2009 post archive

  1. Eurotrip Post the First!
  2. 2009 Yuletide greetings
  3. Uniqlo made me like clothes shopping!
  4. Rubenerd Blog 24(*10^2)
  5. The Unarchiver 2.2 rocks
  6. Links for 2009-12-22
  7. Half-baked Alaska
  8. The Great Australian and Chinese Firewalls
  9. Letter for the leaders in Copenhagen
  10. How web business still surprises me
  11. Palm nostalgia and marketing folk
  12. Our dog Romeo is feeling better
  13. Links for 2009-12-19
  14. I can’t call her Laura Douglass anymore!
  15. Australian International School campus in 2004
  16. The Tennant 5700 industrial scrubber
  17. #Anime Cute picture of sock-clad Yui instead
  18. Can’t work Qt4-QtRuby on Snow Leopard
  19. James Cameron’s Avatar was AMAZING
  20. Choosing between Ruby/Tk or Java Swing
  21. Bummer, I have to contact myself
  22. Happy 8th anniversary GigaOm!
  23. Great Firewall of Australia will happen
  24. Prevent [Ruby/]Tk window resizing
  25. Messing around with YAML and Ruby
  26. @FakeAPStylebook titbit tidbit tidbid
  27. Logitech Powered USB Hub schweetness
  28. Links for 2009-12-12
  29. Ruby.conspriracy?
  30. Incentives for not drink driving instead?
  31. I won’t be using MarsEdit, for now
  32. Links for 2009-12-11
  33. Grandpa the Nighthawk
  34. My Open Web Awards, Mashable be darned!
  35. Closest I could get to a cake for @Tarale
  36. Short post: Why I blog
  37. SingTel Huawei E180 on Snow Leopard
  38. DéLonghi Magnifica loud noises fixed!
  39. Links for 2009-12-06
  40. Random iPhone photos from Singapore
  41. Bing wasn’t the page you wanted
  42. Ultra fancy new Planitonearth maps
  43. Yay, December! November is over!
  44. Tony Abbott, Liberal Party self destructing
  45. FreeBSD 8.0
  46. TweetDeck Twitter Lists support
  47. Sarah Palin’s book is… nonfiction?
  48. #WorldAidsDay
  49. Market research fail
  50. Sorry for flooding your blog aggregator!
  51. Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on Audible!
  52. For today Oli Young is The Word!
  53. David O’Doherty D’Ont get The Twitters!
  54. Shell TrueCrypt on OS X
  55. Pixelated Snow Leopard icon problem
  56. Open house inspection peoples
  57. Teacher strike action with the NTEU
  58. Aussie ISPs responsible for copyright?
  59. Audible review that’s Far Too Long
  60. Escape to the Country on 7Two
  61. Audible.com or Audible.co.uk?
  62. Mininova going the way of Suprnova
  63. Spreading the FreeBSD 8.0 love
  64. Firefox 3.6 makes tabs slighty more useful
  65. Messing with light at night
  66. Late November night ruminations
  67. Messing with light at night
  68. Torrenting, downloading FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE
  69. Redirecting UniSA email is such a relief!
  70. PageRank, fast sites, net neutrality?
  71. Horizontal remote controls anyone?
  72. CNET advertisement positioning #fail
  73. Bill Maher on the sole profit motive
  74. Dave Winer on Hollywood blogger stereotypes
  75. Motorola Milestone is tempting
  76. CNET reports Mickey Mouse behaving badly
  77. #Anime Fun Fact #01
  78. Please consider the environment before printing
  79. Why I like #Anime #1: Arty Ziff
  80. A Kenyan Standard poll thingy
  81. The 2009 New Humanist Bad Faith awards
  82. Links for 2009-11-21
  83. Wait, FriendFeed still exists?
  84. Big game Simpson fever
  85. LilyTerm is my favourite terminal emulator!
  86. Facebook’s reputation erosion?
  87. Rubenerd Fun Fact #90
  88. Dell down, Microsoft makes hardware move
  89. Fedora 12 installed and go!
  90. Links for 2009-11-19
  91. Internet Explorer 9 goals?
  92. Rundle Mall, Adelaide
  93. Links for 2009-11-18
  94. UniSA Virus Uh Oh
  95. People getting dressed up… for exams?
  96. UniSA virus #fail
  97. Cute Kallen cupcake background
  98. #Anime Kallen Stadtfeld‎ has a cute cupcake
  99. Sending wishes and thoughts to Paul Allen
  100. Oversensitivity in computer games?
  101. South Aussie tertiary education going Microsoft
  102. In the market for a new Logitech mouse
  103. Updated 2009 theme, the crowd gasps!
  104. Fedora 12 Beta
  105. Burning coal a bit different from breathing!
  106. What a bit of DC-8 paint can do!
  107. Fedora 12 beta’s bundling of Mono
  108. Retro business jet retroness
  109. Afternoon Boatdeck Cafe conversations
  110. North Terrace in Adelaide
  111. Mummy, melodrama, Penn and Teller Bullshit
  112. Friday night shell adventure
  113. Links for 2009-11-13
  114. Why I’m studying in Adelaide, stop bugging me!
  115. Safari 4.0.4 is slick, but…
  116. Fedora screenshot #fail
  117. Rubenerd Fun Fact #89
  118. Fedora 11 is almost awesome
  119. Links for 2009-11-12
  120. Lest we forget
  121. League tables will come to Australia
  122. 11th November: Lest We Forget
  123. ThinkPad X40 secondary IDE #fail
  124. Esoteric spam that serves no purpose
  125. Ted Kennedy and the heathcare bill
  126. #Anime K-On! 06: School Festival!
  127. Tetravex for 2009-11-09
  128. Could the OpenOfficeMouse be chorded?
  129. Fitting all of Brunei into a museum!
  130. Android’s built in excuse?
  131. Sudoku for 2009-11-07
  132. Tetravex for 2009-11-07
  133. New eBay ad doesn’t account for DRM
  134. Rubenerd Fun Fact #88
  135. VPN connections faster than direct ones?
  136. Jiggly… puff!
  137. Optus bill payment disconnect fail
  138. Sudoku for 2009-11-05
  139. Tetravex for 2009-11-05
  140. Another home made bread loaf attempt
  141. Poems from the Road
  142. #Anime Akiyama Mio and her house
  143. #Anime K-On! 05: Supervisor!
