When you book hotels online


Clara and I booked a hotel for the Singapore arm of our recent trip through a well-known travel site. These were the emails I got, in chronological order:

  • Confirmation for Booking ID $NUMBER
  • Confirmation for Booking ID $NUMBER
  • Would you recommend $HOTEL to a friend?
  • Would you recommend $HOTEL to a friend?
  • Would you recommend $HOTEL to a friend?
  • Your stay at $HOTEL
  • Would you recommend $HOTEL to a friend? [ed: chill, people!]
  • Reminder: Reminder - Your stay at $HOTEL

I’ve since been opted in to a bunch more stuff from this travel site. Why would I want junk mail about other places I could stay in a city I just left?

Contrast with the email I got from booking a hotel in Kuala Lumpur directly:

  • Reservation Confirmed
  • Thank You !

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