Who Else Can’t Stand PodShow?



If you haven't seen it yet, the PodShow website is a classic example of an abysmally designed website; the pages look cheap and hacked together, half the time the podcasts themselves don't work in iTunes or Juice Receiver and just finding the audio files themselves to download is a royal pain in the backside.

My favourite tech podcast, the Gillmor Gang uses PodShow, I liked it much better when they were on IT Conversations :(

It's good to know I'm not the only person who loathes PodShow though, according to some of the comments on the Gillmor Gang's page (directed at the site, not the show):

How about the decision to place the show in the podshow network? Could there be a more loathsome venue? Could the web site be any more hideous without being completely unusable?

Finally found out how to get the damn show into itunes….what a drama that was….who designed this podshow ui, should be shot.

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