WWR artist of the day 03: Esther Golton


(Original link here, but image no longer exists).

Part three in the Rubenerd Whole Wheat Radio Artist of the Day (try saying that really fast!) is Esther Golton!

She's perhaps a predictable choice for me given I've talked about her and her music so many times here, but when Herrie started playing Going to Shadu then The Unseen Visitor while running on random this morning I took it to be a sign.

I was a fan of Unfinished Houses (particularly for that first song linked to above), but her recent Aurora Borealis work is on another level entirely from most music, it's up there with Michael Franks which you'd know if you read this blog is very high praise! It's also a pleasant coincidence that's she's a genuinely nice person, something which doesn't really have any bearing on her musical talent per sé but it means I feel good buying her music. Does that make sense? It made sense in my head!

Visit her artist page and her official website for all you need to know, and request some of her music :).

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