What you can’t install with NetBSD’s pkgsrc


I’ve been advised on Mastodon and Twitter that some of you think I was paid off or unduly influenced by the NetBSD maintainers to spruik their cross-platform pkgsrc package manager. pkgsrc is a cross-platform package manager by the NetBSD maintainers that’s a cross-platform package manager.

To assuage any concerns that I was uncritical in my approach to discussing pkgsrc, below is a short list of things it cannot install:

  • Bagels
  • The Firth of Forth
  • Season two of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • A coaster depicting Hatsune Miku or Renoir’s La Grenouillè
  • Renoir
  • A 3D-printed 3D printer
  • Apple’s Final Cut Pro X
  • A palmtop tiger
  • Chocolate-covered mozzarella balls
  • Clothing racks, with or without clothing
  • A can of compressed air for repairing butterfly keyboards
  • Jelly
  • Drop-tile ceiling panels
  • The source code to either Palm OS or Garnet OS
  • Esther Golton’s 2007 album Unfinished Houses
  • Silicate sand
  • A Japanese maid and/or butler café
  • A Teac A-30 integrated amplifier with phono input
  • Exactly 3 grams of peanut butter
  • Plastic slippers (not that you should wear them anyway)
  • Patio furniture and awnings
  • Tsundere trope characters, with or without zettai ryouiki
  • Apple pies, but with a banana filling
  • Carbon nanotubes fashioned into gravity-defying pants
  • A 1930s edition of the Encylopedia Britannica
  • Knödel

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