Windows 3.1: CD audio MCI driver not installed


Now I know what you’re thinking: Who plays CDs anymore? And on a Windows for Workgroups machine!? These are legitimate questions that deserve an answer.

If you launch Media Player or Creative CD, you might get this error:

CD not inserted into drive or CD Audio MCI driver not installed

To solve:

  1. Launch Control Panel
  2. Open Drivers
  3. Click Add, and select [MCI] CD Audio
  4. Supply your Windows 3.1x installation disks

If all goes well, you’ll get this confirmation notice:

Redbook CD Audio Configuration
One CDROM drive was detected. Installation is complete

I haven’t ever had to do this before. My hunch is that I installed Windows before setting up SHSUCDX (an MSCDEX replacement). Had that been done before, Windows may have already installed the driver during setup.

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