  144. Peace hasn’t been given a chance, 40 years on
  145. Unmount discs without ejecting on Macs
  146. My second bread baking attempt
  147. Zuckerberg pokes fun at his users!
  148. Kaspersky’s FreeBSD anti virus! What?
  149. Sudoku for 2009-11-03
  150. Tetravex for 2009-11-03
  151. 24 hour Singapore shops and businesses
  152. Worrying out loud about JavaScript
  153. #Anime Puhi~ Puhi~!
  154. We should get ebook versions for free!
  155. Sudoku for 2009-11-02
  156. Tetravex for 2009-11-02
  157. A Keith Olbermann Bobblehead!
  158. TextMate defaulting to the root directory
  159. My little loaf of bread
  160. Who’s Line Is It Anyway? Hats game
  161. Keith Olbermann’s Countdown as a podcast
  162. Donating to non confrontational folks!
  163. Sudoku for 2009-10-31
  164. Tetravex for 2009-10-31
  165. Tiny home baked bread!
  166. Jam on said homemade bread
  167. Rubenerd Fun Fact #87
  168. Will Twitter Lists replace TweetDeck Groups?
  169. Our generation talking to parents
  170. Train Simulator at 1am
  171. FreeBSD in new VMware Fusion 3
  172. New VMware Fusion 3
  173. FreeBSD in VMware Fusion 3.0 is amazing!
  174. Sudoku for 2009-10-29
  175. Tetravex for 2009-10-29
  176. Freshly toasted VMware Fusion 3 goodness
  177. Different songs with same name #1
  178. The word sneeze has three e’s in it
  179. Facebook made changes? No, really?
  180. 2222 posts, and goodbye to GeoCities
  181. Coffee from this morning
  182. Running Windows on ATMs
  183. Links for 2009-10-26
  184. Sudoku for 2009-10-26
  185. Tetravex for 2009-10-26
  186. Logo nerd talks about ANZ Bank’s new one
  187. Another theory on why Titanic sank?
  188. Wearing a hat
  189. Generalising about Gen Y generalisations!
  190. Gordon Haff on why tech takes time
  191. A Twitter picture is worth…
  192. The Greens aren’t as… Green any more
  193. Links for 2009-10-24
  194. Pointless hayfever rambling to feel better
  195. Sudoku for 2009-10-24
  196. Tetravex for 2009-10-24
  197. Internode has launched a blog thingy
  198. Style guidelines are sneaky and difficult
  199. Singapore Post’s postcode finder
  200. Sudoku for 2009-10-23
  201. Writing code that ends cleanly without breaks
  202. Sophisticated Windows 3.0 sound!
  203. #Anime Haruhi Dango Dango Dango
  204. Sudoku for 2009-10-22
  205. Tetravex for 2009-10-22
  206. Jim Kloss on The Whole Wheat Radios
  207. Thoughts on the .net Firefox plugin saga
  208. Sudoku for 2009-10-21
  209. Tetravex for 2009-10-21
  210. Tips on how to reduce stress by Krizia
  211. Got a copy of Microsoft Dinosaurs from 1993!
  212. DOS nostaligia post with links and no point
  213. The birth of a Sidekicking verb?
  214. Tetravex for 2009-10-20
  215. Lucy in the park with flowers
  216. Cap’n, we’re under attack by Twitter bots!
  217. Tweets from Long Zheng in Melbourne
  218. Sudoku for 2009-10-19
  219. This car is Epic As
  220. StarCraft, South Korea and Wikipedia
  221. Terrible food puns and nature photos
  222. Sudoku for 2009-10-18
  223. A crappy cigarette smoking excuse
  224. MPAA attempts to rebrand themselves
  225. Rubenerd Fun Fact #86
  226. Uh oh, I broke The Bit.ly
  227. Trying out SmugMug
  228. Sudoku for 2009-10-17
  229. AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/3.5G ED VR
  230. On Java inner classes and whatnot
  231. #Anime Bakemonogatari’s wild success!
  232. Yerevan’s spiffy new Zvartnots Airport
  233. Anime Festival Asia 2009 announced
  234. Half hour units and WordPress whatnot
  235. Why must external drives behave this way?
  236. BREAKING NEWS: Something has happened
  237. Null Java data members versus methods
  238. A particularly ironic error message
  239. Links for 2009-10-12
  240. iPhoneUserNews and dull comment trolls
  241. Revised Aussie coal lobbyist video
  242. Sudoku for 2009-10-12
  243. #Anime Bakemonogatari 12
  244. Another paid post email thing
  245. Sudoku for 2009-10-11
  246. Back at KLIA at night again, virtually
  247. Things that have annoyed Monnie this week
  248. #Anime What are they looking at?
  249. How NASA can crash lunar spacecraft
  250. The Sun Oracle Database Machine
  251. Ima let you finish this Kanye K-on avatar post
  252. Sudoku for 2009-10-09
  253. Busyness, saying no and whatnot
  254. Flickr Pro accounts expire like grilled cheese
  255. Cute if stereotypical French smilie
  256. US healthcare reform view from an outsider
  257. Sudoku for 2009-10-08
  258. Alas, XTreeGold and DOSBox don’t tango
  259. Sudoku for 2009-10-07
  260. Rubenerd Fun Fact #85
  261. My first Everyday Rewards junk mail
  262. Quicken and Agenda: DOSBox to the rescue!
  263. Sudoku for 2009-10-06
  264. Links for 2009-10-05
  265. Multiple online identities are too tiring
  266. Java and JavaScript service announcement
  267. Sudoku for 2009-10-04
  268. Sudoku for 2009-10-03
  269. Christopher Hitchens on QandA in Australia
  270. Changing boot order in VMware Fusion
  271. Sudoku for 2009-10-02
  272. Basic Java linked list queue implementation
  273. That reminds me, better wake up Green Day
  274. Sudoku for 2009-10-01
  275. Welcome Google Reader readers!
  276. #Anime Bakemonogatari 11, finally!
