Antony Scotti wrote about why he could no longer recommend Bitcasa a few years ago:

So, what happened? The unlimited plan was dropped, but for a short time they grandfathered anyone with an unlimited plan. This was only temporary until they upgraded their service, changing their pricing plan completely and forcing users to transfer to their new service with a new plan or their files would be deleted.

He concluded:

Overall I feel that the company’s focus has changed from being a customer driven company to a company that offers services for other businesses to build upon using Bitcasa technology.

I’m automatically weary of any online services that refer to either size or time as unlimited. Leaving aside it’s physical impossibility, or that trickery is usually employed to constrain you in other ways, they have a near perfect track record of reneging. It’s bait and switch 101.

We should be encouraging sustainable, honest business models, so companies like this don’t feel like they have to do race-to-the-bottom tactics like this to compete.