This blog largely turned into a series of Singapore coffee shop views faster than I expected. And I approve of it.

Today I worked remote from a Toast Box in Novena before heading into town. I’ve largely cut sugar out of my diet, but it was a surreal delight to sit there having a traditional kopi-o and kaya toast while on a video conference with my colleagues in Sydney and San Francisco.

A stereotypically-Rubenerd photo of a coffee and laptop

Don’t get me wrong, I love Coffee Bean for my own nostalgic reasons. But Toast Box, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Old Chang Kee, and Mr Bean warm my heart. I was only ever a temporary guest Singaporean, but I identify more with this fare than even Vegemite. I guess they call them your formative years for a reason!

This was also my first proper week working remote in a decade. Eastern Australia is only two hours ahead of Singapore, so it was too onerous to wake up a bit earlier. Except for today, waking up was a struggle. I suppose as long as one takes more care to sleep early, it could work longer term.