Public smokers are a unique breed. Enough disregard for those around them inhaling their carcinogens, but with the double standards to get precious if you cough loudly.

Today, though, was something special. Reaching for a cup of coffee at this outdoor café, the otherwise beautiful breeze carried a not inconsequential amount of ash, all the way from the inconsiderate people behind me, into my mug. Normally, passive Ruben would have sighed, stopped drinking it and moved on, but I was tired of this bullshit.


“Excuse me, your ash landed in my coffee. Please be more careful.”


“Fuck off”

Lesson learned. Smokers can subject people to their foul smelling, lung cell shedding shit in our faces and drinks. Return the favour with words though, and that’s just plain rude. Remember: their right to smoke trumps your right to not feel sick.

There’s a comment about the impossibility of libertarianism ion there somewhere.