2008 post archive

  1. A quote from Igor Tamerlan in Bali
  2. A late 2008 coffee induced night rambling
  3. Merry Yuletide Greetings from Singapore!
  4. Using env in shebang scripting language lines
  5. Remembering my silly mum one year on
  6. Agitating Google Reader users!
  7. My phantom Ourmedia account is a phantom
  8. On Rambling, Tanglin Mall, Nikon D90s
  9. Google Reader struggle continues!
  10. Eventually there will be posts with substance
  11. Servage hacking, Rubenerd blocking update
  12. RubenerdShow.com and Servage have just been blocked
  13. My political compass, mild left wing libertarian?
  14. Chicken soup, a nice thick blanket and a book of cliches
  15. And back to Singapore we go
  16. Oh no, it’s an Adelaide rambling post!
  17. I learned something this evening about Nepal
  18. A Soup.io kitchen for Pownce users
  19. Stop blaming Microsoft for cybersecurity woes?
  20. An involved Optus customer support debacle
  21. Pownce exported me a 404 error screen
  22. Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part four
  23. Another adventure with an Australian bank
  24. Text message insight philosophy
  25. On Google Reader, the iPhone and J-Walkyness
  26. Making Firefox 3 look like a Mac browser
  27. Camera flash philosophy by Brandon Hoover
  28. Having fun with out Aussie download quotas
  29. I’m being punished for supporting blog comments!
  30. Singapore benefit concert for jazz great Michael Stanton
  31. Sleepy head seal by Dave Wares
  32. My attempt at a Canadian Liberal NDP coalition post
  33. Canada and Australia are kinda similar, eh, mate
  34. Lesson 5 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  35. Scripts to make Google Reader usable again!
  36. Comment on my Bill O’Reilly Flickr photo
  37. Adelaide Airport at 22:00
  38. It started as a post about drafts!
  39. A koobface nail in the coffin for Facebook
  40. Google Reader takes a turn for the bland
  41. Google Map of Adelaide Christmas light displays
  42. Is this shipping table normal?
  43. Net censorship like trying to boil the ocean
  44. Conflicting xml:lang attribute woes
  45. What the 15 inch MacBook Pro really needs
  46. Gordon Haff’s Pervasive Datacentre review
  47. I’ll let Stewie Griffin answer this comment
  48. Visualising Google searches with StateStats
  49. Randy Fullerton’s comments on my sleep post
  50. The dramas behind the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar
  51. Google Reader at 3am: sleep related stories
  52. 101 things we’ve learned from video games
  53. Enabling the Processor preference pane
  54. Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts, part three
  55. This aeroplane looks like it’s wearing mascara
  56. Search for a killer desktop replacement combo
  57. Late Linehaul Frt Delayed and other observations
  58. My final Pownce post for posterity
  59. Pownce export feature now available
  60. Goodbye Pownce, I Hardly Used Thee
  61. Having lots of fun with Wordle
  62. Never thought I’d have 1000 posts!
  63. They listened! DBS no longer supporting FOTF
  64. Warm feedback for my DBS FOTH post
  65. Drive catastrophe, good thing I have solid backups
  66. Rare occasion when Ruben genuinely feels happy!
  67. OPML feed for Great Australian Firewall resources
  68. Coldplay snubs Adelaide on their Aussie tour
  69. Catpuccino
  70. Ruben’s words of camera phone wisdom
  71. iPhone 2.2 makes MobileSafari usable again!
