The Dan Mac Quintet

I haven't featured a Whole Wheat Radio artist for a few weeks, so here's my favourite for today! From their WWR artist page:

Dan McElrath is a graduate of the Furman University School of Music. He has performed for the past 30 years in venues across America covering a wide range of musical styles from gospel to contemporary jazz. Recently The Dan Mac Quintet has recorded CD’s with vocalist Katie Strock (DanKa-2008), Vonnie Kaufman (So Nice-2008) and Cat Coward (Out of the Bag-2007) all of which can be found on iTunes. The band has just completed its first all original instrumental jazz CD of Alaskan themed jazz entitled "Ajazzkaâ".

I heard my first song of theirs a few days ago. It started as a classical rendition of Beethoven's Für Elise, only to morph into an upbeat jazzy tune of epic awesomeness. I'm using all the technical music jargen, you see.

Unfortunately they're not on CDBaby which; if you'll pardon the crappy pun; is a crying shame.