What happened to Otto?


I asked this on Twitter last week:

These random horticultural tweets brought to you by git-scm. Good thing cloning is permissible for plants.

That was clearly the wrong tweet. I did think that was rather clever though, in a dad joke kind of way. In other words, not clever at all, but heh. Let’s try this again:

Otto not listed on the Hashicorp site any more. The official site still there though

Turns out, I caught them in the process of retiring the new project. Mitchell wrote this on the Hashicorp blog:

Today we are decommissioning Otto and ending active development and maintenance. This is motivated by several reasons, but primarily we felt the core abstractions and the out-of-box functionality of Otto did not meet our initial goal.

The promise of local and remote deployments with single commands seemed intriguing, if it could be realised. I appreciate their attitude of pulling it rather than letting it languish as abandonware, as so many free/open source projects become. I don’t think it was big or established enough to have users contributing either.

Retiring Otto hopefully clears the air around Vagrant, and return the name to this German devops blog. Somewhere, there must be someone preparing the surface of their laptop lid to accept a new circular sticker without a sinister looking robot as well!

Anyway, just answering my own question in more than 140 characters here.

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