  72. The GetUp Team on the Great Australian Firewall
  73. DBS Bank’s support for Focus on the Family
  74. Installing Alpine on Mac OS X
  75. Calling BS on cancer wait and see approach
  76. Diplomatic responses to my government bailout
  77. Ended up as an non-ode ode to John C. Dvorak
  78. Show 259: The Nicole Kidman David Letterman episode
  79. My own current woes with realtors and rent
  80. Disable Marker Felt on iPhone, iPod Touch Notes
  81. Show 258: The recycling bin rescue episode
  82. Have bank bailouts exposed a serious flaw?
  83. I heart clouds, latest photos
  84. Ten fresh Rubenerd Fun Facts, part two
  85. Misleading late night Citibank commercials
  86. Show 257: The freak Aussie weather and iPhone 2.2 episode
  87. Sunday afternoon philosophy: spiritual atheism
  88. New Woolies logo looks icky and Web 2.0
  89. Preliminary results of NetBSD on a MacBook Pro
  90. Ruben’s epic Phantom of the Opera Ghost File
  91. Western Digital Scorpio Black 298GiB goodness
  92. Freshly baked Camino 1.6.5 now out
  93. An Adelaide Airport addendum post thing
  94. On Adelaide Airport, Embraer E-Jets
  95. Ten fresh new Rubenerd Fun Facts!
  96. Blog spammers now using targeted advertising?
  97. Podcast feed has been fixed
  98. Whole Wheat Radio, MySpace, Wikipedia
  99. Is General Motors worth saving? Well…
  100. Nostalgic for credit crunch days
  101. David Letterman’s Late Show Fun Facts arrived!
  102. Even Ferraris need to be pushed!
  103. Ruben’s mostly-fail-safe method for beating blues
  104. The EFA’s Dale Clapperton on Triple M
  105. My review was featured on Elgato.com!
  106. Lesson 4 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  107. Alaskan senate election race news
  108. Our Prime Minister is now on Twitter!
  109. I’m calling it quits on Facebook
  110. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be sending this
  111. Show 256: The Moleskine retro 256 episode
  112. It was a hot one in Adelaide yesterday
  113. Google Reader feature requests
  114. Windows 3.x on Mac OS X using DOSBox
  115. Spamhaus names Microsoft in their top 5
  116. Running Windows 3.x on a MacBook Pro
  117. Video: Now there’s a gas leak in Adelaide!
  118. Remembrance Day header image updated
  119. Reminiscing about DOS, Windows 3.x
  120. Australian internet censorship pilot to commence
  121. Remembrance Day
  122. Conroy, fix the Internet before you censor it
  123. Reduced profits of auto companies a good thing?
  124. Google Reader, take three!
  125. My falling out with Microsoft actually explained
  126. My HiME NetBSD desktop background whatnot
  127. Possible reason why there’s no MacBook FireWire
  128. Google Reader has me bamboozled
  129. Roast beef sandwiches for underage cats
  130. Assigning applications to spaces on Mac OS X Leopard
  131. Notes on using NetBSD’s pkgsrc on Mac OS X
  132. Streaming wheaty audio success!
  133. Important philosophical post on Barack Obama
  134. Someone thinks internet filtering is a good idea?
  135. The world needed Barack Obama
  136. Steven Fry’s salient tweet about America
  137. Twitter chatter over Obama win
  138. Obama has won!
  139. Public service announcement for American friends
  140. Lesson 3 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  141. Final post on the American elections tomorrow
  142. Even more woes with streaming internet audio
  143. Sophisticated MacBook Pro cooling consulting solution
  144. People in Australia talking about Obama
  145. Metadata urges is an unfortunate title
  146. McCain discusses Australia, Obama does not
  147. Private Investigation of Private Investigations
  148. Internet censorship discussed on Aussie breakfast TV
  149. Rubenerd Blog October 2008 rambling summary
  150. New Aussie NoCleanFeed protest graphics
  151. Apple, these are my FireWire drives
  152. How to forcibly eject drives in Mac OS X
  153. Only problem so far with the iPhone: MobileSafari
  154. Ominous post numbers are ominous
  155. No Clean Feed, No Censorship on Australian internet
  156. iPhone public transport ramblings
  157. Windows 7’s blatant duplication of KDE’s interface
  158. Ever wondered what a new airliner door looks like?
  159. On RSS, Michael Moore, Jim Kloss and Taxis
  160. Creating and using restricted accounts on Mac OS X
  161. Brief flirtation with FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro is over
  162. Mac OS X thinks Adelaide is in eastern Australia
  163. MacBook a winner, unless you need FireWire
  164. Sarah Palin’s non-answers are scarier
  165. I can now boot FreeBSD on my MacBook Pro!
  166. Avaaz.org message for American friends
  167. Keyboard and coffee, Sent from my iPhone
  168. Australia would vote for Obama
  169. Open letter to overseas Facebook users
  170. Palin pick backfired amongst younger voters!
  171. My MacBook Pro likes bras… whoa, what?
  172. The penultimate plus one MacBook FireWire post
  173. Addressing some MacBook FireWire arguments
  174. Tips for compiling KDE 4.1 from FreeBSD ports
  175. The Simpsons 0913: Joy of Sect
  176. Apple still claims the MacBook includes FireWire
  177. Obituary for FireWire 1999-2008
  178. Open seven days a week, it means to us
  179. The verdict is in, my readers rule!
  180. Apple’s tragic FireWire MacBook mistake
  181. When people lose interest in you, use Qwitter
  182. An audience with the prime minister
  183. If you like my writing, you can buy me a coffee!
  184. I wasn’t born yet: the Convair 880
  185. We need a world government, and we need it now
  186. Come home, it’s supper time!
  187. If only oil cost just 100 dollars a barrel!
  188. Registering for Brightkite fun, just a slight mistake
  189. New aluminium block MacBook Pros are nice, mostly!
  190. Journalistic merging of wikis and blogs?
  191. I really should pay more attention when I toast
  192. New Apple notebook hardware, waffle irons
  193. New quality of life rankings, why I’m skeptical.
  194. This is what an economic bounce-back looks like
  195. Inspirational morning quote of a quote
  196. Show 255: The pointless OS rambling episode
  197. Nobody will ever need 16GiB, right?
  198. So much feedback, yet this barely qualifies as a post
  199. Even Aussies think Sarah Palin is funny!
  200. Okay I admit it, I like the USA
  201. Bill Withers had a lovely daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  202. The REAL reason CBA is buying BankWest