  277. Newsmax isn’t doctor’s journal or The Onion
  278. TNG planet graphics
  279. Java telling us The Tale of Alan A’Dale
  280. Sudoku for 2009-09-30
  281. Rodrigo Haenggi’s cool new blog
  282. Rubenerd Fun Fact #84
  283. First set of mid-semester break park photos
  284. First set of mid-semester break park photos
  285. iPity The Fool who named iSnack 2.0
  286. Deleting, starting my Facebook profile again
  287. Sudoku for 2009-09-29
  288. Internode reactivated within a few hours!
  289. Sudoku for 2009-09-28
  290. I don’t need no stinkin FormSpring
  291. The new MacBook Pro inverter worked!
  292. Sudoku for 2009-09-27
  293. Twitter is Google Reader with editors
  294. Sudoku for 2009-09-26
  295. Telstra, Optus, Internode killed my study break!
  296. Work struggle between SQLite over MySQL
  297. Sudoku for 2009-09-25
  298. Sudoku for 2009-09-24
  299. Tetravex for 2009-09-24
  300. Sudoku for 2009-09-23
  301. Sudoku for 2009-09-22
  302. Home internet down, no new posts
  303. Links for 2009-09-21
  304. Sudoku for 2009-09-21
  305. Windows 7 not faster than XP after all
  306. Rubenerd Fun Fact #83
  307. $58 billion on roads, $1.5 on public transport!
  308. #Anime Saki 03 – Tairitsu
  309. My sudoku puzzles page is go!
  310. Don’t use JavaScript to compose pages
  311. Sudoku for 2009-09-20
  312. Programming language work and nostalgia
  313. Links for 2009-09-19
  314. Single Dock Stack icon for all your drives
  315. #Anime New Senjougharaness background!
  316. It’s a post about life and whatnot
  317. MonnieCakes!
  318. Exception and Throwable Java classes
  319. This Mac doesn’t like him? Ack, Johnson!
  320. Jean Luc Picard on Data’s name
  321. Rubenerd Fun Fact #82 Spanish homes
  322. #Anime Bakemonogatari 10
  323. Alternatives to Firefox?
  324. New MyUniSA home page launch
  325. Programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas
  326. My Adelaide Fringe poster design
  327. Not so pleasent World Vision encounter
  328. 2009.09.15 SegPub outage
  329. Firefox 3.0.14 and 3.5.3 announced
  330. Thinking out loud about internet conversations
  331. Launch of Rubenérd Incorporated
  332. #Anime Saki 02 – Shōbu
  333. A philosophical shower quandary
  334. The Cliq beating Apple
  335. Eat Britain!
  336. Yellow Envelope junk mail
  337. Basic Java linked list stack implementation
  338. Rearranging Gnome titlebar buttons
  339. Links for 2009-09-12
  340. Lousy networks more effective than filters!
  341. An iTelephone app advertising fail
  342. Sudoku for 2009-09-12
  343. Reminding myself I’m alive at least!
  344. Links for 2009-09-10
  345. HP LaserJet Error -9672 on Snow Leopard
  346. #Anime Saki 01 and mahjong nostalgia!
  347. Farewell to The Overnightscape
  348. Mark Parnell on Marine Policy 101
  349. BASIC on the iPhone Commodore 64
  350. Lesson 9 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  351. #Anime Bakemonogatari 09
  352. Samoa now has left drivers
  353. Rubenerd Fun Fact #81
  354. Multiple Java classes in one file
  355. Links for 2009-09-07
  356. Prohibition works! Wait, what?
  357. Theory behind linked lists
  358. On this day, 06th of September
  359. Logos and Java classes for Java classes
  360. Doubts over my Cult of the Mac membership
  361. Why are lobbyists tolerated at all?
  362. Shot inverter in the MacBook Pro
  363. #Anime Know your Akiyama Mio moods II
  364. No backlight on Snow Leopard MacBook Pro
  365. Okay Woolies, you win!
  366. I’m in love with Snow Leopard’s new Menlo font
  367. Friendly Mawson Lakes ducks
  368. Sleep problem diagram #Fail
  369. Huge evening rainbow in Mawson Lakes
  370. Music sales down, don’t blame us!
  371. Fatboy Slim on the Rubenerd Blog
  372. Wikipedia’s new spiffy beta UI
  373. Esther Golton’s new Aurora Borealis album
  374. PC DOS 7 on a ThinkPad X40?
  375. Rubenerd Fun Fact #80
  376. #Anime K-On! 04
  377. 2009 Wordle for 2009
  378. Dick Cheney schadenfreude
  379. Javanese earthquake, #7NewsFail #9NewsFail
  380. Whole Wheat Radio on Snow Leopard
  381. Radio UserLand and the scary cloud
  382. #Anime Bakemonogatari 08
  383. Good encrypted disk images on Mac OS X
  384. Twitter councelling at 2am
  385. WordPress summaries on some posts
  386. Brightkite: Near Ingle Farm
  387. Brightkite: Adelaide Railway Station
  388. Brightkite: Adelaide Airport (2009-08-31)
  389. 2000 posts and a TweetDeck desktop!
  390. #Anime K-On! 03
  391. Sharing your favourite restaurants online
  392. Rubenerd Fun Fact #79
  393. Interesting Gnome sorting
  394. #Anime K-On! 02
  395. Live trial of the Great Firewall of Australia
  396. Firefox 3.5 still unstable in Snow Leopard
  397. Nostalgia for the 1990s
  398. Getting ready for Snow Leopard
  399. Links for 2009-08-29
  400. My Snow Leopard software compatibility list
  401. Font smoothing in Snow Leopard
  402. First impression of Snow Leopard: is gut!
  403. Brightkite: Adelaide Airport (2009-08-27)
  404. Brightkite: Mawson Lakes Railway Station
  405. Links for 2009-08-27
  406. #Anime Otakus beating economic downturn?
