When legit isn’t better


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Now, this is all for a product you as a consumer have taken the time and effort to pay and bring home to your house. In other words, you bought the [DVD] legally, but the studios still petulantly want you to hear them whining about piracy, and have no evident interest in giving you control to use it as you wish.

Bill Wyman commenting in Slate about DVDs. I think this argument can be made about most so-called legal distribution channels, whether it be optical media with unskippable FBI warnings (as I blogged in 2006), or downloaded media with DRM, or playing media with HDCP.

Cheapskates will always pirate content, but a growing number of consumers do so simply because the legitimate product is less convenient, or timely. It's their beloved free market at work; media companies aren't making products people want, and they only have their greed and short-sightedness to blame, not the internet.

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