When you find yourself at Cafe Neo


Photo of the outside of Cafe Neo in Mascot

In lighter news today, Clara and I found ourselves in Mascot this morning for one of her job interviews. Arriving at the relatively new and clean Mascot station and popping up onto street level, I almost felt like I was back home in Singapore. Sydney, and Australian cities in general, so desperately need mass rapid transit everywhere.

But I digress. After her meeting, we wandered back towards the station and came across the cute Cafe Neo. Bound on either side by light industrial estates, it was set back from the street far enough to allow for some cozy outdoor tables, umbrellas, huge trees and well tendered hedges. Or shrubbery, as we would refer to them in a knee-high context.

I had an acceptable cup of coffee, and Clara and I split a gigantic box of ridiculously crispy, fluffy wedges. It was absolutely lovely; I could have spent the whole morning sitting there.

In Singapore, my dad had a self storage room in a similar light industrial area, and we'd frequent one of the local cafes near there after hauling some stuff down. Sitting there today with the evaporating evidence of a storm on the ground around us, it took me back there. It's interesting how our memories work.

Anyway, buried in there was a review for the Cafe Neo in Sydney. If you're in the Mascot area and need a pick me up, look no further ^_^.

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