Obscured version for angry people.

Anyone else notice Wikimedia Common's Picture of the day today?

No Ruben, do tell!

File:On the edge – free world version.jpg

English: Drawing of a fictional landscape with a figure in manga/anime style. The title of this image is: On the Edge. Programs used: GIMP, Inkscape, Blender. ~ Niabot

Okay then, so what?

Aside from being a really colourful and creative image in its own right (love the light coming in through the trees onto the Shinto gate), I applaud the editors at Wikimedia for not only allowing material like this, but gracing their homepage with it for a day and tagging it as "a featured picture on Wikimedia Commons" and "This image has been assessed using the Quality image guidelines and is considered a Quality image". Seriously!

I think it speaks volumes about our culture that images like this warrent a NSFW warning, but gory violence where people are graphically maimed or killed is perfectly acceptable, or at the very least is more leniently censored. I have my suspicions as to why that is, but at the risk of getting into further trouble, I won't discuss it here!

This was the first — and will be the last — NSFW image on Rubenerd.com. I hope I didn't offend, or at the very least scar you for life!

UPDATE: It seems the image isn’t the picture of the day anymore, in the time I wrote this it changed to something completely different. There’s a Monty Python reference in there somewhere. Anyway, dang timezones, I keep forgetting their servers are in the US! There’s probably an archive of previous pictures of the day somewhere on their site.