  407. Using RandomAccessFile objects in Java
  408. Mawson Lakes internet since Tuesday
  409. Rubenerd Blog reached then 1980s!
  410. Brightkite: Currie St
  411. Rental inspection went swimmingly
  412. #Anime Know your Akiyama Mio moods
  413. #Anime Bakemonogatari 07
  414. Links for 2009-08-26
  415. I won’t be advertising on Twitter
  416. Brightkite: Mawson Central
  417. An arm, a leg and a Drobo
  418. The Simpsons on feeding goats
  419. Dissecting USA Today article about Twitter
  420. Sarah Palin damaged McCain’s campaign
  421. Links for 2009-08-25
  422. Repeated SegPub downtime over last few days
  423. Simpsons Budweiser frogs
  424. Third culture kids and high school ramble
  425. Just ordered Snow Leopard
  426. A wild weather umbrella safety warning
  427. I heart Gnome’s international panel clock
  428. My blog reached the 1960s! Peace Out!
  429. Cyclists don’t cause most accidents!
  430. Worrying out loud about iMovie HD 06
  431. #Anime K-On! 01
  432. White dialog, toasted, dry, nothing on it
  433. Message in a Bottle #SongsInCode
  434. Words of wisdom from my sister
  435. Final review of ThinkPad X40 awesomeness
  436. Joe is back at the Boatdeck
  437. #Anime Bakemonogatari 06
  438. Links for 2009-08-21
  439. Google Reader should update feed addresses
  440. #SongsInCode
  441. Got me a set of TrackPoint replacement caps
  442. Theming Gnome with purple is okay right?
  443. The Emma Maersk is the real Big Blue!
  444. Mac and FreeBSD guy trying Debian
  445. This is a title for a TweetDeck outage post
  446. Rubenerd Fun Fact #78
  447. How to fail at girls, featuring Zombie Plan
  448. BankSA Crime Stopper advertising
  449. Links for 2009-08-19
  450. Poetry while you wait
  451. #Anime Bakemonogatari 05
  452. No Costco in Adelaide any time soon
  453. Three million Wikipedia articles!
  454. Links for 2009-08-18
  455. Initial ThinkPad X40 review, is gut!
  456. OpenSolaris doesn’t like 512MiB of memory
  457. iTunes running for 80:16:19:22
  458. Downloading, downgrading to Firefox 3.0.13
  459. Telstra doesn’t like Mawson footpaths
  460. Links for 2009-08-17
  461. Craptastic versus good quality second hand?
  462. Twitter is a place of great [t]wit!
  463. Getting a copy of Windows 7 Home Basic
  464. Eerie afternoon in Mawson Lakes photos
  465. Tokiha Mai mocking my messy room
  466. Some fun Friday evening philosophy
  467. #Anime Akiyama Mio’s Ducati
  468. Does Crucial.com mess up your iPhone 3G?
  469. Grabbing an IBM Thinkpad X40!
  470. Whoops, Oracle does auto not null primary keys
  471. #Anime Akiyama Mio just a moeblob… so?
