2012 post archive

  1. ❄ Yuletide 2012
  2. Gangnam YouTube Style
  3. CentOS onigiri, by @hanezawakirika
  4. kernel_thread_helper+0x7/0x10
  5. Well hello, @yaakov_h!
  6. A Mayan end of the world rant!
  7. Minor site tweaks of doom
  8. Podcasts Ruben listens to, December 2012
  9. Happy 25th birthday, Perl!
  10. Last chance to vote on @Siracusa’s shirt design
  11. Soon we can download an archive of our tweets
  12. ISDN faster than ADSL!
  13. I didn’t pay @CaramelJune for this one
  14. My first Perl CGI script website nostalgia thing!
  15. Dave Brubeck, 1920 – 2012
  16. NoScript Christmas hat!
  17. FreeBSD pkg bootstrap is being restored
  18. pkgng is now in the FreeBSD Handbook
  19. A veritable pain in the neck
  20. Malaysian FreeBSD nostalgia and community
  21. Changing timezones in CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD, Yuki
  22. Summer Night: Live with the Chick Corea Akoustic Band
  23. When I lost some respect for Julia Gillard
  24. Now @Technorati can’t tell what a blog is?
  25. Technorati re-verification
  26. A @grass_desu answer;gate
  27. #Anime Mugi vector, via @JamieJakov
  28. Disable some of Google’s tracking
  29. FreeBSD GPT works just fine on the ThinkPad X40
  30. Preemptive Amazon nostalgia
  31. Chrome supports DNT, finally
  32. pkgin and pkgng for pkgwin
  33. #Anime Hyouka Halloween
  34. 14 years later, he tried SciTE
  35. Chrome OS: I see what you did there ZDNet
  36. 我爱你 Clara ♡
  37. New Skype to debut only on Windows 8
  38. Alpha Centauri Bb
  39. XAMPP: Couldn’t start MySQL
  40. NetBSD 6.0
  41. Seeing @PSY_Oppa’s Gangnam Style in Sydney!
  42. Belkin F5D7010 works on Fedora and FreeBSD
  43. Running XAMPP on Fedora x86_64
  44. Line numbers in GNU Emacs
  45. Albatross by Fleetwood Mac, 1969
  46. CentOS favicons in Nautilus?
  47. Linus Torvalds and I had the same computer
  48. Your new Anime@UTS webmaster!
  49. SHA-3
  50. I love you John, but stop reporting on Apple!
  51. UTS site defaced with plaintext passwords
  52. Happy Birthday Mummy
  53. HandBrakeCLI start-at and stop-at in
  54. Dog ate my homework, crashed my calculator
  55. SCnO-more?
  56. #Anime Porco Rosso evening piano
  57. This industry sure moves fast
  58. Thank you @hanezawakirika
  59. Google still silent on non-JavaScript +1
  60. How to use Dropbox public folder
  61. This year’s #CityRail tunnel adventure
  62. Point Gnome 3 Contacts to SeaMonkey Address Book
  63. Happy Birthday Singapore #ndp2012
  64. Gangnam 길거리 Style
  65. Acer being truthful about Windows tablets
  66. Gangnam 보트 Style
  67. The NASA #Curiosity rover arrived!
  68. Additional plugins are required to display…
  69. Are sites storing your passwords securely?
  70. Gundam Gangnam Style
  71. Robbie Williams, The Actor
  72. Singapore posts on hold
  73. Bashar al-Assad, Julian Assange
  74. Singapore trip 2012 day 02: Camera battery!
  75. Singapore trip 2012 day 01: Scoot
  76. #Anime #SmashCon 2012!
