The Twitter bird

You remember when I posted about that women who was being rude to me on Twitter? Looks like her account was suspended:

WomanwithBite won’t be troubling you any more, because (s)he’s been breaching Twitter’s terms of service, regarding abuse etc, (s)he ain’t on twitter any more.

But I’m sure (s)he’ll come back in a different guise.

What's interesting is the person who posted this comment pointed out something I hadn't even given a second thought to: perhaps she was a he. Not sure how much of a difference if any it would have made when I was reading his/her messages to have been suspicious of that, but given he/she didn't link to any external accounts and his/her profile didn't include anything except reels upon reels of rude comments to a handful of people, it's entirely conceivable the person was a fabrication.

The funny thing is, I wish Twitter would get more serious about spam accounts than just rude people like her. I thought she was harmless :).


I downloaded her page from Google Cache and uploaded it here if you want to read the last few tweets she made, including the one where she called me a clown. If I am a clown, I don't get paid enough!