This was a Twitter meme a few weeks ago, but I’ve just realised what three of mine are:

  1. all politicians are corrupt,
  2. all sides are as bad as each other,
  3. and marzipan is disgusting.

The first cynically plays into the hands of those who would do us wrong. It normalises bad behavior by leading us to accept any bad faith act as inevitable, unavoidable, and intrinsic to the occupation. Mr Orange, Johnson, Bolsonaro, Morrison, Murdoch, and their ilk take this a step further by eroding trust in their supporters for the institutions themselves, allowing themselves to steamroll through anything they want while deflecting responsibility. It surprises me just how many people are willing to play this game for them.

Simple logic dictates there will always also be a side that is objectively better in any political race. The difference may not be as stark as we’d be comfortable with, and we should hold our politicians to a higher standard (see above). But anyone who says both sides are equally bad are simpletons who stifle any meaningful discussion.

As for marzipan, it’s one of the few times my mum was objectively incorrect. I want to try making my own, but perhaps substituting some of the sugar for honey or fake sweetener. I wonder how that would go?