When will VoIP kill the telephone?


Matthew Proctor made an interesting point in his article When will VoIP kill the telephone. But with a pretty big caveat.

Try it. Pick a customer, a vendor or a friend that you call regularly. Now put their email address into your favourite unified communications client, such as Skype, Lync or Facebook Messenger, and the likelihood is you’ll never spend a cent on calling them on your telephone again.

For my next business, I won’t be getting a telephone number, let alone any handsets. But people will still be able to call me, using just my email address.

Two words: emgergency services. When you’re panicking, can’t find your mobile, your internet is down or there’s no reception, you don’t have time to think twice. Family history informs this.

For that reason alone, I insist on having a landline, even if I don’t ever use it. And you should too.

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