Now that I have Windows XP dual booting on my MacBook Pro (strictly for games only, Mac OS X still occupies a 92% parition on the hard disk ;)) I've been testing some of my favourite older games but they're stuck in a small portion of the screen… the MacBook Pro has a 1440×900 resolution.

Some notes on different games I've tried:

Bridge Commander
I edited the options.cfg file as per the instructions on this site to use height: 900 and width: 1440, but it crashes when I try playing the actual game (the main menu loads fine). For the time being, looks like I'm stuck with 1024×768.

Train Simulator
Works perfetly, but still stuck in 1024×768 as well, haven't found any way to alter this yet.

Midtown Madness 2: San Francisco & London
Works perfectly, graphics are awesome and utilises the full screen resolution :D. To make it work (as with any Windows XP systsem) you need to download this official patch from Microsoft, then you're good to go! If you don't have a copy of Midtown Madness 2, you can even download an official demo!

Counter-Strike 1.6
Of course, the ultimate Windows game of all time! Works flawlessly at the full resolution of the MacBook Pro, classic LAN gaming here I come :D.

And of course, a game review wouldn't be complete without Solitaire! How does it perform? Well the MacBook Pro's graphics card is more than able to move card images across a screen with ease ;).

More will be added as I find them.