Getting priorities right with WordPress 2.9


Now that version 2.8 is out the electronic door whatsit, The Twitterverse is all abuzz over features people want to see in WordPress 2.9. I'm surprised the vast majority of these requested features have to do with hosting and organising media instead of dealing with some of the shortfalls of the platform itself.

My particular gripe has been the WordPress limit of one blog per installation without resorting to installing multiple copies or using WordPress mu, both of which are overkill. The stop gap workaround for this has been to use categories with separate styles for each section, but even this is more difficult because (by default) categories have to contain the term category in their URIs and separate themes cannot be assigned to different categories.

Honestly, with the amount of discussion I see around the net about this, I reckon there's more pent up demand for more basic blog functionality than fancy media hosting and organising; as far as I'm concerned the lunch of that idea has already been eaten by the likes of Flickr and YouTube any way. The phrasing of this paragraph is terrible.

My 10 cents. Adjusted for inflation. Or perhaps with the current economic climate maybe I should deflate it to 1 cent. Plus GST of course.

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