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Okay, I caved. Again.

Looking into WordPress again. I was just reading John C. Dvorak's (http://dvorak.org/blog/) and even he's using it, high praise indeed. I still don't like using databases though for such small projects, just had bad experiences with them too often in the past. Then again, I'm still giving some thought to it.

Dvorak: He Gets No Spam

Here's the problem: I want to have a blog, and at the moment I'm using RapidWeaver for Mac OS X, which is actually a brilliant program. But therein lies the catch: my PowerMac G5 has OS X on it, but my only laptop (my G3 iBook) has Gentoo Linux 2005.1 on it because OS X runs so slowly on it; Gentoo runs lightning fast on it. Anyway so when I go to Malaysia and Singapore for Christmas to see the Mumster and the Father (and the sissta) I won't have a Mac to post on this blog!

There's also something appealing with having a server-side program doing this stuff too, not a client based program; it would eliminate all the uploading step altogether.

I'll have to check with Servage (my webhost) and see how easy it is to do database backups, because I'm thinking of moving off them for good. I'm so fed up with their slow and unreliable FTP server, and EVERY mp3 podcast file I uploaded for The Rubenerd Show was corrupted. I've managed to upload all my files to my account on Ourmedia which uses the Internet Archives server space, so it's miles faster and more reliable. With this in mind it's not really necessary for me to have a web host that provides gigs upon gigs of space anymore, especially considering I'm a uni student and don't exactly have millions of dollars to throw around!

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