Yahoo still doesn’t get it


Carol Bartz outlining their priorities for Yahoo Mail in an interview with the Wall Street Journal online blog thingy:

The company is really enthused by the increase in engagement by people who are using its Yahoo Mail Beta, which is much faster than the original and incorporates things like social networking

Instead of adding social networking to email (which Google Buzz and Wave proved people don't want), I wish they spent their time implementing the option for HTTPS. Gmail uses it by default and even Live Mail offers it… in some places, some of the time.

I've had a similar experience to Steve Gibson, when I've tested Firesheep in cafes, unsecured Yahoo Mail accounts are by and away the most prevalent. Yahoo especially owes their paid customers some sorely needed action on this; John and Jane Doe won't fire up a VPN just to check their email in a public place, nor should they be expected to. I do, but I'm a tin-foil-hat nerd.

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