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I had a Twitter DM yesterday about my previous CRN Australia poll post. This is opposed to first past the post, which is a polling method; and not Poczta Polska, which is the national post carrier for Poles:

I get your WiFi Why the shield icon?

I’m assuming there was a typo there, or a copy pasta done wrong, but I think I get the gist. Which is also where I put most of my random shell scripts and don’t-forget-this stuff.

Wireless security icon from the Gnome Colors project

The first bit of clarification, is a superfluous phrase. The CRN Australia poll was about mobile phones, not WiFi. Or Wi-Fi, or however it is we’re supposed to be hyphenating it.

(I seem to be having mixed success with these so-called hyphens of late. See what I did there? If you didn’t, it may be due to an ambiguous sentence, one which could have been rendered clear through the use of a hyphen. Or hypen-use, as they say).

But it’s a fair point, why a security shield icon with wireless beams eminating from its centre, on a post that seemingly had nothing to do with security? It all comes down to the third point in the hilariously-erroneous CIA triad:

  1. Confidentiality: others can’t read your messages
  2. Integrity: your messages haven’t been tampered with
  3. Availability: you can send/receive without interference

Or at least, that’s why I’m pretending I used that icon. The truth is it was the first icon I could find that had wireless signals.

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