  203. Blue Day 2008 and Mental Health Week
  204. Ouch
  205. Spring wildflower photos in Mawson Lakes
  206. My view on the role of capitalism, via Twitter
  207. Free and open source Mac software goodies
  208. AltaVista Babel Fish is no more
  209. Australian daylight savings has started. Free map!
  210. Misleading airliner news headlines are misleading
  211. Andy The Code Kaufman Geass Quiz Kaufman
  212. Sarah Palin, Russia, parliament, stupidity
  213. Nitpicking open source and free… again
  214. 3/700ths of a Wall Street bailout will feed every child
  215. Show 254: The IntoYourHead show war episode
  216. My kingdom for a bigger notebook hard drive
  217. A midlife crisis… at 22?
  218. Remembering Paul Newman in my own way
  219. Show 253: The Singapore Grand Prix and bills episode
  220. GM Holden’s answer to rising fuel prices
  221. 9rules is not a manufacturer of luxury tape measures
  222. Happy 10th birthday wishes for Google
  223. My sister Elke now has a lettuth weblog
  224. Fun with the Mac OS X weather widget
  225. How do you curb weblog sporadic-ness?
  226. BeOS, the Amiga, now the iPhone?
  227. Show 252: The airport scare iPhone episode
  228. At least Australian banks are weathering crisis just fine
  229. Okay okay I got an iPhone!
  230. Show 251: The telco malice episode
  231. It’s a personal pineapple
  232. Freshly baked Camino 1.6.4 now out
  233. Show 250: The quarter millennium episode
  234. Not everyone approves of Ginger in Rundle Mall
  235. Show 249: The Saturday laughter episode
  236. My OS pipe dream, and HP developing a Linux distro?
  237. Disingenuousity isn’t a word, but should be
  238. Show 248: The unplugged Mawson Lakes scare episode
  239. Ourmedia has deleted me!
  240. Doing my bit to advertise Wheatstalk 2008!
  241. Google Chrome goodness!
  242. On the Mawson Lakes library and common sense
  243. Rendering sports commentators unnecessary!
  244. Networking issue to blame for poor VMware Fusion BSD performance?
  245. RBA drops interest rates by quarter percent
  246. Sunrise, Spring and September musingS
  247. VMware Fusion 2.0 Release Candidate 1 available
  248. Do we all like HP’s new logo?
  249. VIDEO: Replacing the fan in my MacBook Pro
  250. Common sense is the least common
  251. Eye really like my EyeTV
  252. The NSA incomplete sentences quiz
  253. A revisited MacVim editor review
  254. I have James Woods!
  255. Sustainable Olympics? Haha!
  256. Wireless networking and podcast musings
  257. Cleaning out accumulated FTP crap
  258. Eeirily accurate web comics are eeiry
  259. Eerie night Mawson Lakes train station photo
  260. I believe in the United Nations Charter
  261. Is WordPress news not anymore?
  262. Lesson 2 in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  263. The Church of the New World Order!
  264. It turned into a Vim and GNU nano ramble post
  265. VMware Fusion 2.0 beta2 with FreeBSD review
  266. Homer Simpson’s barbecue pit
  267. This useless 810th post has the ID 1337
  268. I’ve changed Twitter clients, again
  269. Jaiku: 2008-08
  270. OPEN Networks can’t spell Porsche
  271. On students and generic brand goodness
  272. Drive letters in Mac OS X
  273. Internode rocks!
  274. Automatically quitting Terminal.app windows
  275. Post 800!
  276. A lesson in grilled cheese sandwich observation
  277. Virgin Broadband doesn’t like my money!
  278. Athletes are more important, what’s new?
  279. Can’t log in after upgrading to WordPress 2.6
  280. Phone line connection musings
