Windows 98 Boot Screen

One of my latest outside projects was helping a family clean up their Windows 98 Second Edition desktop. I really pushed them to at least move over to Windows 2000 or a lightweight Linux distribution given all they used the machine for was the internet and word processing, but they were adamant about using 98. I guess you use what you’re used to.

If you’re still running 98 in some capacity, A Good Soporific has easy to download zipped archives of all the updates dated up to December 2008!

Hi there,

Welcome to the new home for Auto-Patcher for Windows 98. The program still points to MSFN as the ‘homepage’ but this will change by the next release. I will always have a presence on MSFN for as long as it plays the role it is currently playing now, so you don’t have to always check here for updates, I will always post to the page that is currently the program’s homepage.