reader
  325. Twisted #CityRail wire
  326. Mini Yuki mizugi figure from @hanezawakirika
  327. Arigato @risuchiin
  328. PenguinCoffee: Penguindrum figma head-swap fun
  329. So when Samsung shuns NFC, it’s okay
  330. Misleading Grisaia no Kajitsu
  331. Post ID #11011
  332. Pinterest
  333. After @Giz_au says I look stupid, they delete my comment
  334. Why CSS sucks
  335. O’Reilly publishing: Muscle Nutshell
  336. Keeping downloaded Xcode components
  337. Stephen Fry on Pope Benedict XVI
  338. When @giz_au said I looked stupid
  339. My new favourite desktop background
  340. Goodbye drink containers, my old friends
  341. Fires at #CityRail and the Singapore #MRT
  342. #Anime Tamako Market mizugi!
  343. The 1990s Dell Dimension, via @dai1313
  344. The Ancient Compaq Presario 5510 spaceship
  345. Unsubscribing from StackExchange pandas
  346. Using TextExpander with Perl? Hell yes!
  347. Yay, my Twitter was breached!
  348. Amazon, please check where your customers are
  349. RVM: It’s the little things
  350. #Anime Vividred Operation #03: Kendoness
  351. It was BQ-12-MU
  352. Podcasts Ruben Listens to, January 2013
  353. #Anime Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai
  354. Goodbye, Old Glossy
  355. Feedback from @wonk_01, @TypeDom, @babylove0306
  356. The Fifth Estate Assange Wikileaks movie
  357. #Anime Princess of the Crystal, from Jeremy!
  358. #Anime Vividred Operation #02: Hammerspace!
  359. Yahoo! Mail finally gets SSL!
  360. The wrath of certain Android users
  361. Slashdot Poll: The status of Java on my machine
  362. A cheaper Chevrolet Volt
  363. Hottest Sydney day on record
  364. Bundesbank to retrieve £125bn of gold reserves
  365. #Anime Vividred Operation
  366. #Anime Tamako Market 01
  367. Another school shooting in the US
  368. #Sky for 2013.01.14
  369. Non-destructive Perl regex substitutions
  370. It’s Not Apple So It’s Okay™
  371. Now I know how it feels to talk to me
  372. Redcarpet table extensions
  373. I need the lightest possible machine…
  374. The Frequency running in the afternoon?
  375. Good morning, bad night
  376. An 11” MacBook Air unboxing review thing
  377. Hot damn, Sydney
  378. Rinne no Lagrange mecha
  379. Infinite Solutions: Recharging batteries
  380. How many comments does it take to ruin a joke?
  381. 2012 Wordle
  382. Use FTP to download Firefox betas
  383. She adores her 64!
  384. Happy New Year, 2013!