  472. Choosing a Java IDE
  473. Links for 2009-08-14
  474. Help Justice, Defeat Tyranny in Burma
  475. Links for 2009-08-13
  476. Surfin Bird over Aussie brekkie TV
  477. Phew, NoScript now blocks HTML5 media
  478. Custom Java exceptions
  479. Rubenerd Fun Fact #77: Shane Rogers
  480. #Anime Bakemonogatari 04
  481. Westpac’s bold new advertising campaign
  482. Australian Central Credit Union, PermitCookies
  483. Singapore doesn’t get much cartographic luck
  484. #Anime Know your Senjougahara Hitagi moods II
  485. Facebook buying Friendfeed, off to Tumblr
  486. The Mauretania in 1906 and whatnot
  487. Java multiple interface ambiguity
  488. On Tim Berners-Lee and URI hacks
  489. urlTea now tr.im, this stuff is scary
  490. Uh oh, I killed The Google Readers
  491. When NOT to use Java’s array.length method!
  492. My pledge in response to Experts-Exchange
  493. #Anime Quick question for Yoko
  494. Links for 2009-08-09
  495. VMware Fusion Fail
  496. I didn’t follow my 1900th post’s advice
  497. Could someone tell me what ASEAN is for?
  498. Coffee shops starting to ban laptops?
  499. Last.fm Free is Free group back again
  500. Do not be afraid of tablet computers!
  501. Windows 7 wants to search me
  502. #Anime Know your Senjougahara Hitagi moods
  503. Rubenerd Fun Fact #76
  504. Moving on from DBS and POSB in Singapore
  505. The 2009.06.08 #TwitterFail
  506. #Anime Bakemonogatari 03
  507. Internet Explorer 6 Must Die Twibbon
  508. Celebrating 1,888 posts!
  509. Is it a final goodbye for urlTea?
  510. What kind of Twitter user are you?
  511. Java ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  512. UniSA doesn’t like Permit Cookies alas
  513. MacBook Pro trackpad on OpenSolaris
  514. Richard Dawkins, Memes, #ProductNose
  515. #Anime Bakemonogatari 02
  516. Reconsidered International Relations lately?
  517. ZombiePlan made me into a card
  518. Followup to my nuclear deterrence fail post
  519. Kyle is a steaming pile of fail
  520. #Anime Bakemonogatari 01
  521. Last.fm Free Is Free group shuts its doors
  522. Riders Cafe scones and whatnot
  523. iTelephone 3.0.1
  524. New BriefingsDirect design looks familiar
  525. Links for 2009-08-02
  526. #Anime Senjougahara Hitagi is purple
  527. #Anime for August: Bakemonogatari
  528. 18,000 tweets and all that
  529. The Crazy Limb Dance of Bel-Air
  530. iPhoneUserNews is a breath of fresh air
  531. How I blog too much
  532. OpenSolaris, MacBook Pro, partition order
  533. Dual-booting OpenSolaris on a MacBook Pro
  534. Windows 7 with 2000 explorer.exe?
  535. Optus phone reconnection adventures
  536. Getting around a Windows ban
  537. Uh oh, I killed The Wikipedias
  538. #Anime crossovers and Yui as Haruhi
  539. Microhoo won’t undercut Google, for now
  540. New photos: water drop and green carpet
  541. Microhoo: a formidable partnership!
  542. Zombie Plan writes cryptic crosswords
  543. Why nuclear deterrence doesn’t work
  544. Chatting with Dana Gardner on Twitter
  545. Show 274: The footy buckling spring keyboard episode
  546. There’s nothing wrong with online privacy
  547. I Mad Men’d myself!
  548. Links for 2009-07-29
  549. iTunes Show problems
  550. Buying time when buying books
  551. Rubenerd Fun Fact #75: Peanut butter
  552. Mac keycaps for Unicomp keyboards
  553. GM Holden advertising mediocrity
  554. Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #19
  555. A desktop background uh oh
  556. I love Letterman’s tie
  557. Show 273: The incompetent internets episode
  558. New Rubenerd.com theme merging whatnot
  559. Them Aussie states aren’t needed
  560. Grilled cheese object reference diagrams
  561. Traffic jams in the 1950s didn’t tell us?
  562. #Anime New Samsung Akiyama Mio desktop
  563. Another spiffy new MacBook Pro battery
  564. Best. AT&T Logo. Ever.
  565. #Anime Restarting my deleted blog here
  566. Relationship between Twitter and blogs
  567. Taking Paul Thurrott to task on the Zune HD
  568. Stability problems with Firefox 3.5.1
  569. On a Little Street in Singapore
  570. Brightkite: Millenia Walk - Paulaner Brauhaus
  571. There’s no such word as movies!
  572. Piracy isn’t stealing, its copyright infringement
  573. eBay thinks I’m a women who drinks coffee
  574. Eating Norwegian sandwiches in KL
  575. Brightkite: Near Race Course Village
  576. #crocs4ever? They’re made of plastic!
  577. Screw Hummers, I want a Sisu Pasi
  578. Womanwithbite has been Twitter blocked
  579. Brightkite: Tuas Checkpoint
  580. Brightkite: Harbourfront MRT Station
  581. Well that’s good to know!
  582. For real, my last atheism post
  583. Links for 2009-07-14
  584. Seperate templates for WordPress categories
  585. My dad’s RainerSchade.com site has gone live
  586. Checking if tweets are under 140 characters
  587. More Commodore 16 Unicomp keyboard comparions
  588. Rubenerd.com is now JavaScript free! I think
  589. Sue Heins from Inspring Women on Twitter!
  590. Brightkite: Orchard Road
  591. MacBook Pro ExpressCard slot debacle?
  592. Links for 2009-07-12
  593. Links for 2009-07-11
  594. VLC media player reaching version 1.0
  595. Comparing my Unicomp to my Commodore 16
  596. Why do they need 2 weeks to unsubscribe me?
  597. Brightkite: Singapore Changi Airport
  598. I almost got my Unicomp SpaceSaver! Blast!
  599. Links for 2009-07-09
  600. I love my new Unicomp buckling spring keyboard!
  601. Brightkite: Paragon Shopping Centre
  602. Links for 2009-07-08
  603. Google Chrome OS… goodbye X11?
  604. Getting priorities right with WordPress 2.9
  605. Rubenerd Fun Fact #74: Bill Maher
  606. TACO, Master Password Timeout for Firefox
  607. Mike Rann tells me it’s cold in Adelaide
  608. Brightkite: Wheelock Place
  609. No carrier error for SingTel EVDO
  610. Links for 2009-07-04
  611. Brightkite: Laurent Bernard Chocolatier
  612. Brightkite: PastaMania (Cineleisure)
  613. Religious offence is a one-way street!
  614. Device failed to calibrate laser… wait what?
  615. Importance of mentors to young people
  616. Singapore from my bedroom window
  617. Affordable MacBook Air, Green Hummers
  618. Tab Mix Plus not working well in Firefox 3.5
  619. Gmail’s awful new label system
  620. On Qantas and the 787 Dreamliner
  621. Kudos to Unicomp
  622. Happy Canada Day!
  623. Just ordered a Unicomp SpaceSaver keyboard
  624. Songs with B words in them
  625. Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is out
  626. Twitter needs personalised filtering
  627. The HP 12C as the greatest iPhone app ever!
  628. Not blogging about not blogging
  629. Brightkite: Millenia Walk
  630. Brightkite: Tanglin Mall
  631. Saturday night foodstuff philosophy
  632. Removing Categories from WordPress URIs
  633. Links for 2009-06-27
  634. Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Hilde Rens
  635. Desired features for Twitter and whatnot
  636. Rubenerd Fun Fact #73
  637. Don’t fix Outlook, ditch HTML email!
  638. Landscape iTelephone keyboard everywhere!
  639. Links for 2009-06-25
  640. Jerry Novak’s new Lensbaby Composer
  641. Links for 2009-06-24
  642. Adding my Twitter account to WeFollow
  643. Bill to allow same sex marriage in Australia
  644. Followup iTelephone Optus unlocking post
  645. Using my unlocked iTelephone in Singapore
  646. Links for 2009-06-23
  647. Unicomp and CVT keyboards
  648. Links for 2009-06-22
  649. On effective blog taglines
  650. IBM Model M and Northgate Omnikey keyboards
  651. 64bit FreeBSD Commander Keen
  652. Rubenerd Fun Fact #72
  653. Think about the content, not the medium!
  654. Using Qmax as your free Wireless@SG carrier
  655. Israeli army not doing itself any moral favours
  656. Microsoft is really running out of ideas
  657. Singapore’s Wireless@SG extended to 2013
  658. @WomanwithBite versus @Rubenerd and co!
