Wouter Groeneveld digresses


Wouter recently wrote of his OPML blogroll adventures over on Brain Baking.

So much yet so little has changed! It’s a bit embarrassing. Or should I be proud? I’m not sure. I feel a bit conflicted when looking back at it. Like Brit Butler wrote in “Deliberate Action”:

A tremendous amount has happened, but I feel like I’ve lost the boy I remember from college a little. He was excited about things: video games, music, common lisp, poetry.

Anyway. As Ruben would write: I digress.

What a great quote. I wonder if much of my interest in retrocomputers from my childhood is to do with chasing that optimism and joy I had back then?

And secondly: touché! I don’t this Ruben character, but he sounds a bit dodgy. The last thing he baked was a RAID controller with a loose heatsink.

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