When Michael Bublé took over the world


Michael Bublé Christmas

Two years ago, I was enjoying Michael Bublé's newly released holiday album. His distinctive voice, bubbly energy and big band sound rendered a happy, nostalgic, yet thorougly modern take on a lot of our old favourites. In a sea of holiday music, its this mix of old and new that really makes this album so wonderful to listen to.

Fast forward to 2013. It didn't matter whether you were at a dollar store or expensive supermarket, department store or market stand, large coffee chain or family run café, this year the album was playing everywhere. If the Australian public had a chord, it was struck by Michael Bublé this year unlike any one specific holiday album I've heard since Kenny G's in Singapore in 1999.

I'm not religious, and you'll certainly get a lot of snark from Christian and secular people alike if you admit to liking holiday music. For me though, nothing evokes those warm, fuzzy feelings of the season than hearing music like this. If we're not supposed to like it, Michael Bublé’s album is among my guiltiest of pleasures. Grinches gonna grinch.

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