Wireless@SG running on my MacBook Pro

Great news for us who use Singapore's Wireless@SG WiFi hotspot programme, the free service has been extended to 2013! From Channel News Asia:

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans who have become used to surfing the internet on the go will be able to do so for another four years. […] The government says it will be enhancing and extending the Wireless@SG programme till March 2013.

Acting Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Lui Tuck Yew […] said since the launch of the Wireless@SG programme in 2006, the programme now boasts 7,500 hot spots across the country and 1.3 million subscribers.

The new enhanced programme will include improvements to access speeds of up to one megabit per second, double the current bandwidth, and using a new seamless login process.

I first talked about Wireless@SG on Rubenerd Show 191 back in 2006, ironically when I was living in Malaysia.