As a (now) Mac OS X and BSD user I really don't use Windows anymore, but when I'm forced to I still use Windows 2000 Professional.

Windows XP looks like a toy (and behaves like one too) and frankly its just a pain in the ass disabling all the stupid visual effects. For the most part Mac OS X's visual effects are very well executed but in XP they're just hideous, not to mention the fact it chews up how much RAM sitting idol. Plus of course Windows 2000 is far more stable and reliable… I know saying those things and Windows in the same line is an oxymoron, but it's better than any other Windows offering Microsoft made in the past or since.

The rant ends there ;).

Anyway I've always been a bit dismayed that if I want to run Windows in Apple's Boot Camp using my MacBook Pro I had to use… Windows XP. Apparently though a guy in Japan has come up with a way to boot Windows 2000; and all it involves is moving NTDETECT from the XP to the 2000 CD amongst other things. I'm going to check it out.

Japanese guy with handle name “intelmacmini” reported his successfull
installation of Windows2000 on Intel MacMini in his blog (japanese).
(…ry-1.html#more )

In his report, he made installation CD similar to the one used in XOM. However, I found that you can install Windows 2000 on Intel Macmini if you replace NTDETECT.COM file in Windows 2000 install CD with NTDETECT.COM file in Windows XP install CD.

Another critical step is to press F5 key when ” Press F6 in you need to ….” is displayed. Press F5 key , not F6.

Then you should choose “Advanced Configuration and Power Interface(ACPI) PC”. Then you can go through installation process to the end. Windows 2000 Install SUCCESS!