Melbourne has officially exported its fickle weather patterns to Sydney! After our two scorchers (2011.02.01, 2011.02.05), today was a gusty 24 degrees C (75.2 F) with a wind chill factor that sent me back home to grab a jumper. Literally we went from 42 degrees and no wind at all, to 24 degrees and deeply overcast. Those are the same numbers, just in reverse!

From our street in Earlwood we get a pretty good view of the Sydney CBD, so this afternoon I wandered down and took this picture. As I stood there shivering I just couldn't believe the contrast, from the same vantage point yesterday the sky was blue and I got heatstroke!

In other news, I've been told by my contacts in Singapore that it was 32 degrees today. As it was yesterday, and the 365 days before that! Ah seasons, how I forgot yee.