  77. Borrowers don’t want me dressing like a nerd!
  78. Want to see a cool gear animation?
  79. #Anime Music Monday by Moonlight
  80. #Sky for 2012.07.10
  81. Preallocating qemu-img images
  82. #Sky for 2012.07.09
  83. #Sky for 2012.07.08
  84. But it’s just a theory!
  85. People still fall for this Twitter DM spam?
  86. #Sky for 2012.07.07
  87. #Anime Mugi coin bank, via @ginarrrgh
  88. #Anime Gesundheit Chitanda~
  89. Empty spaces
  90. #Sky for 2012.07.06
  91. #Sky for 2012.07.05
  92. EU votes down #ACTA 478 to 39!
  93. Higgs boson
  94. #Sky for 2012.07.04
  95. #Sky for 2012.07.03
  96. A Firefox phone? Yes please!
  97. #Anime Mugi the Birthday Vulcan!
  98. #Sky for 2012.07.02
  99. Installing @PollyClient on Fedora 16 and 17
  100. More Gmailers than Hotmailers?
  101. #Sky for 2012.07.01
  102. Happy birthday @hanezawakirika!
  103. An unexpected express train!
  104. Stallman Schneier Stuxnet Security
  105. Winter Solstice 2012
  106. R18 game classification in Australia
  107. Comments on Microsoft’s Surface Tablet
  108. A Parisian adventure with @Sebasu_tan
  109. Wikipedia’s latent research heaven!
  110. A rambling Mac Pro status report!
  111. Would you give an ARM for an Intel phone?
  112. My letter to Westpac about a PayPass debit card
  113. Ruben studies UML, again!
  114. Seeing James Morrison with friends!
  115. An alternative reason for security theatre?
  116. Why I shouldn’t write nonsense at 01:00
  117. Lunar eclipse over Sydney
  118. Retro DEC PDP11 graphics
  119. Goodbye blog comments!
  120. Hey you, read @jamiejakovBlog
  121. One of them thinking out loud posts
  122. Followup to my Bitcoin post
  123. My first digital camera photo!
  124. Seagate and LaCie, hard drives consolidate again!
  125. The ABC and Bitcoin
  126. Happy Mother’s Day
  127. Review and pronounciation of Wuala!
  128. Possibly the greatest image of all time
  129. A new term by @StuartCRyan
  130. I was wrong about Google Street View
  131. Steins;Seagate
  132. Optus, Vodafone network sharing, via @madcatjo2point0
  133. Microsoft Barnes and Noble, wait what?
  134. 100% renewables at UTS by 2015, by @Sashin9000
  135. Did Google Drive rip off Vplayer? Not really!
  136. Goodbye to Simple Clocks?
  137. No ATMs skimming from DBS profits!
  138. Australian street jerks
  139. Today on #PunWatch: Stone
  140. #Anime When resolutions attack
  141. HP Enterprise Mobility Platform thingy
  142. Mark Latham on the left
  143. That’s a pretty complex avionics rack!
  144. Make Qt applications match Gnome 3
  145. Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 survey
  146. Google Drive
  147. Updating your UTS transport concession sticker
  148. No drive encryption in flavours of Windows 8?
  149. Friends don’t let friends use crappy keyboards!
  150. Trains Ruben Taketh: Unmarked
  151. A380 plushies with @johncarneyau and @DrRachie
  152. Facebook saved Twitter $1 billion?
  153. Trains Ruben Taketh: T44, again!
  154. Trains Ruben Taketh: A9
  155. My childhood obsession with the RMS Titanic
  156. Labelling an ext2, ext3 or ext4 file system
  157. Trains Ruben Taketh: A1
  158. The partition is misaligned by 3072 bytes?
  159. It’s as if PM Lee planned this for the QLD election!
  160. Does not having it impede its primary function?
  161. Video of John Pizzarelli taking us to Avalon!
  162. Windows Phone UI efficiency
  163. Happy 23rd Elke!
  164. Trains Ruben Taketh: S78, again!
  165. Trains Ruben Taketh: T109
  166. Trains Ruben Taketh #adayinthelifeApril2
  167. Trains Ruben Taketh: T43
  168. The April Fools Day Buzzkill
  169. What does Ruben look like?
  170. Goodbye Google+, I hardly used thee
