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Continuing in our seven day Whole Wheat Radio Artist of the Day experiment here on Rubenerd.com, today's artist is the awesome jazz pianist and composer Michael Wolff.

I can describe Michael's jazzy tunes in one word: cool, suave, cool, awesome, sophisticated, cool, swish, cool, fun and cool. That was substantially more than one word. Then again so is "Michael Wolff", so we've come out ahead again. All is good with the world!

As with all Whole Wheat Radio artists you can request a show of his songs to be added to the webcast in real time as well as view his artist page where you can leave comments. He also has an official website where you can listen to a few tracks.

I keep trying to branch out of my music comfort zone and try new things, but Michael's style of music is still by far my favourite and he more than does the genre justice. He is just so friggen awesome to listen to! If you can get a more glowing endorsement from a computer nerd who knows nothing about music terminology than that, I haven't heard it!