  659. Back in Singapore… again
  660. Links for 2009-06-15
  661. #IranElection #CNNFail @Change_for_Iran
  662. Swag from the Singapore PC Expo 2009
  663. Tehran’s equivalent Tiananmen photo?
  664. To that crying baby on the plane…
  665. Links for 2009-06-13
  666. Show 272: The succinct intelligence episode
  667. On online mail, email and mail online
  668. Silly iPhone photos from Mawson Lakes
  669. Murphy’s Law, travelling and whatnot
  670. Links for 2009-06-12
  671. Using Gnome icons in the Xfce desktop
  672. Red tape and Australian passports
  673. Red tape and Australian passports, part two
  674. The Midnight Commander… editor?
  675. Links for 2009-06-10
  676. Officially the greatest video of all time!
  677. Brief comments about new MacBooks
  678. Show 271: The half-arsed half episode
  679. GTK+ failing to build, Xcode 3.0 is the culprit
  680. Excluding WordPress categories
  681. An insightful, honest Twitter message
  682. Review of Nitrogen background setter and previewer
  683. A very merry Queen’s Birthday to you!
  684. Rediscovering the wonders of fabric softener
  685. A drizzly parking lot
  686. Openbox FreeBSD netbook software whatnot
  687. GRC newsgroup discusson on Leo Laporte
  688. Trippy Slashdot feedback picture whatsit
  689. Stop the Settlements petition
  690. Happy birthday wishes for Tetris!
  691. Half an hour with a D60 and a backyard
  692. Servage and I are officially no more!
  693. On Steve Jobs, Tony Snow and health
  694. The leadership skills of W Bush. Wait, what?
  695. Xfce 4.6.1’s I18n and bug fix improvements
  696. Unintended spam obfuscation poetry
  697. Adelaide culture shock: No 7-Elevens!
  698. A week off blogging looks like this
  699. Even the uni is talking about swine flu now
  700. Fun testing my NIKKOR 55-200mm in low light
  701. GRC’s SpinRite can’t be licenced for students
  702. Happy 1st of June, bandwidth quota reset
  703. Bing ain’t a Wolfram Alpha, Google, Yahoo
  704. Photos around the Mawson shunting yard
  705. The first Michael Franks Libre.fm fan!
  706. Australian political party quiz results, sustainable economics
  707. See you on the 1st of June
  708. Whoops, Rubenerd.com 89% over transfer limit!
  709. I moved from Last.fm to Libre.fm
  710. Creating your own Whole Wheat Radio shows
  711. CBS Last.fm selling out to the RIAA?
  712. The Jimbo and Ned Show
  713. Some Mac software link clouds
  714. The real problem with PHP
  715. Broken Mac The Sims 2 equals bummer
  716. Yahoo obfuscates search results now too
  717. Testing pkgsrc on my MacBook Pro
  718. Last.fm and the biggest text file of all time
  719. Don’t think ambidextrousness is a word
  720. WordPress category URI conundrum
  721. Copy if you think the Bird is the Word
  722. Sharing some pictures from DeviantArt
  723. If you’ve never tried Midnight Commander…
  724. Moving on from atheism, humanism commentary
  725. CNET News.com comments are getting old
  726. Show 270: The Twitter client episode
  727. Pro life, pro family and other misnomers
  728. Testing Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta 4
  729. Homer Simpson and the FBI
  730. Great parenting philosophy quote
  731. Microsoft’s most epic fail of all time, researching Cibai!
  732. This site is dedicated to Debra Schade
  733. Creating clouds of links instead of long lists
  734. Web aggregators: the chocolate shop problem
  735. Disjointed geographic observations on Wolfram Alpha
  736. Congrats to Gerard van Essen from FreeBSDNews.net
  737. Don’t write blog posts at 01:30am
  738. Sony Pictures CEO: nothing good came from Internet
  739. Cold Country live on Whole Wheat Radio was fantastic!
  740. Show 269: The introverted locomotive episode
  741. Pouring coffee on a laptop wasn’t a good idea
  742. Ghostery Mozilla Firefox extension review
  743. Don’t look now, it’s a useless 1666 post!
  744. Ten more Rubenerd Fun Facts!
  745. My final verdict on Clipmarks
  746. Frustratingly vague review of David Francey
  747. Credit card fraud on rise, IT security thoughts
  748. A productive Wheaty afternoon
  749. US rejoins the UN Human Rights Forum
  750. Netscape reference in FreeBSD
  751. My Intel Inside Xeon stickers arrived
  752. An open letter to tech journalists
  753. New Windows 7 logo, packaging leaked
  754. D60 photos of overcast Mawson Lakes
  755. Well there goes my respect for credit unions
  756. AdelaideNow newspaper comments
  757. Rukia can’t hear you over her bread rolls
  758. My updated list of useful Firefox Extensions
  759. My answers to Zomblie Plan’s quiz post
  760. FreeBSD 7.2 has been released
  761. Reader comment: Google Chrome TV Ads
  762. Reader comment: Being good without God
  763. PC DOS 2000 boots on an Armada M300!
  764. Social engineering email attacks are scary
  765. John Statz on Whole Wheat Radio
  766. RSS, Show, Anime, Thoughts, WWR
  767. A cat followed us home in the night
  768. SG$700 for a Kindle? Thanks but no thanks
  769. Karen Collins shooting Jim on Whole Wheat Radio
  770. SimpleTags for WordPress
  771. Herrie only plays Hi-Fi Whole Wheat Radio
  772. Quiz says I have a Northeast American accent
  773. A philosophical revelation: I’m a humanist
  774. Should blog posts be treated as time capsules?
  775. Twittering with South Australian Premier Mike Rann!
  776. Using Herrie to listen to Whole Wheat Radio
  777. Why do spammers spam?
  778. Expected to find the Rubenerd Forum?
  779. Driver’s cab on a German DB Class 411 HST
  780. Free Software versus Open Source
  781. BBC News says Asia needs to stop export addiction
  782. It’s FreeBSD’s documentation, stupid
  783. LivingSocial list: Things that terrify me!
  784. Happy May, again!
  785. Lesson eight in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  786. An Adelaide public transport ramble
  787. Sweden allows same-sex marriage!
  788. Cheap online source for software spam
  789. Show 268: The flustered rent and webhost episode
  790. New Show stuff… almost worked!
  791. LivingSocial list: Favourite heathen tomes!
  792. Obama White House Flickr photos
  793. Tee hee, 1337
  794. When I blog late at night…
  795. Twitter’s low retention rate
  796. Technorati claim thingy
  797. The optical and magnetic media tag race
  798. Swine flu spam already?
  799. The Schade Family Internet Grid!
  800. MacBook Pro wishing out loud and whatnot
  801. My belated review of VirtualBox for Mac
  802. Beautiful seaside Adelaide tram photos
  803. Yes, I am an advertisement free blog! I think…
  804. On Sparx, grilled cheese sandwiches and jaffles
  805. My Future Self ‘n Me
  806. AFL coach comparing lost game to Anzacs?
  807. Installing Linux for the first time
  808. Rescuing Wikipedia from some of its editors
  809. Reading and writing Windows drives on Mac
  810. Aussie banks taking advantage of consumers?
  811. Aux Champs-Elysées? Oui!
  812. Photo of much awaited Adelaide rain
  813. The end of an era: no more GeoCities
  814. Using Flickr for screenshots
  815. Advertising on Rubenerd.com?
  816. Mark Parnell on Ian Plimer’s climate change challenge
  817. Enabling CD-ROMs in DOS with generic drivers
  818. Harold Nolte’s DOS nostaliga quiz!
  819. My belated review of Q.app
  820. Scatterbrain thoughts on the Sun Oracle deal
  821. Dave Winer on money versus happiness
  822. Om Malik on Facebook’s identity crisis
  823. South Australia: The Unpretentious State?
  824. Elephant on a trampoline
  825. On sneezing and webhost downtime
  826. A tall Michael Franks on a reduced Last.fm
  827. Sad month for gay rights in South Australia
  828. Restoring posts since February finally done!
  829. Online monetisation is a misnomer at best
  830. They have Google in English now?
  831. Turning off Post Revisions in WordPress
  832. I’m back at Rubenerd.com, just like 2004!
  833. Hello world!
  834. Looking back at virtual machines on Macs
  835. Super easy Windows 98 auto-patch archive
  836. WordPress post ID 4000 celebration
  837. The Springfield Connection
  838. Some LivingSocial updates
  839. Easter eating… does a book I’m reading count?
  840. Four Mark Twain quotes are more than three
  841. It started as a Centrelink Windows 7 critique
  842. My top five favourite British TV shows, part two
  843. PKR wins Bukit Selambau by-election
  844. My top five favourite British comedies
  845. Review of Living Social top five lists
  846. BetterPriavacy 1.25 broken in Firefox 3.0.8?
  847. Restoring files with MacVim, Vim
  848. Clipmark: Some of my favourite Slashdot sigs
  849. Followup to my MacVim review last year
  850. Review of AirMe for iPhone and iPod Touch
  851. Clipmark: Joe the Plumber a political William Hung?
  852. Giving credit where its due to Internode
  853. Reading Google Reader in the dark on Linux, BSD
  854. Lesson 7 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  855. Another reason for not liking music downloading