  281. The Adobe Flash of the comments world
  282. Olympics tomorrow, and other musings
  283. Telecommunications infrastructure shock…?
  284. Taking the high road, I hope!
  285. Western Digital MyBook DHCP adventure
  286. On Adelaide life updates and tank chairs
  287. Starbucks shuts down in South Australia
  288. Hotlinking isn’t. Ruben arrested for bad heading
  289. Jaiku: 2008-07
  290. Adelaide life update
  291. Photos from Perth
  292. Back in Adelaide, world business rant
  293. Only one problem with strong encryption
  294. On Zimbabwe and operating systems
  295. I’m very proud of this svelte post
  296. The Evolt browser archive
  297. Backing up CDs to ISOs on FreeBSD
  298. FreeBSD AMD64 is good for you
  299. The Boeing 777 for the 777th post
  300. Tunneling X11 through SSH on Mac OS X
  301. Fun with Xfce part 4: Using Openbox
  302. The CNET Mac Conspiracy
  303. Downloaded Firefox 3.0, still on Camino
  304. Steve Dirr at Whole Wheat Radio!
  305. Show 247: The barely listenable web development episode
  306. Show 246: The “Fairness Engine” rant episode
  307. Show 245: The double net whammy and computer speed episode
  308. Jaiku: 2008-06
  309. Show 244: The somewhat psychedelic difficult people episode
  310. Power failures are.
  311. Long live the Cobind Desktop
  312. Heh heh, piano tuner
  313. Whole Wheat Radio Wireless@SG problems
  314. Fun with Xfce, part three
  315. Fun with Xfce, part two
  316. Boeing 767 for post 767
  317. Fun with Xfce, part one
  318. Show 243: The FreeBSD Debian drivers rant episode
  319. Ruby 1.8.7 released
  320. Jim is back, my own go at philosophy
  321. Jaiku: 2008-05
  322. Sus meeting up spam
  323. Recover forgotten passwords in Camino
  324. Back in KL again
  325. Brian Jude rocks, chemtrails, Hanlon’s razor
  326. Just ordered a Yubikey
  327. Latest computer book haul
  328. Boeing 757 for post 757
  329. VIM security note for FreeBSD folks
  330. KDE user moving his main machine to GNOME
  331. Zip and rar archives in Gnome
  332. Zhang Xuan painter post
  333. Huge fallen tree on Stevens Road photos
  334. Adeliade and Wichita, is it just me?
  335. Hey Joe, what’s your handicap?
  336. Web 8.0 goodness
  337. Using Twhirl with Jaiku
  338. 747 post, bad taking off pun
  339. Camino and Google Reader atom problems
  340. Very expensive podcast folder nostalgia
  341. Message to James Kloss
  342. Google Reader shared items
  343. Retro Atlantic Neon signs
  344. NTP primer on FreeBSD, NetBSD
  345. Google says I’m a spammer, again
  346. The iPhone in Australia
  347. FreeBSD on an Armada M300 rocks
  348. 737 posts, bad taking off pun
  349. Double uh oh
  350. Can you categorise too much?
  351. Data capacity then and now, pretty amazing!
  352. Microsoft not to buy Yahoo?
  353. Showing network drives on an OS X desktop
  354. Setting up MediaWiki for registered user edits only
  355. They paved paradise, put up a parking lot
  356. Happy May!
  357. Show 241: The Labour Day forgetting things episode
  358. A pleasant afternoon quiz distraction
  359. Jaiku: 2008-04
  360. All work and no sleep makes Ruben something
  361. Konqueror suppoirt isn’t a new Gmail feature
  362. Show 240: The fast food and Starbucks episode
  363. Incredible SGD579 laptop deal
  364. On Adobe Air, limited accounts, updating, BSD
  365. Spreadsheet adventures (and Excel 08 sucks!)
  366. Well there you go, the K does mean something
  367. Show 239: The Crash Test Dummies and silly people episode
  368. RMS Queen Mary 2 size comparison
  369. I’m not being blocked so far!
