Just out of curiosity, I did a search for "Wikipedia" on these two search engines. Okay fine, I accidentally typed Wikipedia into my search box, and was intrigued by the results.

DuckDuckGo returned a lot of sites using Wikipedia material.

  1. Wikipedia
  2. Simple English Wikipedia
  3. Wikipedia corporate profile at the New York Times
  4. The Free Online Dictionary definition of Wikipedia
  5. Uncyclopedia article on Wikipedia
  6. Tok Pisin Wikipedia
  7. The Free Online Dictionary definition of Wikipedia, again
  8. List of Wikipedias on Wikimedia Meta
  9. Apple Wikipedia Dashboard widget
  10. The Free Online Dictionary encyclopedia

Google returned nine pages hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, followed by a list of news stories.

  1. Wikipedia
  2. English Wikipedia
  3. Wikipedia article on Wikipedia
  4. Wikipedia article on Wiki
  5. Wikipedia article on RSS
  6. Wikipedia:About
  7. Wikipedia article on HTTP cookie
  8. Wikipedia article on Bitcoin
  9. Wikipedia article on India

I don't log into Google anymore, I opt-out of their tracking cookies and use privacy extensions. It could still be possible they're bubbling me; if not I'd be very surprised that those articles are what most people are interested in.