My World’s Smallest Political Quiz results


My World's Smallest Political Quiz results

I've done a similar test to this back in 2008, but I always like to compare my results. In fact I may have done this one before too now that I look at the title!

Anyway I'm listed as a liberal-libertarian, which is about right. I admire the libertarian view that people have the right to self determination, but I also believe health and education are fundamental human rights not privileges offered only to those who can afford the extravagant premiums and school fees asked for by a free market. Those who think a free market can offer everything as deluded as communists who think governments can provide everything.

Of course I'm in my 20s now, perhaps a few decades from now I'll be different. Heck, when I was 10 I thought a libertarian was someone who worked with lots of books.

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