  856. Public service annoucement from The Simpsons
  857. Clipmark: Barack Obama on tax havens
  858. Adelaide hot cross buns and local fruit
  859. My life is finally back on track people!
  860. WordPress WXR/RSS problems solved!
  861. Clipmark: China spying on Aussie PM’s emails
  862. I don’t think Holden’s troubles are surprising
  863. I just finished installing Movable Type 4!
  864. Becoming a fan of Malcolm Turnbull on Facebook
  865. Internet Explorer 8.1 to support Firefox plugins
  866. Whole Wheat Radio to become a commercial site
  867. Trying again with WordPress WXR exporting
  868. Missing Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
  869. Clipmark: Greens call for China spy alert in Australia
  870. Clipmark: Last.fm’s now ironic About page
  871. Followup thougths on the Last.fm debacle
  872. I heart Lois Griffin and her ways
  873. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about Last.fm
  874. Even Google now has an Earth Hour page
  875. Earth Hour 2009 in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia, Earth
  876. My 23rd birthday photos from Hahndorf
  877. A Sinclair ZX Spectrum for The Sims 2!
  878. Yucky obfuscated Google search result links
  879. Shampoo J-Walk eggplant songs
  880. Lesson 6 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  881. My passport says I’m an Aussie!
  882. Another quick Simple Spam filter update
  883. The day Singapore internet radio died
  884. Kevin Rudd meets Barack Obama, Adelaide Advertiser
  885. Was ALMOST ready to overuse Clipmarks!
  886. Clipmark: Slashdot Aussie censorship comment
  887. On Adelaide Hummers and Piaggios
  888. Linking to registration pages on Twitter
  889. Is Facebook trying to rip off my beloved Twitter?
  890. Clipmark: Senator Conroy on Twitter
  891. Playing around with Clipmarks
  892. Clipmarks test post with a photo
  893. New Clipmarks account test post
  894. Pointless post 1234 milestone celebration
  895. Night thoughts about WXR, PHP, MySQL…
  896. Freak snow storm chart from CalgaryGuru
  897. Reattributing authors in WordPress
  898. J-Walk’s sinister plan to harvest personal information
  899. WordPress eXtended export fun, 2007-09
  900. Review of the new Xfce 4.6 desktop
  901. Ten fresh Rubenerd fun facts!
  902. The Aukštaitija National Park in Lithuania
  903. Businesses that are too big to fail
  904. Cute uninteded political commentary in my CSS
  905. Blatently fabricated Boston Legal quote
  906. A Sunday Boatdeck Cafe Mugaccino post
  907. Pointless observation regarding palindromic numbers
  908. Changing folders in the Terminal on Mac OS X
  909. Show 267: The back in Adelaide reminiscing episode
  910. Excited about the AF-S NIKKOR DX 35mm f/1.8G
  911. Show site down
  912. Jesse the JavaScript Worm
  913. Rush Limbaugh and Michael J. Fox
  914. Quick lessons for NoScript and Firefox
  915. It takes 10 steps to download StuffIt Expander
  916. Come again?
  917. Scary tornado warnings in South Australia
  918. Can Simoleons be exchanged on the forex market?
  919. It started as a post comparing Reader and Bloglines
  920. Is it RIP for Singapore internet radio? Probably
  921. Homer Simpson on Wings
  922. Switching to the TENEX C Shell on Arch Linux
  923. Moving to Linux from FreeBSD on my Armada M300
  924. The Black Suits Comin’
  925. Sunday afternoon post: Using my sister’s MacBook
  926. I have some barred locations on my phone line!
  927. Callie Shell’s moving photo of Obama
  928. Awesome usability Firefox extensions I use
  929. A privacy and potential security Flash scare
  930. Jon Stewart in his finest form ever
  931. I’m not Bill Kurtis and other observations
  932. No Twitter makes me chew office furniture
  933. Trying to think of a catchy, inelastic software title
  934. A juxtaposition of life lessons from television
  935. A fancier Scarlet A from The OUT Campaign
  936. Manichaean paranoia deleted from Wikipedia
  937. Dangerous war relics in the US and Singapore
  938. Optus stole my sanity again
  939. An epic Australia Post fail of state proportions!
  940. Awesome security and privacy Firefox extensions
  941. A brekkie holiday review, with some photos
  942. Opening exported Quicktime images in The Gimp
  943. My joke against Bill O’Reilly saga continues, again
  944. My revised lyrics for Surfin USA
  945. An Optus phone billing adventure
  946. Aussie internet filter dead in the water and whatnot
  947. Abandoned photo of an abandoned building ramble
  948. Followup to my Simple Spam Filter review
  949. On Windows, file systems and shallow directories
  950. What’s the perfect addition to any cheeseboard?
  951. Sam Harris and believing because of evidence
  952. Be careful Ruben, you only have 10 seconds
  953. Please use Sumatra PDF instead of Adobe Reader!
  954. The Delicious bookmarklets are all you need
  955. Facebook’s terms of service change? Yawn.
  956. Narcissistic conspiracy theorists… STFU!
  957. Sitting at an outdoor Starbucks near Orchard Rd
  958. Spread FreeBSD and all that
  959. A scary adventure but with lots of reading
  960. Sites that are still using MD5
  961. Disabling the PC speaker in FreeBSD
  962. I’m Blacked Out for New Zealand
  963. If it ain’t one dang thing it’s another!
