Yesterday, Lucy Carroll ran a story in the Sydney Morning Herald about the recently opened Wet’n’Wild amusement park. It’s been plagued with issues, culminating in the cancellation of New Year’s Eve events.

What caught my eye was this tidbit towards the end:

[Blacktown councillor Edmond Atalla] said while the venue provided transport from Parramatta railway station, the lack of buses from Blacktown was forcing customers to walk along a dangerous stretch of the Great Western Highway to reach the entrance.

In Australia, cars always come first. Huge complexes are routinely built with little regard for supporting infrastructure, not least public transport. It reminds me a lot of Malaysia, and dealing with their own systems for the time we lived there.

Back in Singapore, they would have diverted roads, extended an MRT line, built a new station or two and factored it into their decades–long urban planning scheme.