When spammers can’t spell their targets


Grammar is one issue, but it blows my mind that spammers can’t even spell their target companies half the time. You’d think it’d be in their best interests to get it right.

Case in point, some fake Westpac spam that came through support this morning:

WestPac Survey.
In the hope of achieving this goal we are ready to implement the latest upgrades to our online services. For this reason you are required to click on the link below and follow the survey steps. click here for customer survey

Or some from Apppppple:

Your Appple ID was used to sign into an unauthorzed device. You must log in here.

It’s as though CAN–SPAM (and similar legislation) have added the following to its exemptions:

  • religious messages
  • political messages
  • content that complies with marketing mechanisms specified in law
  • national security messages
  • messages specifically crafted to be unbelievable

This post brought to you by HSBSee Bank.

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