  370. You see, iWork is like a box of chocolates
  371. The Commodore logo stats conspiracy
  372. Specify image dimensions and save the world!
  373. Show 238: The why I am an atheist episode
  374. Starbucks or Makkers for studying?
  375. JB Singapore urban rails: about time!
  376. Uh oh
  377. Unnecessarily verbose WWR post
  378. Show 237: The Whole Wheat Renovators episode
  379. A philosophical Twitter question
  380. Cutting Mono out of GNOME on FreeBSD
  381. Show 236: The ridiculous fun with a label printer episode
  382. Why do you use Twitter?
  383. Show 235: The Elke Sims 2 bombardment episode
  384. Batam trip: Straits of Singapore photos!
  385. Inheriting a little Armada M300 subnotebook!
  386. Using del.icio.us just as a bookmark repository
  387. Show 234: The Tasmania and ranting about news episode
  388. My favourite free Windows 2000 security tools
  389. 587 more reasons to like Whole Wheat Radio
  390. Making restitution for my Vista post
  391. Show 233: The disjointed indie media and building things episode
  392. A silly happy birthday Elke!
  393. Back from Batam
  394. UN report on women chilling, not surprising
  395. Coffee Bean at Bishan
  396. Useless post 700 post milestone post
  397. Jaiku: 2008-03
  398. My Windows Vista Home Premium adventure
  399. Intel’s breathtaking photos from Twitter
  400. My suspension of disbelief was DOA
  401. Wikipedia reaches 10 million articles!
  402. The Internet Explorer Q Continuum
  403. The podcast word debate is anything but simple!
  404. Comments instead of the forum
  405. Show 232: The useless Rubenerd 22nd birthday episode
  406. UPS tracking excitement!
  407. I’m 22, but I won’t wear one!
  408. A Whole Wheaty birthday!
  409. Apple bundling Safari was dumb
  410. Frank Edward Nora’s electronic makeover!
  411. Ironic Adobe FreeBSD advertising
  412. Ed Craver and Esther Golton make my Monday!
  413. A philosophical security question
  414. No need to Ask who wins this Easter
  415. Dodgy Windows virus scanner on FreeBSD!
  416. Insanely useful webapp to convert PDF to SVG
  417. Archaic existence rude metals spam
  418. From WWR: The Renovators Don’t Ski
  419. What happened to groovy Scripting News?
  420. Google Earth shows QE2 in Sydney!
  421. Welcome home Esther!
  422. Sleek Openbox in KDE on FreeBSD
  423. Does believing in God make you happier?
  424. Tibet and the Olympics, a sign?
  425. Debian Etch for 5, then back to Slackware
  426. No LockerGnome, I now block you
  427. Should Wikipedia be a time capsule?
  428. He uses the word people a lot
  429. Glad legal systems don’t work like this!
  430. Is embedded spam getting worse?
  431. Powered by FreeBSD case sticker
  432. Boohoo Microsoft Yahoo paraphernalia
  433. Faulty Intel DQ35JO motherboard fun
  434. Twitter keeps trying to recruit me
  435. The super wicked evil 666 post!
  436. On low profile PCI cards and Microsoft tax
  437. A shallot by any other name
  438. Barack Obama, Bob Brown Awesomeness!
  439. Rubenerd Blog made it to Upian’s Hot Links!
  440. Family post with technical sociological term thingys
  441. Jeremy Zawodny inspired Yahoo scenarios
  442. Migrating from del.icio.us to Magnolia
  443. KDE 3.5.8 font registration fun
  444. Microsoft and Yahoo? Better close my accounts!
  445. Leopard surprises me in February!
  446. Twitter is down again!
  447. Nokia buying Trolltech!
  448. Ec5618 on evolution
  449. A back from Sydney circumlocution
  450. Accumulated holiday spam fun
  451. Debra Ross, Mummy’s funeral