I’ve had lectures cancelled or postponed due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances surround the lecturers, but not the rooms!

As many other UTS students are probably starting to realise, we’ve had some of our lectures cancelled tomorrow. In a Vice Chancellors email (above a very scary disclaimer warning us not to republish the material), we were informed classes in Buildings 5 and 6 may be cancelled tomorrow.

The cause? A Sydney Water main in town burst, causing aqueous material of an otherwise drinkable nature to permeate an Energy Australia electrical substation. If that weren’t bad enough, allegedly much of UTS’s own wiring was also affected. They didn’t say much more than that, though we can use our imaginations and see the scary sparks flying and the ensuing blackout. What a mess.

Of course, I’m only miffed because tomorrow is Network Security, and its my favourite class of this semester. At least the tutorial is still a-go. At least, I hope!