Windows Phone 7

A small but diehard portion of the intertubes are all abuzz about the latest Windows Phone 7 handsets and their associated operating system of which I just mentioned. If they're abuzz, this would imply they have their phones on silent.

I don't often accord Microsoft's efforts with anything more than abject disdain or complete apathy, but in this case I'm impressed they didn't release another me-too device. As Blackberry and Android scramble to copy anything and everything from the iPhone, in this case at least Microsoft's GUI desiners took a step back and tried to differentiate their platform with an entirely new interface and working paradigm.

When I was a kid, I thought paradigm was pronounced para-digm, not para-dime. English really is a nonsensical language.

But I digress. Like a boss

Microsoft faces several problems with their new operating system.

Coffee break!

Madobe Nanami, Windows 7-tan

The Conclusion is the Word. That didn’t even rhyme

We really need more competition in the mobile phone space. I absolutely adored my Nokia E61i and I admit I do like Symbian, but they're basically dead in the water. HP doesn't seem terribly interested in Palm, at least for now. Android is interesting, but not revolutionary. I doubt Windows Phone 7 will be any kind of success, but I'd like at least for other companies like Google and Apple to feel threatened a little.

Competition is good for consumers.