  171. First unedited photo with my Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro!
  172. First US Marines arrive in Darwin
  173. Brief de jure birthday post!
  174. My de facto birthday 2012!
  175. This John Pizzarelli post has the wrong album cover
  176. #Anime Moeblob chopsticks by @hanezawakirika
  177. Happy birthday! Sydney Harbour Bridge turns 80
  178. Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
  179. Java enhanced for loops for UTS peeps
  180. Whistleblowers Malaysia Software
  181. #Anime Alternate Black Rock Shooter plot
  182. Muppets, mini book review, Goldman Sachs
  183. Canada scares poor little Dick Cheney
  184. Brittas Empire Sherlock Day!
  185. CNN Mashable
  186. Nostalgic farewell to the Singapore Airlines 747
  187. Japan and Douglas Adams
  188. Australian Personal Computer, March 2012
  189. Sydney in three words, maybe
  190. A plane old fish!
  191. FourSquare OpenStreetMap winning
  192. The Herald Sun pulls a Violet Blue… berry Pie
  193. Leap Day 2012, now with more nostalgia!
  194. #AtheistRollCall
  195. Second only to Synecdoche
  196. Google didn’t decide to drop mobile Flash
  197. Legal bedfellows
  198. Summer flower photos in Earlwood
  199. Microsoft India stores plaintext passwords
  200. Today on #PunWatch: German typos
  201. Czech Republic suspends #ACTA
  202. Australian full body scanners
  203. Google has merged their TOS… so?
  204. Your car was stolen in London too?
  205. Lord of the Rings Lego Minifigs
  206. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
  207. Scared of Google? You won’t be of Microsoft!
  208. Yo trader, what Facebook at?
  209. Trains Ruben Taketh: Punchbowl 446
  210. Megauploads to delete user data?
  211. Trains Ruben Taketh: T107, again!
  212. Sydney Botanic Garden #photos, part 2
  213. Mmm, Australian bank gravy
  214. Sydney Botanic Garden #photos, part 1
  215. #TwitterBlackout
  216. Today on #PunWatch: Currency
  217. IKEA day with @Sebasu_tan and @hanezawakirika
  218. That Focus on the User Google thing
  219. Car crash in Earlwood, a mortality check!
  220. I had a BlackBerry back in the day, with old photos!
  221. Sydney Chinese New Year market photos #CNYSYD
  222. Taking journalists to task, with @Jeorgina
  223. Softonic Downloader
  224. Pointless post #4300 celebrations!
  225. Nothing on Megaupload you haven’t read already
  226. Waiter, David Aaronovitch’s SOPA piece is cold
  227. Let the bed bugs bite
  228. No Kodak moment pun here
  229. #Anime Picture It – Cityscapes
  230. Merkel, Sarkozy say growth key in euro crisis
  231. Wikipedia’s soft #sopablackout
  232. Blacked out [this post] for SOPA et al
  233. Our dog Tiger trying to nom pizza
  234. DBS responds to ATM skimmer fun
  235. What’s wrong with the world in two tweets
  236. Today on #PunWatch: Cider
  237. What’s Avocado’s Constant?
  238. Probably not Google AntiTrust+
  239. Today on #PunWatch: Golfers
  240. Today on #PunWatch: ATM skimmers
  241. Late afternoon pontifications
  242. You can just skim this DBS ATM story
  243. A query on post frequency from @Sebasu_tan
  244. Google profits more from legitimate ads
  245. My German immigrant grandparents wore deodorant
  246. Intel Ultrabooks at CES, via @kevinctofel
  247. Vote for The Canada Party 2012
  248. Lisa Ono Music Monday, in a Red Blouse!
  249. #Anime Tachibana Miya is for sustainable energy
  250. DBS ATM skimmers
  251. Better late than never: HP not changing their logo
  252. Tweaking the SeaMonkey UI
  253. I say Sherlock, happy birthday
  254. [Outage] 2012.01.05
  255. Social media New Year’s resolution things
  256. A blast from the Twitter 2007 past!
  257. Post A Day 2011 reflections
  258. My 2011 posts in a Wordle