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ANOTHER UPDATE: This post has been superseded by a new one with updated information. This should now be considered hysterical. I mean, historical.

UPDATE: Both these plugins messed up a whole pile of my permalinks. I’ve decided to deactivate them and live with the problem until a solution is created upstream in WordPress.

When I merged the Rubenerd Show and some other material into this blog to reduce overhead and the number of concurrent installations of WordPress I had to keep up to date, my plan was to give the illusion of separate sites by using categories that would have their own themes and RSS feeds.

I figured URIs like these would also make much more sense than the hodgepodge of addresses I had before:

Old address New address
rubenerdshow.com/blog/ rubenerd.com/
rubenerdshow.com/ rubenerd.com/show/
rubenerdshow.com/blog/about/ rubenerd.com/about/
[intranet anime site] rubenerd.com/anime/
rubenerdshow.com/blog/category/software/ rubenerd.com/software/
[…] […]

The problem I quickly ran across though was one that any serious WordPress user has already realised, in it's default state it's impossible to remove the "category" identifier from URIs. While the above URIs are clean and make sense, having the show appear as //rubenerd.com/category/show/ just looked… well, stupid.

I was about ready to launch into some mod_rewrite hacking, but fortunately I came across te beautifully elegant Decategorizer plugin by Bruno "Aesqe" Babic that did the trick. Once you've installed and activated the Redirection plugin by John Godley then installed and activated Decategorizer, it not only removes category from URIs for the categories, but also just as importantly from RSS and Atom feeds.

Rubenerd dot com slash show rolls off the tongue much more easily than Rubenerd dot com slash cateogry slash show. Why do I all of a sudden have a Fatboy Slim song stuck in my head?

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