Open letter(s) to Wendy Francis of Family First


Wendy Francis of the Orwellianly-titled Family First political party went online last night and blasted Australia's homosexual community, so I'm standing on my own online soapbox to respond, as well as sending it through her website feedback form.

Ruben Schade

Wendy Francis

Dear Wendy Francis,

A squandered opportunity

Like many voters in this upcoming election, I use the internet to help me stay informed of issues. I commend you for being one of the few to reach out to voters like me on Twitter.

However, I was dismayed to read your recent, groundless vitriol against Australian homosexuals and their fitness as parents. Your comments are insulting to the thousands of same sex families in Australia that have children, and to the children who have been real victims of abuse.

You claim homosexuals represent a minority of the Australian population and therefore should not impose their "narrow agendas" on the rest of us. Whatever happened to "Equity For Every Individual", "Protecting And Prospering Families" and "Putting People Above Politics" that you claim to stand for on your site?

As a member of a third party, you have the unique opportunity to provide a genuine alternative to the tired and apathetic Coalition and Labor parties that more Australians are feeling disillusioned with than in any other election in recent memory. It’s tragic you would squander such a chance for making a positive impact on Australia by espousing such intolerance.

Elections are as much about the ethical standings of candidates as their policies. May this be reflected in your results this election.

Peace, health and happiness,
Ruben Schade

Update, 15:41

It seems Wendy has clarified her position in a radio comment.

Dear Wendy Francis,

I just listened to your radio comment where you clarified your position. You think having same sex couples raising children is "emotional child abuse" despite the overwhelming evidence against such a position, and you compare such an environment to… the Stolen Generations?

Forget what I said before about you and your party having an opportunity to do good at all. You’re nothing more than a bunch of self deluded twits of the ilk we’ll be as horrified to read about in half a century as people now are horrified to read about proponents of segregation, slavery, indigenous rights and denying universal suffrage to women.

May you be treated better for such comments than you treat the people you bafflingly continue to slander. You deserve far less.


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