The first time I read Straight Pride, I assumed they were referring to the supreme sense of satisfaction I had as a kid free-drawing a perfect square with lines that looked as though a ruler had intervened in their creation. I never achieved the same thing with a circle.

Needless to say, is an overused phrase. And so-called edgelords love pointing out the apparent need for this, because of course everything is a zero-sum game to them. I honestly think one of the biggest challenges facing the world is the idea that people don’t have to lose for others to win, or even break even. It applies to social interactions, the environment, business, everything.

Anyway, this original post is gone, but I saw this being retweeted and thought it was brilliant.

drarna: asking for straight pride is like asking for able bodied parking spaces.

Problem is, I’ll bet a couple of people saw this and agreed, because they were shopping on a Saturday and an accessible spot was the only one free.