Yahoo Mail looks… good!


I have mixed feelings about Yahoo Mail. It was fine when I had to use it in a previous job in Singapore, but they long lagged behind other providers in capacity and offering HTTPS support. SSL/TLS wasn’t as ubiquitous then as it is now, but I still thought it was poor form for something so critical.

Anyway, fast forward a decade later and I got a notification this morning that I had to log in to keep my account active. On a lark, I went to check out how it’d changed in the intervening years.

The UI is… good. It’s been steamrolled into flatness like most modern interfaces, but it’s otherwise laid out well. I could grok the toolbars, icons, and compose window within seconds. In an age where most web designers conflate minimalism with simplicity, I thought it was worth calling out.

I still advocate for registering your own domain so you can swap providers, and using a paid email service like Fastmail (referral link here!) so your communications aren’t the product. I also haven’t vetted what Yahoo does with their mail. But strictly on the basis of interface, I’d say Yahoo Mail is one of the better ones today.

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