  964. This 14th February whatnot sirs and madams
  965. On Jonathan Schwartz, Sun and Barack Obama
  966. Happy 1234567890 everybody!
  967. The single greatest cartoon of all time
  968. Every friggen page is now XHTML 1.0 Strict
  969. An iPhone uh oh message
  970. Spelling it rediculous makes you look it
  971. Shell work at 01:15 in the morning != smart
  972. Stick a fork in him, Bush is done!
  973. GlimmerBlocker: great idea in theory
  974. The world is my coffee today folks!
  975. FrostWire improves upon LimeWire
  976. On oxymorons and sustainable business
  977. Why Microsoft, labels cling to music subscriptions? Greed
  978. The best tool for the job is the one you can use
  979. Mary Wallace on love and happiness
  980. Bummer, tarnation and… and… bummer
  981. Show 265: The Barack Obama and Nikon D60 Part One episode
  982. Redundant Web 2.0 slogans are
  983. My feedback for Security Now 181
  984. Stewie and Brian building a house together
  985. W3C’s XHTML ordered list mistake
  986. Rubenerd Blog XHTML 1.0 Strict-yness
  987. Stephen Fry on Creative Commons
  988. I cite Wikipedia in everything I do!
  989. Initiating SFTP connections with a non standard port
  990. Booting Windows Vista should mean kicking it…
  991. Debian security motivational posers
  992. Awake and ready to go… at 03:30
  993. TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter
  994. Quick guide to burning CDs in FreeBSD
  995. Japan moving
  996. Windows 7 security not worse than Vista
  997. iPhone update 2.2.1
  998. This site may harm your computer! Google error
  999. An unlikely link to the Fedora team in Tunisia
  1000. Discovering a miracle cure for hotlinking!
  1001. Putting off customers to attract customers?
  1002. An FTP gotcha on Windows versus Unix
  1003. Turning a Firefox story into an anti-Mac story?
  1004. Independent music and open source software
  1005. A hard hitting and relevent post
  1006. I’d love to meet Python inventor Guido van Rossum
  1007. How does my dad manage this?
  1008. Moving back to Internet Explorer 8?
  1009. Emailing a politician… and getting a response!
  1010. Results for Frome by-election in South Australia
  1011. Gong Xi Fa Cai and Happy Australia Day!
  1012. My compatibility with Whole Wheat Radio is HIGH
  1013. Responses for my Bush Nixon post
  1014. Apple awarded patent for the iPhone interface
  1015. Passing 10,000 Last.fm plays
  1016. A ridiculously pointless 1111 post celebration
  1017. Partially recovering damaged tar files in Mac OS X
  1018. Who are YOU looking at?
  1019. History will judge George W. Bush well. Wait, what?
  1020. Obama is president, we heave a sigh of relief
  1021. A quick sort-of Middle East story of my own
  1022. Welcome back to the world America, we missed you
  1023. Less than four hours before Obama inauguration
  1024. Show 264: The sporadic memories and bottled water episode
  1025. Show 263: The money leeching and random cooking episode
  1026. Blogged.com thinks this blog is about Management?
  1027. Defending my Internet Archive uploading methods
  1028. Uploading Shows to the IA, day 2
  1029. Uploading 260+ shows to the IA, one at a time
  1030. Perhaps 2009 isn’t a complete write off yet
  1031. RubenerdShow.com is no longer being blocked!
  1032. FreeBSD has come a long way on Wikipedia too
  1033. Show 262: The robusta coffee and FireWire drive episode
  1034. Show 261: The changing Singapore and public transport episode
  1035. Official Obama and Bush portraits compared
  1036. Shows are now on Archive.org
  1037. Show 260: The street sweeper webhost perfect storm episode
  1038. I love blog commenting systems again
  1039. Hong Kong Post Office uses SHA1 not MD5
  1040. Optus slapped with a fine for sending spam
  1041. Don’t look now, Ruben can’t sleep again
  1042. I probably won’t be using Chrome on Mac (or BSD)
  1043. Losing Our Language
  1044. The ball is in your court Ourmedia
  1045. How long does it take to reset Twitter passwords?
  1046. The Motown label turned 50 today…
  1047. Wrong Windows installer to install and installer?
  1048. On old computers and ripping CDs
  1049. Bill Moyers on Israel, Gaza and lives
  1050. Protect yourself against MD5 certificates
  1051. A hilarious Windows 7 beta report!
  1052. First of the last single digit days for Dubbya
  1053. A reference reference to a J-Walk reference
  1054. So Apple isn’t giving up trade shows?
  1055. Steve Jobs’ health should not be a public spectacle
  1056. A refreshed Windows disgust rant!
  1057. This could take a while
  1058. The unnessisary excess of multipe ink cartridges
  1059. Peace in Hebrew, Arabic and English
  1060. Voltaire on superfluous blogging and hair styles
  1061. My most hotlinked image, and a reader question
  1062. Ifconfig versus ipconfig versus ifconfig
  1063. FreeBSD 7.1 now available!
  1064. Wolfgang Petry as a Mii character
  1065. Do you own data, or does data own you?
  1066. Comparing the New Brighton Tower and the Lusitania
  1067. German Singapore facts you may or may not know!
  1068. Beautiful Carl Sagan atheism quote picture
  1069. Viewing images from the Terminal in Mac OS X
  1070. A year of blogging condensed into a Wordle